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Berezovsky for sale

Boris Berezovsky can leave a post of the executive secretary of the CIS with pure with
  Berezovsky for sale

Boris Berezovsky can leave a post of the executive secretary of the CIS with a sincere heart. It has executed the main task - reformed the CIS. Relations in Commonwealth pass to a strong market basis. The first auction was already developed - round Boris Abramovich`s resignation.

last week a myth about a demon of the Russian policy Boris Berezovsky has burst. The master of intrigues, smart combinations and backroom deals, he became object of another`s game. Also it has appeared it is similar to the provincial sharper who has sat down for a card table with professionals.
the message about resignation has found Berezovsky in Tashkent, whence he intended to take off for Baku. And in its Azerbaijan capital the ambassador of Russia with the telegramme of the Kremlin already waited: Berezovsky was recommended to interrupt a trip and urgently to come back to Moscow. Simultaneously the president of Russia has called Heydar Aliyev to explain the reasons of the decision. However Aliev has not refused to the executive secretary reception. Berezovsky inspired by it has declared that the president of Russia has exceeded the powers and discharge it of a post those who has appointed it can only. Differently, the collective decision of all of 12 presidents, accepted on the basis of a consensus is necessary.
thus Berezovsky has been assured that voices against its resignation will be typed enough. During the last tour he has visited seven capitals and everywhere has met with approval of the activity. It seemed that it will be possible to use discontent of group of leaders of the states CIS with a policy of Moscow, skilfully to organise them and to play the new brilliant combination Berezovsky`s transformation into absolutely untouchable figure becomes which result.

the word price
And it is valid, the first reaction of heads of the states CIS to Boris Yeltsin`s unexpected and individual decision has caused sensation as if the CIS can break up into supporters and Berezovsky`s opponents. Also that fight for it can result or in its restoration on a post, or to Commonwealth disintegration.
however very soon all has fallen into place. Edward Shevardnadze`s statement, made all in some hours after Baku a press - Berezovsky`s conferences became the first cold shower for for the present executive secretary. The president of Georgia who was during this moment in Japan, was indignant with that Yeltsin preliminary has not consulted to it. In this case, has declared with discouraging frankness of Shevardnadze, it would not began to waste time on the meeting which has taken place three days ago with Boris Berezovsky in Tbilisi.
the same day from ispolseka the president of Moldova Peter Luchinsky has renounced. Even in the morning it has resolutely supported Berezovsky`s thesis that time appointed together should remove as, but in an hour, after a call from Moscow TSKB, the Moldavian president has changed the mind. Luchinsky has completely shared Yeltsin`s opinion.
Afterwards many other heads of the independent states have refused Berezovsky. It became definitively clear: even those who has not approved the decision of the Kremlin, are not going to achieve at all Berezovsky`s restoration in a post. And its merits (valid or imaginary) in business of reforming of Commonwealth do not play any role. Because presidents of the countries of Commonwealth from the very beginning of this history struggled not for Berezovsky, and for the sovereign rights.

the error price
the First message on Yeltsin`s decision on Berezovsky really sounded is offensive for its colleagues across the CIS and in general resembled the imperial decree.
it is necessary to give due to the Kremlin - there quickly it have understood. The Kremlin officials have tried to soften effect and began to correct the message: a pier, it not the final decision, and the offer of the Russian president to colleagues.
urgent phone calls in Commonwealth capitals Have begun. About degree of confusion which reigned in the first day in the Kremlin, revelations of Shevardnadze to which tried to phone in Tokyo testify. As he said, at first it was called by the employee of bodyguard of Yeltsin. Then someone from a reception the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
It, of course, not that level, - has told later to journalists the head of Georgia. - I after all the president let small, but nevertheless the independent state. And with Yeltsin I hardly could speak, as it, as far as I know, in hospital .
Anyway to speak by phone with the offended presidents it was necessary nevertheless to Yeltsin. Next day the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has resorted to an emergency variant of decision-making - mailing of the project of the decision of Council of heads of the states CIS to all its members. (Thus two years ago on an insisting of Shevardnadze the decision on the status of peacemakers in a zone Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict was made.)
In the end of last week a press - the secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Yakushkin has informed that Yeltsin`s offer has received basic approval all heads of the states of Commonwealth. However to hand over the copies in executive secretary as it is provided by procedure, they do not hurry up.

the consent price
For presidential signatures to Moscow is necessary which - what to pay. At each of the CIS countries the account. Even fluent transfer of a part of these claims impresses. Kishinev and Kiev thirst for write-offs at least parts of the huge debt to Gazprom . Minsk intends for the account east neighbour to solve the economic problems. Ashkhabad counts that Moscow will remove objections against building of the Transcaspian gas pipeline from Turkmenia through Azerbaijan and Georgia to Turkey.
Tashkent applying for a key role in Tsentralnoaziatsky region, is terribly dissatisfied with that Moscow constrains its ambitions. Dushanbe and Yerevan are afraid to remain without Russian military - political support. Tbilisi, on the contrary, is weighed upon excessive military presence of Russia at republic. And Baku is angry too close, in his opinion, Russian - the Armenian military cooperation.
claims of the CIS countries are not new. Heads of the states and so were going to show them at the next summit devoted to reforming of Commonwealth. But thus they inevitably would face counter claims of Moscow. Scandal with Berezovsky`s resignation has allowed to transfer discussion of mutual insults to other section of the agenda - devoted to resignation of the executive secretary of the CIS. And to begin the auction, without waiting the summit. And to continue it at the summit - during discussion of a nominee of the new secretary.
Where by then there will be Berezovsky - in the USA, Lefortovo or still at the head of executive secretary, not so it is important.

a markdown
Berezovsky, after has held a post of the executive secretary of Commonwealth (as a result of multirunning secret game with participation of some independent presidents), liked to name itself the servant of 12 presidents. Thus it was meant that, as well as the servant of two misters, it is cleverer than the owners and can manipulate them dexterously.
however this game was possible only until misters allowed the servant to play in it. The executive secretary presidents used to tell each other that it is impossible to say directly. That is it was somewhat the device of confidential communication of 12 presidents. But as soon as he has tried to become the thirteenth and to start talking the voice, with it have arrived as with gone too far servant.
Berezovsky`s Tireless activity on the Russian internal political scene for anybody from misters was not a secret. But while he played behind side scenes, on it closed eyes. And when, having overestimated the role, Berezovsky has declared public war to Evgenie Primakov, to it have let know what to count on support of leaders of Commonwealth it is not necessary.
Because one business - to try to get at the powerful neighbour of a concession, and absolutely another - to interfere with its internal affairs. Such any of independent presidents cannot allow itself.

Alexey Ryabov