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For merits before fatherland

On one of two sacramental questions — what, a pancake, all - taki to do?
  for merits before fatherland

On one of two sacramental questions - what, a pancake, all - taki to do? and who, in nature, is guilty? - the nation has already answered. Whether a default, whether ulcer illness, anti-Semitism or budgetary nemoch - all it, the modest mathematician, is eternal where - that hastening shy gait. A monastic sight in a floor, the most modest dark suit, deeply intelligent bald head, a line out of the person sad... by all twirls - with conviction speaks, looking at a TV screen, the people. Any proofs for this conviction it is not required. Whether sacred belief in unconditional ability of the small people to operate big, whether the respect for scientific degrees, whether is simple to grandmas.
and what the real knows these romantic people about Boris Abramovich Berezovsky? Well, in - the first, of course, that Abramovich. Though, judging by the relation to Zhirinovsky, dead Rokhlin and many other things, this quality the people interest much less, than consider Makashov, Ilyukhin and Kondratenko. In - the second that very rich. Though it is well-known that it is not too rich, is more abruptly. In - the third that is devilishly artful and capable to influence secretly all - from women to generals, and is not clear that it for secret influence about which all know. Here, perhaps, and all.
that really bad it has made to the country? It is considered to be that its basic fault - in aspiration to place the state in the service to business. Charge serious if not to ask one question: whether and so it is bad for the state and citizens? It is remembered, there was time when one great country was guided, according to its democratic critics, a principle: That is good for United Fruits (huge corporation) it is good and for United States . And anything - having passed through diplomacy of gunboats, oppression of workers and other McCarthyism, has taxied - taki on pure water of protection of the universal values, socially focused business and political correctness. No, alas, not on service business has our state, and in a service at itself in the name of eternal Russian mzdoimtsev, petty tyrants, embezzlers of public funds and other versions of the official tribe. Here I, perhaps, g - on Berezovsky would reproach with it: if such influential, that not dovlijal?
the Second serious reproach: its notorious influence on weak women and not strong men has entered into our political use almost Sicilian concept a family . Let`s admit, though it is necessary to agree that the sense to influence a family appears only in the event that the family can influence strongly enough head - and for it claims to other Boris...
here, actually, and all.
that strongly do not love it restricted on one with it to a political step, is explainable: there all do not love everything, and it on it pjatachke has occupied a place considerable and to the person who has put up in the power through money (rather the reverse as at us have got used), like not put. But for what does not digest it simple electorate, it is impossible to understand. Chubays hate - all clearly. But after all and Berezovsky too not its admirer. Reformers in general damn - and it here at what? Not Berezovsky released the prices, not it disorganised the country...
I would blame to Boris Berezovsky only two things.
the first: he has created this most image or, anyway, has not prevented its creation. The present oligarch should be invisible, as daddy Goldfinger from the cinema with the same name, instead of to dangle before television cameras. Not the singer and not the director, not a handsome man with moustaches - well also sit in the bunker, pull therefrom threads. And now all know that, how the hated oligarchy looks: a pessimistic nose and strongly smoothfaced cheeks; it is state - interstate official visits extensively on unknown persons, but obviously not state needs; the state channel with the leader consistently exterminating statesmen... In general, the state is Berezovsky, but Berezovsky is first of all Berezovsky, and then the state.
the second: if has got into it, do not allow itself to shake out. Powerful, supernatural, demonichnyj - also it is suddenly dismissed as any, excuse for expression, the minister or the head of administration! No, such grey cardinal is not necessary to us.
and now, means, at all of us will be by rules? The president will solve all itself - with Masljukovym, for example, to understand or is simple on Zyuganov to take offence? And anybody to it of nothing prisovetuet, and a family is thrown on an arbitrariness of political destiny... I do not trust.
Eh, Boris Abramovich! Were in vain substituted.

Alexander Kabakov, special correspondent ID