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Hooliganism in especially large sizes

—... Where they will get to, all the same will give money! Because we rattle the sabre,
  Hooliganism in especially large sizes

-... Where they will get to, all the same will give money! Because we rattle the sabre, and a situation at us desperate, and to the power forces can come worse and more terribly. With it to pay off more favourably!
well, have guessed, who it speaks about whom? No, I will not allow to you to guess from the first. For that simple reason that answers two, and both correct. The first, precisely, the Chechen Republic. And the second, you be not upset, Russia.
I now will explain. I remember, at the height of a default I have taken in head to look through foreign newspapers. European simply shivered with fear. zametochku about our disastrous finance they supplied everyone sentimental diagrammkoj: a card of our rocket mines, statistics dedovshchiny with a deadly outcome, homeless officers, the atomic power station list and so forth
Want take offence, want is not present, but the Chechen Republic is as though a caricature to Russia. Here they than are similar. At they be the big ambitions against modest achievements, problems with economy in the presence of natural resources and a proof drug dependence from another`s money.
- yes, but we do not take hostages! - the reader will be indignant.
say lies, remarkably we them take. Only not on one, as field commanders, and by the gross. They, hostages (and it is all Europe), at us in a fist after Chernobyl - that. Which, from your permission I will continue comparison, not krashe Budyonnovsk if to remember that we have coded explosion and have artfully started up the coded radioactive clouds on the West. In passing still it is possible to specify that we have at first banished these clouds over the May Day demonstrations, and Chechens on the earth of hospitals did not storm.
Russia often reproaches the Chechen Republic with meanness, assuring that it where blagorodnee, more decently and more disinterestedly. Though not to hear something that Chechens sold the in slavery and threw corpses of the fighters - ostensibly money is not present them to bury.
and about extortion of money at rich neighbours - so to it at us still the big passion. How many we have touched billions at the West! That from time to time it is timid, on - intelligentski asks:
- And why you not to start to work?
we after the Chechen Republic answer:
- Without your gratuitous money we in any way cannot to start work fairly! And if to begin today it when still the result will be! Laziness to wait - you give is better, and at once all at us will be...
the Chechen Republic, it is similar to the thrown child. It have spoilt, have spoilt, and have thrown. It try not to notice, do not praise and, precisely, do not love. But such child knows how to draw to itself attention. It is necessary to become only the hooligan, and at once all will notice.
if you in the childhood were the hooligan now, backdating, can regret the unfortunate director whom, being old, both tired, and invested by the power, shouts on malchonku:
- Yes I with you, a latch, you know that I can make?! Yes all! Yes I you! Yes I will simply strangle, and all!
but the small villain laughs. The director will rush to press it, only if definitively goes mad. But more likely it will fall down from an apoplectic seizure or will give up as a bad job to the following time.
that else the Chechen Republic can throw out? Think out. It is easy to put itself on their place! And it is simple to guess, as in the Chechen mirror our offended measures against the West will be reflected: support of Serbs and Iraq, refusal to ratify contracts on nuclear disarmament, equipment by new rockets.
And the analogue of our situation with RNE in the Chechen Republic is. In Russia sponsor fascists to frighten of them rich neighbours: a pier, look, these are even worse, God forbid to the power will come. And there - gangsters. But logic - that one: djad, give papirosochku (in sense - money), and that - in (sharpening always on call).
in general, it is very easy to present to itself as at the principal have not sustained nerves - and it has killed mean dvoechnika - the hooligan. After that the director needs to be hung up only in a teacher`s room.
yes, all is bad, and we will be compelled to share with the Chechen Republic a part of the money received in the West. I think, the Chechen Republic our money, yet without having received, has entered to myself in the budget - in the same way as we have entered in the the yet not obtained loans.
yes, badly, but what for to itself it to sadden life? Let we will be inspired by an example of Englishmen: they not mrut for fear from - for the Irish terrorists, despite all their terrible explosions in the middle of London. How it will be necessary to die, and we will die, and that before death of to bury? After all it is silly!

Igor Svinarenko,
the special correspondent