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The monetary market - the Report on black Tuesday

the Meeting bank SB - a thin reflexion on report SB

on November, 10th, in day of militia, in a conference - to a hall it is good zakonspirirovannogo SNPO Eleron the conference of bank security services organised by Association of the Russian banks has taken place. Its primary goal consisted in the organisation of collective actions on protection of bank business in general and information in particular. Conference was planned for a long time, but has happened as - that unexpectedly, and right after announcements of results of investigation of events black Tuesday Lobov`s commission. Representatives have gathered for conference more than 300 banks from various regions of the country - basically heads of security services.
with short introductory speech president ARB Sergey Egors has acted. He has characterised modern position in bank sphere as rather difficult. Mass distribution was received by a non-return of credits of banks and unduly risky operations. It has resulted almost third of all banks in a condition of the raised risk that it is possible to consider as a bankruptcy side.
especially g - n Egorov has underlined necessity of protection of the bank information and prevention of its leak on what efforts of security services of banks should be concentrated. As he said, information leakage is equivalent to loss by bank of cash. Other moment to which g - n Egorov has directed attention, is an observance of corporate interests at information level and a coordination of actions of security services.
the thought on observance of corporate bank interests was developed in the performance by the vice-president of association and the head of group the Bridge Vladimir Gusinsky - security services of banks should exchange the confidential information on solvency legal both physical persons and presence at them debts under credits. Besides, he has passed an opinion on necessity of increase of professional level of employees bank SB, improvements of their technical equipment and carrying over of accents from power methods of work on intellectual, allowing to prevent information leakage or armed assault.
performances have occupied in total half an hour then Egorov and Gusinsky have apologised and have left on other confidential meeting - already heads of banks which has taken place in 11 mornings in the President - hotel.
the deputy director of security service of Association of the Russian banks the Amulet Alexander Krylov in exclusive interview to the correspondent has declared that only in Moscow zalitsenzirovano more than 800 security services, each of which totals from 30 to 1000 persons having the right to carrying of a government-issue weapon. our conference is collected to create a pool of security services and to unite their efforts in protection of interests of banks. From us various law enforcement bodies often unreasonably demand the information making a trade secret. In case criminal case is brought, we, naturally, give the information, and if are not present, - that we send... Back. .
G - n Krylov has underlined that is going to protect the bank information not only from criminals with whom its service consults effectively and quickly, but also from all listening from Federal agency for government communication and information and FSK (tax police of the deputy director seriously does not accept).