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But I houses

And for quite banal reason — there were less works. Illness of the president
  But I houses

And for quite banal reason - became less works. Illness of the president and holiday of the prime minister is a chance at least week to live quiet life: without daily dialogue with the Kremlin officials, tasks of the editor to learn that Boris Nikolaevich Evgenie Maksimovichu has told, and possibility to leave a workplace it is indecent early, at seven o`clock in the evening.
the note writing about the next aggravation of the next presidential sore is a lot of time at me does not take away - in the last two days I have got skilled at to do it with little effort. The abundance of medical terms in political texts does not frighten me for a long time: a word combination aortokoronarnoe shunting I utter from the first, difference probodnoj ulcers from ordinary, and also a difference between a diet #1 and a diet #2 I explain not worse the beginning doctor - gastroenterologa. I am confused a little, truth when the management demands to learn from the Kremlin doctors of the characteristic of a presidential chair, but, I think, in due course and it will pass.
still I notice absence of the president on occurrence of new jokes. Here from the last. Towards each other there are two demonstrations - communists and democrats. Communists go with the slogan Lenin it is live! and democrats - Yeltsin is healthy! . And one more. The communique of the Kremlin: During stay of the president in TSKB its condition has doubled .
the Only thing that strains me during absence of heads of the state, so their this inevitable returning. Has historically developed that at us - more than simply rest, and returning of the president from hospital chamber in general it is possible to equate holiday of the prime minister to act of nature. It usually turns around for the country unexpected initiatives, change of the governments, personnel shifts, and for me - an infinite train of texts.
therefore, even when I display the next patience on the computer or in working hours I stir by phone with the girlfriend, I am done not dismissed by uneasy idea - than all it will end? Especially if to consider that Boris Yeltsin`s present illness occurs much more actively, than all previous. Boris Berezovsky`s dismissal has already deprived of me quiet Thursday and Friday - and has forced to reflect on prospects this week.
it is not necessary so especially to relax - they always come back.

NATALIA TIMAKOVA, the special correspondent