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Blitz - shout of general Stepashin

“ It is assured that we will manage to bridle terrorism. The world and the consent in region will be voss
  the Blitz - shout of general Stepashin

“ It is assured that we will manage to bridle terrorism. The world and the consent in region will be restored “ - Sergey Stepashin to Chechens has promised. But to insurgents it nothing to be afraid: Stepashin is at war with them since 1994. Also there are no bases to believe that this time it is waited by a victory.

“ In case of fulfilment from the Chechen territory of new acts of terrorism and grave crimes of base and a place of a congestion of bands according to the international practice will be destroyed “. It is the citation from an official statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs extended the past week.
similar he already told something: in the autumn of 1994 the director of Federal Agency of counterspionage Sergey Stepashin has promised “ to understand “ with Dudaev`s mode till the end of the year. Then there was an unfortunate storm of Grozny by armies of the Chechen opposition consisting of disguised Russian military men, enlisted by Stepashin`s subordinates. Real war has then begun. And has begun on an insisting of director FSK: when Pavel Grachev convinced Security council that it is necessary for it not less than 100 thousand persons and some months of preparation, Stepashin has declared that Chechens will meet liberators from dudaevskogo oppression bread - salt. So the Chechen war has begun.
However, war it became later. At first “ measures on constitutional order prompting in the Chechen republic “ assumed carrying out of army operation which should come to the end within two months. Then it seemed that blitzkrieg not only will allow to restore at last controllability of the broken away subject of federation, but also will raise Boris Yeltsin`s rating.
it has not turned out. The armies hastily collected from all Russia literally on a battalion, have encountered on eshelonirovannuju, well organised defence. And when blitzkrieg has choked, impreparation of armies began to compensate traditional Russian means - blood. As a result in 1996 in Khasavyurt the general the Swan has signed the certificate about capitulation of Russia.
today Stepashin has considered that has well acquired lessons of the Chechen Republic, and has decided that time in fight has come to rush again - to destroy bands. Its boldness speaks at all belief in own forces. On the contrary, he well understands that it has not enough own forces to fulfil promises. Subordinates to Stepashin SOBRy and OMONs can stand at the best on posts (than they and were engaged in the Chechen Republic in 1994 - 1996), but are not adapted in any way for carrying out of special actions in deep back of the enemy. And the special troops of internal troops without serious losses with it will not consult. Therefore the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to be at war another`s hands - first of all forces of the Minister of Defence. Its main error also consists in it, perhaps.

in 1994 Pavel Grachev was afraid to pass for the coward and has agreed to enter armies into the Chechen Republic. Grachev knew that indecision to it the second time will not forgive - from it October 93 - go has sufficed, and to leave a ministerial post to it it would not be desirable at all. Besides in the Minister of Defence the serious opposition ready at any moment to take the power in hand by then was generated. But now the Minister of Defence is absolutely other person - Igor Sergeev. And it will make everything not to allow to involve itself(himself) in war.
round the Chechen Republic some elite divisions and brigades - so-called parts of constant readiness today are located. Motor-shooting divisions in Volgograd and Vladikavkaz (20 - I and 19-), brigades in the Dagestan Buinaksk and the Stavropol Budyonnovsk (136 - I and 205-) are almost fully completed by staff and technics (including modern) and are ready within days otmobilizovatsja and to engage. To them it is possible to add 21 - ju Stavropol air - a landing brigade and 7 - ju Novorossisk division VDV. These parts - the person of new Russian army.
but Sergeys knows the price to this person. It is enough to tell that almost half of younger officers in these brigades and divisions - “ dvuhgodichniki “ called in army after military chairs of high schools. And the minister understands that, if these “ jackets “ the soldier in fight will move, all will come to an end absolutely badly.
Technician Igor Sergeev, all life served in rocket strategic forces, does not trust and in power of special troops of the Main intelligence service created specially for subversive activities in back of the enemy. On it do not make especial impression fighting about heads of commandoes bricks and bottles. He remembers, how perfect parts VDV in the Chechen Republic and as at the very beginning of war in a captivity to Chechens task force GRU from two with superfluous tens persons has with its full complement surrendered were helpless. Then GRU like would restore the reputation - the senior lieutenant of intelligence service even has received a rank of the Hero of Russia for successful attempt at Salmana Raduev. But in some months Raduev has unexpectedly revived - let and with fairly changed skull.
belonging FSB well-known “ the Alpha “ too hardly will agree to be at war with the Chechen insurgents: officers of a task force and so are convinced that have substituted them in Budyonnovsk and Pervomaisk. And created last year at Krasnodar UFSB in Sochi “ North Caucasian ` the Alpha ` “ it is still too young to solve so serious and major problems, as defeat of bases of insurgents.
so this time to the aid manpower Stepashin should count hardly.

However now - that all on - to another. The TV look all. All now know, it is completely not necessary what to be at war - enough to put a little “ it is rocket - bombing attacks “. And you all at once begin to respect. Across Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq or the Chechen Republic - it is unimportant. There is only one condition which is necessary for executing necessarily: it is impossible, that thus gibli the.
it is valid, the Russian attack planes of the Sou - have most advantageously carried out a problem on destruction dudaevskoj of aircraft 25 autumn of 1994: They have destroyed by bombing more than hundred Chechen training aircrafts of Czechoslovak manufacture L - 29 and L - 39 which under the direction of the general of aircraft Dudaev have been converted in powerful enough fighting vehicles. However it is necessary to underestimate strongly the Chechen insurgents to think that they will wait bombardments in the camps. At the first threat they as dictate canons of the Chechen military art, will instantly disperse on settlements, and to destroy them it will be possible, only having destroyed by bombing some settlements and cities. Certainly, it is not necessary to expect and that in these settlements will start to catch them local “ law enforcement bodies “: threat of new Russian aggression only will rally Chechens.
it is not a lot of hope and of high-precision rocket complexes of land forces “ the Point - At “. “ Points “ are directed at the purpose on pictures of space air photography - in this case the maximum deviation from the purpose makes only 170 metres. However now over territory of the Chechen Republic only time a day flies by the military device of specific investigation “ Space - 2359 “; on reception, decoding and information processing it is required - to speak not less than three days about operative control over bases of terrorists in such conditions it is not necessary. Besides in the conditions of a hilly terrain (and bases of insurgents, as a rule, are located in mountains) efficiency of application of the high-precision weapon considerably decreases: stirs a difficult relief.

a problem, at last, not only in efficiency of fighting means. Igor Sergeev understands that even if it will give the armies to operative submission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (namely so should occur according to the Concept of a state policy confirmed by last summer on military building), responsibility for possible sad consequences of operation on destruction “ bases and places of a congestion of bands “ nobody will remove from it. And consequences can be the most different - from a failure of operation to  destruction of the peace population and the beginning of new big war. After all during the first Chechen war in January, 1995 (that is after a month with small after input of armies) the management of federal forces has been assigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But finally all fault for mass  destruction of people and defeat in war has laid down on Grachev and its subordinates.
there is also one more reason on which Sergey`s marshal will try not to admit war. He suspects for a long time the first zama, the chief of the Joint Staff Anatoly Kvashnin, of ministerial ambitions. Unlike the minister Kvashnin has fighting experience - he ordered Severo - the Caucasian military district actually all Chechen war. And though in this field it has not got special laurels, appointment as its chief of the Joint Staff as well as possible characterises the relation to it Boris Yeltsin. Therefore at not able to be at war raketchika Sergeeva there are bases seriously to be afraid that after the first failures the president will decide to make use of Kvashnin`s experience on a ministerial post.
In a word, most likely, Stepashin will not manage to realise the plan. To it of it simply will not allow.


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As have grasped general Shpiguna
on March, 5th, 15. 45, the Groznensky airport of a name of sheikh Mansura. All as usual. The announcer asks passengers of flight Grozny - Moscow to be registered and pass on landing. One of them - Shpigun. It flied To Moscow to wife Svetlana - on celebrating 8 Martha. The general releases bodyguards, smiles, waves a hand, says that will return not later 10 - go numbers.
it already watch. Among passengers terrorists had the accomplices who have bought tickets under false passports. Other group of gangsters on two “ UAZah “ waited the plane in a point of a turn of a runway. However weather nearly has not spoilt gangsters all game. To fly up against a wind, They be 134 has taxied in the opposite side.
at this time from a luggage space three persons armed by automatic machines have rushed into salon in masks. There two have joined them more. Terrorists have ordered to crew to stop the plane, having threatened to open fire on defeat. Then through a luggage space they have dragged out the general on street and have run towards the Tersky ridge.
the pilot has turned the plane to an air terminal building to report on the happened. Here on huge speed two have approached on the liner “ Oise “ from which people in a camouflage have jumped out. “ I at first have thought that it is local militiamen, - the commander of crew remembered. - They have demanded to start up them in the plane. Having convinced that neither Shpiguna, nor their accomplices onboard are not present, they have dashed away after the first group “.
After that the alarm has been lifted, and the airport have surrounded.
the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs asserts that organizers of abduction of Shpiguna are Raduev and Basayev. “ gangsters covered the Chechen special services, - militiamen speak. - anyway, groznensky the airport is one of few places in the Chechen Republic which is well protected. Cars of terrorists have free passed in a prohibited zone and have helped to carry by the weapon aboard the plane. And in an air terminal building there were only three employees of the ministry shariatskoj safety “.
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Stepashin has interceded for the friend
According to official figures, now in the Chechen Republic are not less than 700 hostages, which their quarter - military men and militiamen. Why just now at Stepashin, on its own expression, “ tolerance level was settled “?
Shpigun - not simply next Caucasian captive, is Stepashin`s personal friend. They have got acquainted even during the Chechen war when Shpigun worked as the deputy minister of internal affairs of Dagestan. It took part in negotiations about clearing of the hostages grasped in Kizlyar by a gang of Salmana Raduev. As it is known, these negotiations have ended with a total failure. Then the general has headed one of filtrational camps for the Chechen insurgents. The majority of the Chechens who have passed through these “ sediment bowls “ either were lost, or remained invalids (truth, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs all deny it).
In due time Dzhohar Dudaev has published the decree “ About responsibility of federal officials for the Chechen tragedy “. Shpigun appears In the list of enemies besides Stepashin, Grachev, Kulikova, Soskovets also. Raduev promised to execute this decree. On capture of Shpiguna it has awarded participants of operation with awards of general Dudaev.
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That it is possible to take away from them
the Russian authorities have threatened the Chechen Republic with economic blockade. It will be difficult to them to realise this threat.

the Electricity. After war the Chechen Republic of an electricity does not develop, and receives about 100 million kvt·ch from Ossetia, Ingushetia and Stavropol Territory. Thus anything for it does not pay - a debt of the Chechen Republic to the Russian power monopolist of the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ made on the beginning of March of 630 million roubles. As have informed in “ UES of Russia “ the management of this company addressed time and again in the government with the offer to limit or stop energy deliveries to the Chechen Republic, but the White house has not allowed to make it. According to experts to disconnect to the Chechen Republic an electricity technically does not make a problem. A problem political: after all without light remain not only terrorists, but also all population of republic.

gas. It is almost impossible to disconnect the Chechen Republic from federal system of gas supply, because through it transit deliveries of gas to Dagestan are carried out. To block the gas gate to the Chechen Republic would mean simultaneously to begin blockade of Dagestan. Using it, the Chechen Republic also does not pay for gas.

oil. Will leave the Chechen Republic without oil as difficult. Industrial stocks of oil in republic, by pre-war estimations of 1994, make 50 million tons - it enough for satisfaction of its requirements for many years. During capacity war on extraction and oil refining have suffered, but by this time the Groznensky oil refining factory is partly restored and functions. Besides, in the Chechen Republic the handicraft way of oil refining is developed - set of the small enterprises are scattered on all territory of republic. Even during war the Russian authorities did not manage to deprive completely the Chechen Republic of fuel.

the foodstuffs. Russia appreciably feeds the Chechen Republic. About 90 % of the population of the republic living in cities and large villages, almost completely depends on external deliveries of the foodstuffs - mainly from Stavropol Territory and Dagestan. But, certainly, buy the foodstuffs the Chechen Republic if something happens can and in other countries - there would be money.

money. CHechnja it is financed from the federal budget as any other region of Russia. So, in November of last year from Fund of the financial help subjects of federation to the Chechen Republic were provided to allocate in 32,5 million roubles - from 89 regions formally only sixteen was due more. But actually the Chechen Republic - the most exclusive region as she at all does not pay in the Russian budget taxes, social gathering. Despite it, the order of the government signed by Primakov in the beginning of December of the past year, obliges the Ministry of Finance and the Pension fund of Russia to contain pensioners, doctors, teachers and other state employees in territory of the Chechen Republic. If Russia stops financing, they and will suffer first of all.