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Context 09. 03 - 15. 03 1999

the White house
  the Context 09. 03 - 15. 03 1999

the White house

To Russia with love
To Moscow last week there has arrived IMF mission. As well as warned in last number, Horhe Marquez Ruarte, and Zherar Belanzhe has headed it not. And though the fund names replacement of the head of mission planned, it is obvious that it is a result of efforts of Evgenie Primakov.
the prime minister knows how to work with foreigners. Knowingly it supervised five years over Service of external investigation. When former svjaznik IMF in Russia, Horhe Marquez Ruarte, with the problem as Primakov understood it, has not consulted, the prime minister has addressed to Michel Kamdessju: a pier, an appearance it is ruined, send new svjaznika. The centre has kept silent. Then Primakov in January, 1999 has directed the agent Masljukova to Washington. That with a problem has consulted. And in February Marquez Ruarte has brought Zherara Belanzhe to Moscow. It is More than Ruarte in Moscow will not see.
on March, 11th Belanzhe has brought to Primakov five conditions of Kamdessju: refusal of VAT decrease this year; achievement of the arrangement with the World bank about structural reorganisation of real sector; bankruptcy of problem banks; an interdiction of clearings; increase of export duties on oil and gas. Primakov with reservations has accepted first four conditions and resolutely became on protection Gazprom and oil industry workers.
Kamdessju remained is happy with Primakov. He declared rapprochement of positions of Russia and IMF. The encouraged Primakov began to prepare for a meeting on March, 24th in Washington with Albert Gorom and Bill Clinton. Then also the question on the credit should be solved. If he dares positively to Kamdessju it will be possible to name the subsequent visit courtesy visit.
Primakov`s visit was preceded by a trip to Washington veteran Tchernomyrdin. It without effort managed to restore former appearances. In total for one day - on March, 10th - it has visited offices of Kamdessju, Vulfensona, Mountain and Minister of Finance Robert Rubina. The credit to Tchernomyrdin promised under condition of preservation of a course by Primakov on market reforms.

the Chechen government the Presidential Administration of the Chechen Republic hands over phones
has refused services the Chechen cellular communication (branch Moscow cellular ) . Simultaneously Aslan Maskhadov has ordered to all employees of the presidential device to pay for the mobile phones independently.
wishing to use mobile communication at own expense in administration was a little. By data, the official salary of the assistant to the president of the Chechen Republic makes about 400 roubles, what hardly above the salary of ministers and vitse - prime ministers. And those not always stand out in time. By the first were disconnected from an external world a press - Maskhadov Majrbek Vachagaev`s secretary, vitse - the prime minister on culture and the information Ahmed Zakaev and some ministers.
in Maskhadov`s administration assert that from the budget five mobile phones will be paid. It is known that one of them belongs vitse - to the prime minister of government Turpalali Atgerievu supervising power departments of the Chechen Republic. Not clearly only, as vitse - the prime minister will communicate with subordinates to it ministers if at those cellular telephones will not be (in territory of the Chechen Republic mobile communication) operates only.
Atgeriev has not wanted to speak about monetary problems of employees of the device. we have claims to ` Chechen cellular `, therefore we have refused its services - only he also has uttered. But its former colleague, eks - Minister for Foreign Affairs Movladi Udugov, with badly hidden pleasure (certainly, at it with phone everything is all right) has explained that in the Chechen budget simply there is no money for conversations on cellular . Earlier these expenses were incurred by the Russian government, however since 1999 Moscow has refused to pay huge, on hundred thousand dollars, the Chechen telephone accounts. Soon after that has refused to render the Chechen authorities the services on credit and Chechen cellular .

the Duma
Half an hour about half a year of the work as the head of the government was told on March, 11th by Evgenie Primakov in the White house at a meeting with heads of fractions and Duma groups. He has allowed to express everything, and has then managed to turn away from itself blow, having substituted under it Oleg Sysuyev, zamglavy presidential administration. Between Sysuyev and Valentine Kuptsovym, the person #2 in fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the main discussion was developed. Merchants asserted that the Presidential Administration does not give rest to communists, Sysuyev answered the same: a pier, communists do not give rest to the president. To Primakov of claims nobody showed. All leaders of fractions and groups have shown the loyalty. Primakov has signed so contract long born by it on the consent. Separate.
in essence speaking, with the Duma Primakov always also has been anxious by the contract. Durability of this consent, naturally, is relative. The radical part of the Duma communists on - former is ready to refuse support of the government and to provoke in the country early election. Their calculation consists that if elections will pass at least on half a year before the constitutional term at communists there will be no such competitors as Fatherland and party of governors which hopes to build Yury Luzhkov Konstantin Titov. Under the law neither those nor others cannot simply participate in early election.
on March, 11th doing not wish to risk posts in the present Duma leaders actually were charged to the prime minister that will keep the supporters from extreme measures. It any more Primakov`s first victory in the fight developed recently for the White house. At first it has eliminated from Boris Berezovsky`s official policy, then could neutralise liberals - Egor Gaydar and Evgenie Yasin which aspired to weaken its office. Now it has got Duma support. Whether but all will help it when Yeltsin will return to the Kremlin?

Who will rescue Russia
the Head of the Russian gas superconcern unlike premieres - ministers still never caused in the State Duma. It comes to Ohotnij rjad only when it is necessary for him. And happens last week. Vyahirev was in the Duma, in - the first because has expired term trastovogo contracts between it and the government, the prisoner one year ago; in - the second because it is interested in reduction of a state block of shares of actions Gazprom to 25 % plus one action. And the state block of shares less, the it is less than chances at eks - prime minister Tchernomyrdin to become the chairman of board of directors Gazprom . (The Last is not too unreal: a post in Gazprom Tchernomyrdin can receive, for example, for successful intermediary at negotiations from IMF.)
in general, deputies at all were not surprised, when after words that the further privatisation of the enterprises of thermal power station is inexpedient, Vyahirev has suddenly noted: If ` Gazprom ` was in private hands crisis in economy would not be today . Further he has informed that for control it is not so obligatory to state to have 37,5 % of actions and that 2,5 % from them will sell already enough soon and how to sell the others of 10 % - it is necessary to think well.
in transfer into clear language it means that the head of the Russian Open Society yet has not solved, to whom they will get. For this purpose some time is necessary. As well as that the Duma has got used to thought: rescue Russia from crises Vyahirev can only. And only having sold a little more Gazprom .

Photos of week
the Meeting of nationalists
Here stand nearby Albert Makashov and Alexander Nevzorov. Like anything especial, but actually it is very symbolical. There were two nationalists - old and new. And, as it is paradoxical, Nevzorov in this tandem - a symbol of old Russian nationalism, and Makashov - new.
almost anybody from normal, not pomeshannyh on the politician of people does not remember that in 1991 Makashov, standing on a post of the president, acted from nationalist positions. Then it has received 3,7 % of votes - about 3 million persons has voted for the nationalist future of Russia. Despite it, Alexander Nevzorov - certainly, thanks to the television popularity was a nationalism symbol in Russia those years naming last soldier of empire.
Nevzorov`s popularity was warmed up by constant scandals - it 600 seconds that closed, opened, in 1991 he has created movement Ours then was a member of Russian national cathedral and Front of national rescue. In 1995 - 1996 it was planted on a short lead by Berezovsky (which now with foam at a mouth struggles against cave anti-Semitism Makashov), punched to Nevzorov the program on ORT. When Nevzorov have once again dismissed from television, it suddenly as - that was blew off. And even its participation in the Petersburg elections has passed for the wide public not noticed.
now at the Russian nationalists the new hero struggling not only for the rights far Russian-speaking in Latvia, but also against quite close Jews . And Nevzorov has become outdated.