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And the rest — we will buy!

where Moscow, the Kremlin
  And the rest - we will buy!

where Moscow, the Kremlin

to whom to YELTSIN

Dear Boris Nikolaevich!
I Hope that this letter will not spoil to you mood and will not damage to a stable state of health. I am am revolted deeply with tactlessness of many journalists speaking and writing about your illnesses in any ernicheskom, humiliating tone. It seems, it is unique sphere in which we have overtaken America: there mocked at least at the healthy president. And ours with bread do not feed - give only an occasion to irony concerning the diagnosis. Besides for it feed with completely not dry bread...
it is visible, to all who together with the known Duma fighter for happiness of workers repeats about incapacitated the president, about impeachment and leaving on rest, apparently, that thus they express expectations national, the relation of a society to the phenomenon, already, thank God, not the first year known in Russia and the world as president Boris Yeltsin . Meanwhile I am assured that causally - investigatory communication return. That is called the people also that exposers and unmaskers contemptiously - technologically name electorate Any real Yeltsin, except presented by exposers and unmaskers, does not know and cannot know. To us show the ailing, constantly stumbling old man, tell about misses and absurd, hint - and even directly cut plain truth - on weaknesses and defects. What do we know, except a television picture and comments for which in a civilised society judge, and in simply decent a muzzle beat? Unless yours the wife and children could tell truth, but them do not ask, yes if have told - already will not believe.
besides all this company frankly flatters the people - to electorate (the former people - bogonosets). After all if the president is bad and ailing, all easily speaks: the poverty combined with general larceny, the gangsterism which has become by national folklore, a habit is proud to live for another`s account and to hate those who pays... That all construction does not maintain even elementary check by logic, confuses nobody. The incapacitated has thought up controls and counterbalances, continuing and to dismiss now one that others were afraid? Ailing keeps in awe the most terrible gangsters - Kremlin and ohotnorjadskuju groupings? No, we do not turn attention.
have chosen? In public. For what? That abused privileges, with Gorbachev quarrelled, against kommunjak on the tank there was also a fate - n - the beater danced, that those who votes, have not lost. Perhaps what lifted economy, gently loved the home producer and promised to feed miners at the expense of teachers, teachers at the expense of military and all - at the expense of damned rich men? Anything similar did not promise, a lie. Perhaps swore never to be ill ORZ and not to receive an ulcer from this electorate? Was not. Or, let us assume, when last time selected, there was no Chechen Republic, pensions paid in time and they sufficed on life? Like was and did not suffice...
and now have come round - in resignation for illnesses and a genocide! There is a question: If the president so is bad, than badly, what he is ill also does nothing? After all, means, and bad does not do. And if he is obliged to recover immediately, what for? That something in general unimaginable to do?. No, even we cannot guess such elementary construction, one have taken: Yeltsin`s gang under court.
what gang, Boris Nikolaevich, - whether was at you desire to ask such question to critics? It after all also is the people - all your gang. Whence they undertook, to us aliens have sent them or CIA? Anything similar - everyone has a seniority, Komsomol, party and is state - the safe biography. And, despite unsubstantiated statements of the general with a doubtful nose and a name, at bolshej gang parts even with the fifth point everything is all right - differently to ninety first through one staff department would not filter, and after all they already and then not as yard keepers served.
steals the power, speak. Well, steals. And irrespective of a party accessory. So unless you have entered it the decree? Unless not Karamzin marked the same custom, unless protection (on - present - corruption) not at developed and even still an underdeveloped socialism has appeared? It is interesting, where you would search for other shots at such genetics? In IMF could ask, of course, so after all and it would not help - here any Dutch, not that that the Italian or the Frenchman, will quickly learn credits to twist, here a climate such, sharply continental.
the country have disorganised. That is if not you with companions on more Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians would love us, Tadjiks each other would not cut, and Ukrainians with Byelorussians in general would nestle to the senior slavic brother - not to tear off. And again nobody reflects: how now it turns out, what checked up partijno - the economic head companion Kuchma does not hasten to reunite, having returned before it primordial Sevastopol? Why all former secretaries of the Central Committee and obkomov, become by fathers of the nations, bashi, sultans and simply democratic of democratic presidents do not rush in the general embraces? From all one only was, and that Lukashenko... No, the national belief that the wind blows because trees shake, is ineradicable.
to us you will not please. The antinational mode is not pleasant - so after all and national it was not pleasant, poperli this most national with its sixth article the same miners, only helmets then did not knock yet - were afraid nevertheless. So, can, really alien mode is necessary to us? Or at least the international? Too like it is not desirable, though yet did not try...
so do not pay attention, Boris Nikolaevich. Keep in mind: you will not roar yet, will bark, and you will roar - rage will conceal, but to respect will and be silent. So the choice was, and you have already made it: much that spoke, but here commands TSyts! To a foot! did not submit. And would submit - I as the worker of the Central Committee tov would break party discipline would look. Zyuganov G. N, for example. And other companions.
well, and let use. But any impeachments, early election and other nonsense - to the person year to pension, and they absolutely have lost conscience...
in general, are treated easy. And, of course, the guarantees promised by the prime minister it is necessary to wait, by itself. Then all will be good: there would be, as they say, a health...

Alexander Kabakov

do not pay attention to spitpoisons, Boris Nikolaevich. Keep in mind: you will not roar yet, will bark, and you will roar - rage will conceal, but to respect will and be silent