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(the reporting with historical deviations)
  the Roulette
(the reporting with historical deviations)

it would Seem that the general between a monastery and a casino. Communication most that on is a straight line. In a monastery the French scientist Blez Paskal in 1655 has invented a roulette to dilute monotony of solitary life.
since then game in a roulette has had time to acquire legends, myths, superstitions, legends, hunting and fishing stories.
that not to feed with fables of a nightingale our correspondent has gone to a casino.

Getting from a frost in Cherry . At once it appear in a perfumery cocktail Kalvin Kleine - Dior - Versace . Original rhythmics to an interior is given by repeated reflexions in mirrors. The impressive sizes of halls does not make impression of a large object, thanks to microparties at each table. To ten o`clock in the evening game already in a heat.
among diversity of dresses white shirts and gobelin vests of the croupier are allocated. Concept new Russian it is quite possible to replace on red jackets - here their abundance. In toilets of ladies open sites of a body prevail.
the attention is involved with revival and foreign speech at ruletochnogo a table in the heart of a hall. The company of Japanese it is noisy rejoices to a big prize of a companion. The American roulette is prompt: while the ball rushes about, as if the priest - korn in wooden tazika roulettes, the set of hands fills up with counters cloth of a game field. By inertia all try to stake on the same figures, as the lucky beggar, putting over grey counters with which the Japanese plays.
- No more bets. Rates are not present more. Thanks, misters. Number twenty four.
there the grey counter undividedly dominates. The Asian character again wins mountain of counters, and the croupier as the snow-plough, rakes up the lost chips. Without hiding pleasure, the Japanese says something like the Tsunami - uda - tsja! that, most likely, means Here has carried! and some more time in succession accompanies grey counters good luck, so number sympathising expands till the sizes of crowd.
through two tables at the left very curious couple, against each other, plays. It it is impossible to tell that it is old, but also it is not too young a type reminds Tchitchikov, unless a jacket without sparks . Tchitchikov Scrupulously writes down all advantageous numbers, puts seldom, but on - large. Mainly on red - black on dozens or couples - nechet . Losing, frowns, and efficiently blows out cheeks, winning. Slowly but surely it rises exchanging the won colour counters for a cache - counters which sends in a pocket. At once it is visible - the habitue.
it. Madam Gritsatsueva in a melancholy. At dropping out figures of madam practically does not look, puts without reflecting, apparently, without any logic. If not a handful of counters on the right, it would be possible to think that for it all sense of game is reduced to demonstration of a contained decollete. Quite often it passes draws, without having time to stake. Simply there are occupied hands: in one it holds a cigarette, and another constantly takes from a handbag flakonchik with a spray, irrigating all the same centre of a composition.
it is not enough Playing ladies, and they, serve " more likely; to a table ornament . And after all were in due time true lionesses .
In 1869 of Monaco Suvorov`s princess, the grandniece of the great commander has visited. First of all the princess has gone to a casino and in some hours... Has lost three hundred thousand francs. Then the cup of scales has bent towards the relative of the subjugator of Izmail. Here are won already back three hundred thousand, and to them seven hundred have increased more. Next day Suvorov has arranged one more representation encore . The most surprising that the fate did not turn away from it eight nights on end. In cash desk hardly naskrebli a cash. Suvorov has decided to subdue area of the French Riviera and has gone into magnificent reception for what eventually has got the whole country house. One Parisian actress thrown into ecstasies by champagne and luck of the guest from snow Russia, has dumped a shoe from a foot, has filled with its sparkling drink, has lifted a toast for Suvorov and has drained an unusual vessel.
it there was a fixed case first in the history when champagne drank from a female shoe. Further men were engaged in it, mainly...
but we will return to ours mongoloidnomu to the character. During our supervision for tviksujushchej a couple he was in time to lower all plastic riches. The impressive mountain of its counters is no time has turned to a pity small group. The representative of the Country of a rising sun began to be nervous and convulsively, as though justifying, to look around, trying to keep a good mine. And here... Its sight has stopped on a subject under the next table. stodollarovaja the counter there was based. Having forgotten about all on light, the respectable Japanese one jump has appeared under a table and there and then on an initial position. Such speed was not expected in any way by competitors who, apparently, have already noticed for a long time a treasured circle and considered plans on its imperceptible extraction. The happy owner of a find this evening any more did not test destiny, and has gone springing gait to cash desk to exchange the extracted trophy for money.
at the beginning of the century instead of counters players used gold coins. One English gentleman has not noticed, how during game from a cuff of its jacket the gold button has broken. It has fallen to a game table, and then under it. Gold krugljash has come into the view of the croupier who has enquired at the gentleman leaving temporarily the place: Red or black? hastening to leave the Englishman, without thinking of a question, has muttered: Red, as usual . Also has left. When it has returned, the fair croupier has handed over it a gold button and twenty five thousand francs: in this time the red dropped out some times successively...
I go to cash desk - to an aquarium where the girl misses. Admiring the reflexion, she, probably, has absolutely forgotten about transparent properties of glass. It should distract from process of self-scrutiny and to count to me ten counters.
a cache - counters pleasantly burden a hand. Vstrjav between solid backs of players, I feel on myself short fact-finding sights. At the left there is a jacket in the European cage and on the right with drawing pe de bullets . the European cage strenuously conducts records, bringing in the special register dropping out numbers. Wash a weighty notebook obviously gives out incognito a professional accessory.
drawing up of abstracts in a casino is not welcomed. And to that there are strong reasons.
English engineer William Jagger at the beginning of the century has put forward a hypothesis about impossibility of ideal balance ruletochnogo a wheel and, hence, a high probability of frequent loss of certain numbers. The engineer has decided to check up the hypothesis in Monte - Karlo. Jagger and six its assistants did not get out the whole month of a gambling hall and have made the most detailed table of won numbers. The rest was a trick. For the next four days the resourceful engineer has heated up cash desk on one and a half million francs. Since then from suspicious persons who do not play, and something write down, keep the eyes glued, and wheel balancing carefully check...
looking, as at school, through a shoulder of the neighbour in it control a note, I find out: it is impossible to deduce algorithm of luck from its records. Having estimated the chances as rather average, I put on the near end of a table split, corner and street. While the ball makes the habitual orbital way, I consider the dealer. Appearance of the croupier should not be bright - a casino not a scene. In its equipment there are no such convenient accessories, as hours and pockets. The manager of game is in time ignorance, and Tea is obliged to hand over in the general copper (tip then will divide fifty-fifty into all change). The success of career of the croupier in many respects depends on a condition of his hands. If with young nails the future croupier have not accustomed to daily manicure or, at least, similar ritual - write was gone. Dreams of work in a casino can be left safely if your hands decorates an instruction type I will not forget mother native or Belief, Hope, Ljuba . Indispositions from a series something with my memory became it is possible to consider as the unsuitability for a profession diagnosis: the croupier is obliged to fix in a rate head, an accessory of counters on colours and advantage and instantly to make difficult mathematical calculations. ours the dealer, apparently, quite corresponds to requirements.
- number four.
it just on the opposite party from my rates. Counters come into the hands chipera (Sorter) also fill up multi-coloured piramidki the lost counters.
- stake, misters.
I Remain it is true to the scheme and again I put split and corner, but already on the different ends of a table.
- rates any more are not accepted. Thanks, misters.
in a role of the observer behind an event I am not only I, but also inspectors, pit - bosses, managers, videocameras and, naturally, security.
the security service of all most eminent, glorified casinos of the world includes so-called group of storing. All work - sharp-sightedly to look at the faces of visitors and at occurrence of suspicious persons to inform whom follows. The champion among fiziognomistov considers certain le Brok from Monaco. He remembered in the person, at least, sixty thousand persons. Moreover, this furious tserber asserted that half can name by name. When in the twenties this le Brok only still did the first steps in the craft, one eighteen-year American young man was largely lost, has run into debt a round sum and was washed off, without having paid tick. Has passed more than thirty years. The young man has hammered together the capital and has decided the second time to push luck in Monaco. Not here - that was. The sharp-sighted eye le Broka any miracle identified the solid well-founded man with a paunch with that far eighteen-year vertoprahom and... Casino laws are severe. The American has been compelled to pay an old debt (with percent it there was an impressive sum), and for ever has been separated from monakskoj roulettes...
- number sixteen.
my counters again do not concern this number. Having remembered the heading name Va - bank I start to operate resolutely. To increase chances, I put the remained counters on six - line 13 - 18, corner 5 - 9, street 31 - 33, split 22 - 23 and straight - zero.
I Remember that on September, 14th, 1993 in one of the Indian casinos the inconceivable has come true: the same number dropped out seven consecutive times. Who yet has not forgotten combination theory bases can estimate chances for a similar phenomenon. Surprisingly, but then nobody has risked to put on superhappy number. Probably, we would have history about most sensationally - the successful player in the world which could increase the size of the initial rate in astronomical number of times.
alas, it has not occurred to me. Has dropped out ten . Well, well, as they say: would Know prikup... .
I retired from - for a table, feeling, as atmosphere has fairly become impregnated with a tobacco smoke. In each step on a checkered floor rates seemed: couples - nechet red - black ... Except ease in a pocket sharply gushed attack of idleness was felt. Leaving in frosty morning, I have thought that in the last century to compatriots of a casino largely lost abroad paid journey home, and to Dmitry Staheevu for special merits in promatyvanii the capital in Monte - Karlo have granted to a merchant lifelong pension - if only did not play...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
the American roulette in Moscow

Bingo Gabriella . The casino works round the clock, an entrance fee - 10 thousand roubles, the minimum rate in a roulette - 5 thousand. (Truth street, 1).
Gabriella . 24 hours a day, an input - 20 thousand roubles, the minimum rate - 10 thousand work. (Tver, 3/ 5)
Royale the input - 30 thousand roubles expects you from 16 o`clock till 6 mornings, rates are accepted from 5 dollars and above. (Running, 1).
Savoy . In a roulette play from 20 o`clock in the evening till 5 mornings, an input - 50 dollars, the minimum rate - 5 dollars. A bar free. (Rozhdestvenka, 3).
Alexander Blok . The Operating mode: from 20 o`clock till 4 o`clock, an input free, the least rate - 10 thousand roubles. (Krasnopresnensky quay, 12).
Victoria . The casino accepts visitors from 19 o`clock till 6 o`clock, an input free, rates not less than 2 thousand (Nizhniy Novgorod, 2).
Lux . The input free, the minimum rate - 100 dollars works from 21 o`clock till 8 o`clock. (The Mmchurinsky prospectus, 4).
Moscow . The casino works from 14 o`clock till 6 o`clock, an input - 32 thousand, the rate not less than 5 thousand. (Kalanchevsky street, 21/ 40).
the Moscow club . A casino at your service from 22 o`clock till 6 o`clock, an input - 75 thousand, the minimum rate - 5 thousand. A bar free. (Tver, 6).
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

the Game table of the American roulette consists of a wheel with numbers from 0 to 36 and a game field on which all possible combinations of rates are specified.
Straight - the rate on one number, factor of payments 35 to 1,
Split - two adjacent numbers (17 to 1),
Street - three numbers consistently (11 to 1),
Corner - four numbers (8 to 1),
Six - line - six numbers (5 to 1),
12 - numbers - twelve numbers in a column (2 to 1),
Dozen - a dozen (2 to 1),
Red or black - on red or on black (1 to 1),
Odd or even - on odd or on even (1 to 1),
Zero - a zero (when the zero drops out, all rates which are on red or black, even or odd, decrease twice).
Playing have the right to do any rates, observing a minimum and a maximum specified on the tablet of each table.
the Croupier suggests players to count, then starts a wheel and declares that rates any more are not accepted. When the sphere drops out on one of 37 figures, the croupier declares advantageous number. Then it clears a game field of the lost rates and pays advantageous numbers.
each playing can choose counters of one of free colours which during game are used only by it. Counters for any game can be bought in cash desk and it is direct behind a table.