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  the Context


In the Kremlin pochtjat Versace memory
on April, 12th and 13 in the State Kremlin palace there will pass memorial evenings of fashion designer Gianni Versace. The producer company “ the Postmodern - theatre “ bringing to Moscow performance with Anni Girardo, choreographic opuses of Morisa Bezhara and Alexey Ratmansky, has this time decided to dilute high art by humdrum of life: besides three ballets of troupe Bejart Ballet Lausanne in GKD the collection couture (not to confuse with haute couture) " will be shown; spring - summer - 99 “ From Versace House which after  destruction of the fashion designer was headed by his sister Donatella.
During the previous tours of Bezhara in Russia, in May of last year, in Moscow and St.-Petersburg ballets " have been shown; Mutations “ and “ the House of the priest has not lost the appeal, and a garden - the magnificence “. Caused completely not unequivocal estimations of the press (and unequivocally positive - publics), they, nevertheless, have proved: despite advanced creative age, the master on - former is capable to create cloths integral and causing.
at Versace memorial evening, the personal love connected with which Bezhara not to a lesser degree, than work, will be shown “ Dionis “ on music of Manosa Halzidakisa (Versace suits), “ Adazhietto “ on Gustav Mahler`s music (earlier in it danced Horhe Donnas, in Moscow this number the leading soloist bezharovskoj will execute troupes of Zhil the Novel) and “ the Bolero “ Morisa Ravel (it Oktavio Stenli will dance; the second person, to which Bezhar allows to dance this thing, - Silvi Gillem is hopelessly occupied in London). One of leading models of the world will take part In a fashionable defile Naomi Campbell - and there is a terrible suspicion what exactly its simple stati, instead of thin weaving of Bezhara, will force capital public to buy up “ gold “ (tickets stand to three thousand five hundred roubles) an orchestra of the Kremlin palace.

“ Private soldier Rajan “ it is recommended for a decoration
Guild of directors of America has awarded Stephen Spielberg as the best director for a film “ Rescue of private soldier Rajana “. At rewarding ceremony in Los - Andzhelese Spielberg has thanked the father, Arnold Spielberg, the veteran of World War II, that it has inspired him on film creation.
Spielberg has highly appreciated achievements of the colleagues - nominees - John Meddena (“ Enamoured Shakespeare “), Peter Uira (“ Show of Trumana “) and Terrensa Malika (“ the Thin red line “) . “ Directors who need inspiration, scoop it each other. I, for example, have found special inspiration in pure, innocent, full vital forces a film Roberto Benigni. People find the ways to touch history “ - Spielberg has told, meaning that three of five films nominated and on the award of guild, and on “ Oscar “ are devoted the Second World War.
it concerns and a film of Italian Roberto Benigni “ Life is fine “ which is nominated on “ Oscar “ on seven positions. Benigni has confirmed the klounskoe role: on delivery of awards of director`s guild, having stepped on the stage before Spielberg, he has declared: “ I can not believe that I have won “.
Prize-winners of director`s guild which awards not only cinema - but also theatrical, and television directors, become Oscar winners (the choice of director`s guild and film academy has not coincided only four times) more often. Last year the prize has got to James Kameronu, and as to Spielberg it has received for the first time the guild award in 1993 for “ Schindler`s List “ - and “ Oscar “ has not kept itself waiting.

the literature
the Award for self-knowledge
A.I.Solzhenitsyna`s Fund has awarded a literary award for 1999 to poetess Inna Lisnjansky. In the jury formulation the hand of the founder of the award is felt: “ For transparent depth of a poetic Russian word and mnogoletne the poetry of compassion shown in it “.
the Award is founded two years ago to execute old idea of the author “ Archipelago GuLag “: to support writers, “ whose creativity possesses high art advantages, promotes self-knowledge of Russia “. The size of the award - $25 thousand The jury besides a couple of Solzhenitsynyh include the Parisian publisher Nikita Struve, and also the Moscow writers Lyudmila Saraskina and Pavel Basinsky. “ Solzhenitsynka “ thus, - the enterprise family - friendly. However last year its distances to known philologist V.N.Toporovu, and literary public was glad choice correctnesses.
the case with Lisnjansky is less obvious. Solzhenitsyn has addressed to the poetess with such words: “ After Ahmatovoj and Tsvetaeva to what hardly to lay the originality in Russian poetry, to give to it of paints and to be considerable - and to you it it was possible, and it is visible, what not under the set program “.
But to experts on poetry it is known that Lisnjansky where it laid the originality, - the poetess especially Soviet. Here its verses of the sixtieth years: “ Kilometers of soldier`s windings,// And civil turns,// And work to the 100-th sweat -// All is familiar to my life.// And any foreigner// From travellers of gapers and plevak// It will notice and on the screen// Will recreate and will sell for a five-copeck coin “. In the ninetieth arrogance of the builder of communism in the face of “ gapers and plevak “ the tourist rhetoric has replaced: “ What to me a stone pine in ancient Ravenna,// And in Marseilles molluscs in fault? “
to see in this sample rhetoric something promoting “ to self-knowledge of Russia “ can unless Solzhenitsyn. But the award - it, will want - and Egor Isaeva will award: self-knowledge vseobemljushche.

“ the Idiot “ in “ to the Snuffbox “
Traditional Moscow public “ Snuffboxes “ hardly would go on performance on Dostoevsky to other theatres. At others Dostoevsky - or it is long and boring, or any devilry wriggles also with damned questions strashchaet, and about a plot so anything plainly and will not understand. In this sense put by Alexander Marinym (it the author of a performance) performance “ the Idiot “ carries out important kulturtregerskuju a problem. But the director necessarily should fork: the son of time aspires to clip laconicism, and the pupil of the drama school - to thoughtful, slow reading. Therefore actors should flash that in short epizodikah - shots, long rassizhivatsja in slow, in detail played scenes.
the dry rest of fair director`s efforts is that: long, but it is not dull; passions serious, but any damned questions, any convulsions. However, once Myshkin all - taki falls in an epilepsy attack, but it no more than a tradition tribute. Vitaly Egorov`s hero - the most normal and unpainful “ the idiot “ On a modern Russian scene. And Dostoevsky`s all distinctly retold plot turns to a normal melodrama, lyrical history how two young women - Aglaja Epanchina and Nastasja Filippovna - have not divided one young man.
by the way, Marina Zudin in a role of Nastasi Filippovny - unique of actors who overcomes the set superficial tone of performance and cares that it is accepted to name role volume. Its heroine, apparently, read and thought of Dostoevsky, and the actress did not look back at predecessors. Unlike it the new generation of theatre-goers, judging by reaction of a hall, Dostoevsky did not read. And nevertheless chooses - healthy Myshkin and vicious Nastasju Filippovnu.

the Postscript
Death of the artist
In Baltimore on 79 - the m to year of life has died known Ecuadorian artist Osvaldo Guajasamin. It has arrived to the USA to pass a course of eye treatment, but has suddenly died of warm insufficiency.
Osvaldo Guajasamin remained last of the well-known Latin American artists - Alfaro Sikejrosa, Osvaldo Orosko, Diego of Rivera, Rufino Tamajo and Vilfredo the Llama. The same as also they, it was both stankovistom, and muralistom (the master of a fresco); the same as also they, he created the extensive panoramas devoted stories of the people of Latin America and national - to liberation movement. Having apprehended experience of the European modernism of Picasso and Marriage, it has transferred it on the Latin American soil. Ancestors of Guajasamina were Indians, and he has inherited traditions and mythology avtohtonnogo the population of America.
Guajasamin adhered to the left belief and consequently became one of few artists whom Mao Tszedun has invited in 60 - e years to communistic China. Despite it, the western collectors saw in it the continuer of avant-garde tradition. Not casually number of its works have got Rockefeller and the Museum of Modern Art of Paris. The known Spanish historian of art Jose Kamon Aznar named it “ Michelangelo of the small people of our days “. Guajasamina very much loved in the USSR where it had many exhibitions. But why - that they always passed in the East Museum.

Barbie Kukla Barbie`s Birthday, the most popular toy in the world, the dream of all girls and one of national symbols of America, has noted the 40 - letie.
In 1959 the foundress of factory on manufacture of toys Mattel of Rut Handler has thought up a doll to which could force out traditional fat-cheeked naked dolls and to win the whole world. Unusually long-legged and leanly plastic being has received the name in honour of daughter Rut - Barbaras. As prototype of a new doll (which, by the way, in a primary variant was the brunette and carried a striped bathing suit) one of a top - models of those years has served.
for 40 last years in the world it has been sold more than 1 mlrd by Barbie (statistically, today every second in 150 countries of the world two such dolls are on sale), and the annual sales volume has reached Za eto vremja Barbie`s $1,9 billion has acquired a numerous economy - houses and furniture, yachts, horses, cars and, of course, admirers as, for example, chronic groom Ken from it it is dazzling the American smile. And the modest factory on manufacture of toys has grown in concern Mattel with branches and factories in 36 states; its actions address in the largest stock markets of the world.
since 1959 it has been let out 75 most different Barbies representing all possible nationalities, race and a trade. So, in 1965 on pleasure to feminists there was Barbie - the astronaut, in 1990 - m - Barbie - the diplomat, in 1992 - m - Barbie - the candidate for presidents. Anniversary year will be marked by Barbie`s occurrence - the business woman with the tiny computer - the laptop and a cellular telephone.
the greatest interest is represented, of course, collection, let out in one copy, by dolls dresses for which sewed the well-known couturiers, for example Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. One of them - the well-known Barbie - Elizabeth Taylor. This doll, created the whole three months, is considered the present work of art: its tiny necklaces and earrings are made of platinum and brilliants, and she is dressed in an amazing dress haute couture from organzy, and its make-up in accuracy corresponds to a make-up Liz Taylor of the sample of 1954.
Barbie`s fortieth birthday and its numerous visitors have noted a magnificent party in the largest toy shop F. A. O. Schwartz in New York, and also a masked ball in Milan. On Nju - to Jorksky stock exchange in honour of the most sold doll in the world called in a special bell, and the solid businessmen surrounded with photomodels, representing jubiljarshu, told welcoming speeches. In the near future in the USA in honour of the well-known doll the stamp will be let out.