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Test by holiday

While Boris Yeltsin was treated in TSKB, and Evgenie Primakov had a rest in a bocharovom stream
  Test by holiday

While Boris Yeltsin was treated in TSKB, and Evgenie Primakov had a rest in a bocharovom stream in Moscow fight for the power was developed.

Evgenie Primakov passes the first test by holiday. When its predecessor Victor Tchernomyrdin went on leave, inevitably there were hearings about its fast resignation. Eventually Tchernomyrdin really had to leave. Now in a similar situation Primakov. Still recently it was protected reliably by an armour of the political peacemaker, and it seemed that Tchernomyrdin`s history with it will not repeat. However left differently.
the Signal to storm has sounded for opponents of an office of Primakov (main among them - Boris Berezovsky) while in dispute on, whether there is a corruption in the government, Boris Yeltsin has interfered. There was it on personal meeting of the president to the prime minister after which Primakov has urgently gone to holiday.
about what the first persons of the state spoke among themselves, it is for certain known only him. But it well-known, how different political forces treated results of this meeting.

that the president
has solved the Plan of people of Berezovsky is obvious: to lift a wave of the compromising evidence which should come to attention not so much Russian public opinion accustomed to corruption scandals and even the Russian president, how many to data of a management of IMF. Calculation that the thorny question for Primakov`s office are negotiations from IMF.
to Primakov and it peregovorshchikam which are headed by Yury Masljukov - the main target in information war to brag while there is nothing. The memorandum for IMF and is not written, blockages at negotiations are not disassembled. If Russian peregovorshchikov the compromising evidence wave agreements from IMF can and not to be at all covers. Then, as opponents of an office consider, Yeltsin will be compelled to change not only peregovorshchikov, but also the government.
for Primakov the purpose of a meeting with Yeltsin consisted in that in developed information war to get support of the president. Whether
it Was possible to it? The answer, apparently, is obvious to all who saw on the TV as Yeltsin and Primakov, mirror repeating cutting gestures, solemnly promised to stand shoulder to shoulder to elections of the new president.
however all not so is simple. The former tenants of the White house, and first of all Boris Nemtsov, have hastened to declare that Primakov has gained pirrovu a victory. Really, mladoreformatory have left the White house after only two months after the presidential guarantees given out to it to work in the government till 2000. The same promises heard from the president and Victor Tchernomyrdin.
however Primakov to the predecessors not rovnja. The president can formally set aside and it is the Constitution what was, such and remained. But hardly will venture. For quite reasonable reason. Victor Tchernomyrdin and Sergey Kirienko`s governments had no political support, except the president. Accordingly, nothing constrained the president.
now position essentially other. Evgenie Primakov`s appointment to a post of the prime minister actually became the first step of Russia from presidential republic to parliamentary. Primakov in premerskoe an armchair was planted not by the president, and the Duma. Therefore Primakov`s resignation if such decision will be accepted by the president, whatever reasons it was caused, is a prologue of the sharpest political crisis from which Boris Yeltsin cannot come out the winner. Primakov`s resignation will sharply aggravate and without that quickly worsening political situation in Russia.
and nevertheless it becomes object of a manipulation from the most different political forces. Absence of the president and the prime minister warms up passion of players.

what account
Is the most interesting question. Primakov has achieved presidential guarantees of an irremovability. And it automatically means that the essential part of imperious powers has flowed from the Kremlin in the White house.
however on March, 2nd the head of presidential administration Nikolay Bordyuzha has made the order to law enforcement bodies to begin check become known in mass-media (for example, in the newspaper From November, 10th, 1998) the corruption facts in the government and its departments. On March, 4th he promised that check will yield results already through 10 - 15 days.
despite deadlines, check goes in two directions: attention of bodies cause not only become by property of publicity the facts, but also how about them it became known to mass-media. And what of these directions priority - a question opened.
anyway, on March, 4th Yeltsin has decided to dismiss Boris Berezovsky the executive secretary of the CIS.
but it not all. For anybody not a secret that Primakov will be glad to purge the office. It is urged on also by the next illness of the president. Primakov has acquired for a long time that recover of the president is fraught with dismissals, therefore it is better to satisfy appetite of the president in good time.
it is indisputable, after Masljukova about whom in the White house speak what exactly it, contrary to a public opinion stereotype, acts as the guarantor of reserved emission policy (Victor Gerashchenko it was ostensibly ready to start the press on full power), the most scandalous member of the cabinet is vitse - prime minister Gennady Kulik.
First of all, Kulik has achieved re-structuring for 5 years (actually write-off) 25 mlrd roubles of debts of the agricultural enterprises to the budget. Have won, by the way, from it first of all SBS - agro and Alpha bank. Meanwhile Alexander Smolensky is waited by the State Office of Public Prosecutor in connection with business of 1992 about assignment of $32 million budget money. The following in turn can appear vitse - prime minister Gennady Kulik.
that Kulik lobbies interests SBS - agro, is known for a long time. What it, the landowner, has opened doors of the humanitarian help became unexpectedness and has deprived the Russian agriculture of possibility to occupy the niches released at the expense of reduction of import. By calculations of independent experts, the American food credit at a rate of $600 million is unprofitable to Russia and is fraught for the Russian budget with losses in $163 million It turns out that Kulik prefers to all to another own, instead of party interests, and it is a right way to resignation.

who following
has got Scandalous popularity also the nearest subordinate Kulika - Minister of Agriculture Victor Semenov. For example, he has achieved acceptance of the decision #23 About urgent measures on increase of overall performance of the hothouse enterprises in 1999 . Henceforth the hothouses which area exceeds 6 hectares, are equal to strategic objects and are not subject to switching-off non-payment from heat and the electric power. Besides, rely 50 - percentage discounts at payment for all power resources. Just right to remember that before becoming the minister, Semenov was the director of a hothouse economy the White summer residence .
Shaky position and at the minister of atomic energy Evgenie Adamova. In - the first, it is considered Berezovsky`s person, and Primakov consistently clears the White house of strangers. In - the second, him accuse that it plans to deliver to Russia of 2 thousand tons of the fulfilled nuclear fuel from the western countries.
the most interesting question - whether will occur change of the first persons in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economics. Minister of Economics Andrey Shapovalyants already looks for a new place. By data, he asked Gerashchenko to promote in appointment to the post of Bank of development created now. However plans of transfer of means of investors of the Savings Bank in Bank of development which were born by Shapovalyants, are rejected by Evgenie Primakov.
Shapovalyants are ready to replace with Arcady Samohvalovym. As the first deputy minister of economy it was involved in working out of the first, academic variants of the economic program of an office. With market reforms and IMF recipes that program had not something in common, so Samohvalov will not improve image of an office.
that to Michael Zadornov is time to leave, speak for a long time and confidently. Really, to it you will not envy. Unreality of the budget is obvious. Rescue the budget inflation can only. On the other hand, for inflation it is necessary to answer, and Primakov can appoint Zadornov`s respondent.
however now Zadornov is threatened not with inflation. It is necessary to find extreme, responsible for failures in negotiations from IMF. The communists menacing in case of its resignation by the All-Russia strike, refusal have already stood up for Masljukova to the government in trust and preschedule, victorious for left elections. At Zadornov such roof is not present.
the Nominee of its relief is known. It is its present the first zam Michael Kasyanov. Strictly speaking, now it is enough to Kasyanov to bring Primakov an attention to the question an edge: or appoint the minister (and even vitse - the prime minister), or I leave in commercial bank. And then at the prime minister will not be - to carry on a choice negotiations with Parisian and London clubs of creditors in its government practically there is nobody more.
For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that Kasyanov does not hasten while to declare the ambitions. Under steam and Alexander Livshits, ready to return to the White house for a main thing role peregovorshchika from IMF and simultaneously the head of the Ministry of Finance.
It is very likely that events of the come to the end week on which political players remained without supervision of seniors, despite serious dramatic nature, have come to the end to Evgenie Primakov`s benefit. Well, then it has passed the first holiday test successfully.


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Primakov has acquired for a long time that recover of the president is fraught with dismissals
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That came - that?
the First vitse - prime minister Yury Masljukova consider as the first candidate on dismissal from Evgenie Primakov`s government - it and negotiations from IMF has ruined, and economic prosperity has not achieved. And meanwhile year as him have invited to work in the White house will soon be executed. has decided to remember that he has had time to make for expired period.

the chairman of committee of the State Duma on economic policy of communist Yury Masljukova was called in the government by Sergey Kirienko. The young prime minister has offered the skilled former chairman of the State Planning Committee of the USSR a post of the minister of the industry and trade in April of last year. However party fellows have flatly refused to release the shadow prime minister - the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation did not recommend to it to go to the government.
a few having thought, Masljukov has decided to prefer to party discipline something more material. And on July, 22nd, 1998 the president the decree has appointed the deputy - the communist head Minpromtorga. Colleagues of Masljukova on struggle against an antinational mode have there and then raised the question about an exception of the opportunist of party.
have put in vain - Masljukov at all did not burn down on new work. Strictly speaking, it has worked in a new post few hours. Having occupied a new office on Krasnopresnensky quay and having gone with the prime minister to Voronezh, the minister has written to Sergey Kirienko the letter in which has demanded increase in the powers. Has attributed that waits from the chief the man`s decision - also has gone on leave. And next time has arrived to the White house only in the end of August - when members of the cabinet Kirienko already washed collective resignation.
but Masljukov nevertheless has achieved. In September it became the first vitse - the prime minister and has received much more, than asked from Kirienko.
on a new place Masljukov has begun with preparation of the new program of economic development of the country. At first academicians pozdnesovetskoj epoch led by Leonid Abalkinym and Dmitry Lvovym were caused to help it, one more first was then connected vitse - the prime minister - Alexander Shokhin. But soon the cabinet has refused services and academicians, and Shokhin. And prepared Masljukovym the program project has turned out such that when it was published by the newspaper the author has started back from it in horror even. Then Evgenie Primakov has accepted the the man`s decision : in general to refuse the program. Till the best times.
In the meantime the first vitse - the prime minister got acquainted with province life. St.-Petersburg, Udmurtiya, Samara, Norilsk - Masljukov inspected got to it from liberals the inheritance. Clearly, anything good has not seen. the policy which was conducted last eight years, has led to a condition of a collapse, insolvency of banks and degradation of technological potential - Masljukov has summed up.
But here troubles have begun not only at Russia, but also at Masljukova. Grigory Javlinsky has accused him of corruption, referring that the first vitse - the prime minister has given a number of privileges of the company Vympelcom - to the operator of cellular communication and the owner of a trade mark Bi the Line . Evgenie Primakov has protected the assistant, having informed that check of the facts of corruption has not revealed. However the first vitse - to the prime minister nevertheless had to be convinced on itself of correctness of a saying Misfortunes never come alone .
Though Masljukov has published the declaration on incomes according to which he has earned in 1998 of all 283 thousand roubles (seven times less, than Yeltsin, and five times it is less, than Tchernomyrdin), has received apartment in 1986, and it Volvo - 760 any more the first youth (1989 of release), it all the same have not believed. There were hearings that he is engaged in commercial activity and supervises a number of the financial companies.
and in the end of November Masljukov has suffered, perhaps, crushing defeat. It and did not manage to achieve appointment as the general director of a state company Rosvooruzheniye the protege - the prime minister has preferred to see on this place true to it Grigory Rapotu. Without having managed to put under the control of the main exporter of the Russian weapon, Masljukov has actually lost the basic levers of influence on so favourite by it military - an industrial complex. After all about 80 % of the means invested in the defensive industry, it is necessary on a share of export contracts and only 20 % makes the state order.
but Masljukov was given new assignment. It became responsible for negotiations with the international financial organisations. And here has absolutely become puzzled. That said that negotiations from IMF go difficultly also it is necessary to prepare for the worst . That promised to agree with fund in January. Then again: Representatives of fund have approved plans of the Russian government . And there and then: On an occasion at IMF we will not go .
There is no saying to whom the idea to make Masljukova responsible for credits has come to mind. In language of communists it is possible to name this step the planned action directed on definitive disorder of Russia . For for the Russian government there was no more important problem, than reception of the new credit of IMF, and for the West there was no more unacceptable partner in negotiations, than Masljukov.
Against it there was all - even technics and the nature. So, in January he should participate in American - the Russian investment symposium in Harward. But at first the plane in which Masljukov should fly from Washington to Harward and when have given another has broken - weather became non-flying, and the representative of the Russian government on a forum and has not got.
and it is then trite: hearings about the resignation, new charges in corruption, again hearings about resignation...
it is curious that else in the end of October in Norilsk Masljukov has said a remarkable phrase: To death - three - four months . He, of course, meant economic death of the country, instead of the political. But date - if hearings about its resignation will prove to be true - has guessed almost precisely. It turns out that it not such and the bad predictor.