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For the contribution to business

What for Primakov spoils to Berezovsky business? Business, instead of, for example, a floor
  For the contribution to business

What for Primakov spoils to Berezovsky business? Business, instead of, for example, a policy. Searches in Sibneft exile of people of Berezovsky from Aeroflot instructions to ORT management who on the first channel should conduct the information program, and even Berezovsky`s dismissal from a post of the executive secretary of the CIS - all is blows on its business, direct attempts not to allow to earn.
business for Berezovsky is more important than a policy. The policy in its patiences plays the subordinated role. The higher political posts in the state to Berezovsky all the same not to see, therefore it, even occupying with will of a case or the president purely political posts, actually continued to do career of the manager, grasping control over all new financial streams.
simply Berezovsky one of the first on advantage has estimated a role and value of mutual relations with the state for business expansion. Any corporation in Russia - it is unimportant, private or state - directly depends on the state. The order of granting of privileges and charge of taxes is arranged so that the state at once can make happy any firm, and can make bankrupt, simply having demanded to pay all taxes due to payment.
distinctions between the state and private corporations in such conditions have formal character. Possibilities of the director of the state company in practice a little than are distinct from possibilities of the private owner of a controlling stock. And it not simply theory. Life has shown that nobody can prevent to define independently to the state director of business partners of its corporation and to translate on them the basic financial streams. Nobody can prevent it even is free to dispose of the property and, for example, to sell a country house for rest of replaceable crews of planes where - nibud in Gift - es - Salame.
Certainly to own a controlling interest conveniently. It is possible to place without hindrances the people on key posts which provide all income. But why not to make the same and in the state company playing by the same rules? As so it is possible to save on share holding purchase.
Berezovsky - in difference, by the way, from other largest businessmen - oligarchs - and has made. Berezovsky`s people during any moment have held key posts in companies of ORT formally supervised by the state, Aeroflot Rosneft . Actions and in private " are not written down on it; Sibneft . Also what? All went perfectly, there was no yet Primakov. Managers provided the current income, and their boss who has left in a policy opened before them all new possibilities.
Evgenie Primakov has truly defined that Boris Berezovsky`s bargaining chip - the people on key posts in state companies is simultaneously and the weak spot in its business - ideologies. The prime minister, certainly, cannot buy up its people, but can start to order to them. Can frighten. And can simply dismiss. To managers of ORT now order. Five key managers Aeroflot as it is known, have dismissed. The others shake with fear, and some even go for work with a flu to trace a denunciation that they Berezovsky`s people. Thus the purpose is reached. Berezovsky loses money, worries and makes mistakes. And the people on the threshold of elections test moral satisfaction.
to Primakov vital image of the fighter for cleanliness of the Russian business. Certainly, is better to become such fighter actually. To lower, for example, taxes or to start to collect them from everything, and not just from hundred largest corporations. To make so that to the companies it was more favourable to show profit and to distribute it between shareholders, including the state, instead of to pump over to the Bermudas.
make Evgenie Primakov pure business more favourable, Boris Berezovsky, undoubtedly, would appear one their the first who would find out this benefit. Also there would be no sense in dismissal neither him, nor its people. Lubjansky shots for arrangement on management posts all the same will not suffice.
but occurs, as it is visible, the return. Berezovsky is appointed by a harm embodiment in the Russian business. To ruin it is means to clear the Russian business from are nasty. So it is necessary to think. But why Berezovsky? Yes it is simple because that it to weaken, it is not necessary to take away controlling interests from it, and it is enough to calculate all its people only. We will lay aside a question, whether it is possible. We will give due a premiere - it has found a successful way to struggle with nasty in business, without starting process of repartition of the property.

Alexander Malyutin, an observer