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Luzhkov has taken up the brush
  the Action
Luzhkov has taken up the brush

the Moscow mayor could not bypass the participation the beginning of a list of the main dome of a temple of the Christ of the Savior. Yury Luzhkov in a special booth have lifted on 20 - metre height where it own hand has put some dabs of a gold paint on an ornament of choruses.

Idea to take in hands the brush has visited the mayor still one year ago when the main contractor Zurab Tsereteli has broken the inconceivable price for a list. yes for such money I will get on woods! - Yury Luzhkov has exclaimed. But then this threat it was not possible to carry out to it: TSereteli has knocked off the estimate almost twice. This time the mayor, obviously, moved not mercantile reasons, and comprehension of responsibility of the moment: who, except it, can inspire artists on a high-powered work? And painters should hurry: the list and all furnish of a temple should be finished by November, 10th. Then the ready temple will be looked by the patriarch, and then its consecration that believers could meet in it the third millenium will take place.
artists can sympathise: in the last century on a list and furnish 22 years have left. They hope for new technologies - apparently, on those booths. But, most likely, without additional stimulus it will not be possible to manage. Besides performances the mayor can use old system sotssorevnovanija (in a temple some brigades will work) and approximate rewarding of winners.