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Context 16. 03 - 22. 03 1999

Among the first who will suffer from change of the law on bankruptcy, can okazat
  the Context 16. 03 - 22. 03 1999

Among the first who will suffer from change of the law on bankruptcy, can appear Bulls, the Swan and Chubays

Berezovsky - in black list Forbes. The whole selection of compromising materials about Boris Berezovsky was published in number for March, 22nd by weekly journal Forbes. As it is known, two years ago between magazine and the businessman there was a serious conflict. Forbes then has printed article the Godfather of the Kremlin In which Berezovsky was accused of participation in criminal business. The businessman has brought an action. The magazine has answered with new exposures.
Forbes, in particular, asserts (according to Alexander Korzhakov) that the fees received by the president for the book Notes of the president actually fees were not. The book which as Korzhakov speaks, Valentine Yumashev has written, and Berezovsky has published, was not in demand at all. But Berezovsky has put $3 million in London Barclays Bank that brought every month $16 thousand in the form of percent. This money ostensibly was regularly told to Yeltsin sincerely believing that is fees for its best seller.
in other article Forbes analyzes activity the Financial incorporated company (FOK) and the Irish firm Grangeland, hinting that they are under control to Berezovsky: Receives, say, ` Aeroflot ` from British Petroleum the account for aviation fuel on $0,5 million Instead of settling an account directly, ` Aeroflot ` transfers it FOK, and that is Grangeland to Dublin. Grangeland pays the account, considering payment as the credit which has been given out by it FOK under 30 % annual in currency. FOK in turn will readdress credit service ` to Aeroflot `, winding from itself of 65 more % annual in roubles. As a result it turns out that ` Aeroflot ` paid BP fuel at the expense of the credit which has been given out under 90 % annual in hard currency .
Apparently, Forbes with an ulterior motive focused attention on Berezovsky`s English business. The matter is that its claim to magazine is considered in Superior court of London, and Forbes before recent time achieved carrying over of business to the USA. However recently, as has informed last week ITAR - TASS, lawyers Forbes have come to a conclusion that it is favourable to them to begin full-scale litigation in London already in the near future. So the publication should recognise rather and rather timely.

the White house
the Minister of a surname vacancy is Farit Gazizullin, the head of Mingosimuschestvo of the Russian Federation. Past Monday its resignation in the governmental circles was considered as business absolutely solved. In last telephone directory MGI opposite to a post the minister publishers even have printed - vacancy . The reasons are obvious: Gazizullin has ruined two most advertised privatisation competitions (on company sale Rosneft ) . Its work caused anger of premieres - the minister still half a year back. Last five months it was absent on a workplace, and two months ago has written to the president a resignation. Nobody doubted that it will be signed. Even Gazizullin has been assured that it will remove. Past Monday, on hearings, he has said goodbye to colleagues.
however there was an improbable. On Tuesday morning Gazizullin has been caused in TSKB to the president. Then governmental a press - the service has extended the message that it it is necessary to supervise over Mingosimuschestvo.
in the White house phenomenal returning of Gazizullina explain as follows. It, speak, here at anything. Simply Boris Yeltsin, Evgenie Primakov and Yury Masljukov could not co-ordinate a nominee of its successor. Young assistant Gazizullina, the native of Petersburg Herman Gref, tell, it was pleasant to Primakov, however did not arrange Masljukova as reminded the first vitse - to the prime minister of Chubays. First deputy Alexander Braverman has not approached from - for its too close as speak, communications with AvtoVAZom. As a result Primakov and Masljukov have converged on Vladimir ShCherbakova`s who was vitse nominee - a premiere of the government of the USSR. But Yeltsin has considered it too socialist.
so Gazizullin has kept the post - and will be on it until the heads will not co-ordinate other nominee. To keep away this moment, the minister now drives subordinates and spends on two - three meetings in day that, according to officials, in Mingosimuschestvo was not at one minister.

the Internet
IMF in Internet networks. The next quarterly account of the International currency fund is placed for the first time on a fund page on the Internet (http:// www. imf. org). It contains detailed data about the external debts of 176 countries of the world receiving the help from the international financial organisations - IMF, World bank of reconstruction and development (IBRD), the Organization of economic cooperation and development (OESR).
Expansion of presence of IMF on the Internet naturally. The fund information causes a great interest in users of a network. That a fund name (Latin abbreviation IMF) founders amateur exploit the Internet - pages testifies to it at least. For example, if you do not know the exact address of page of IMF and for information search will type the probable address most, apparently, - http:// www. imf. com, - you will get on page of fans of game to star wars.
growth of popularity of IMF among Internet users, probably, also has induced fund placing in a network the quarterly accounts. To work with them, it is necessary to recognise, conveniently. The information is accurately structured on the countries and kinds of debts. To see a full picture, for example, the Russian debts, it is enough of all to press some times a key mice .
it is thus found out: the debt total sum under the credits which have been given out to Russia by foreign banks, makes $52,7 mlrd, under the bonds let out abroad - $18,3 mlrd, under trading credits - $7,7 mlrd, under preferential state credits from the developed countries - $16,1 mlrd, debts against IMF and IBRD - $25,7 billion Figure, of course, rather big. To repay these debts of Russia, as it is known, there is nothing. But now, when they have appeared on the Internet, the government with good reason can name their virtual.

Luzhkov has complied Mikhalkov. Past Wednesday in 18. 30 mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov at last has looked the most expensive in the history of domestic cinema a film the Siberian barber .
we Will remind, Nikita Mikhalkov very much worried that the mayor was not on February, 20th in the Kremlin palace of congresses on the world premiere of its film. The genuine bitterness and insult sounded in words of the master when he spoke: To me have told that Yury Mihajlovich on detours... to worry was from - for what - gathering of visitors has been planned on 17. 00, really the film has begun almost two hours later, and it was clear that all detours should end by then. Luzhkov`s absence looked a frank demarche. The majority of observers have decided that Luzhkov cannot forgive to Mikhalkov presidential ambitions. On the contrary. Simply the mayor has not wanted to merge with a heap of politicians and journalists. And after almost month after a premiere, on March, 17th, has watched a film - at a cinema Pushkin .
Together with Luzhkov the mayoralty good few has gone to a cultural campaign. Mayoralties some of high-ranking officials unlike Luzhkov have visited on February, 20th KDS and have been as obliges compelled to watch a film on the second time. However, as they courageously confirmed, the film was pleasant to them not less, than one month ago, and the sound in ` Pushkin ` is better... .
knew about arrival of the mayor and Mikhalkov - before like already absolutely ordinary display it would arrive to a cinema itself and has deduced on a scene all actor`s troupe (truth, without foreign actors). About Luzhkov`s impressions there is no mention. And it was not possible to find out, whether he has shed a few tears during a scene of run of prisoners to cars. Probably, has shed a few tears. Otherwise and it is not necessary to come.

the Small policy
Titov makes advances to Tchernomyrdin. it would be remarkable, if ` the Voice of Russia ` and NDR have united and worked together - the leader of the block " has publicly declared last week; the Voice of Russia And simultaneously till now the first deputy of the chairman of NDR Konstantin Titov. In its opinion, association of two organisations could provide necessary five percent on forthcoming elections in the State Duma.
but if Titov is ready to such prospect about the leader of NDR Victor Tchernomyrdin of it you will not tell. On a press - conferences on Wednesday (a day before Titov`s statement) eks - the prime minister has told about the zame: Yes, it will organise there the, I do not know that, movement, something governor`s... and on a question what relations at it with the Samara governor, Tchernomyrdin has answered: Relations? Yes any. Normal .
Titov, nevertheless, does not lose hopes. And even threatens Tchernomyrdin. He has warned the chief that for NDR absence of a powerful regional policy, accurate accentuation of federalism is a way to deadlock .
It is remembered, last December Titov said that NDR Will collapse to spring of the next year if Victor Stepanovich does not leave from a post of the chairman . Then he suggested to transform NDR in party of regional federalism also expressed readiness to head new NDR . It seems that dreams to take Tchernomyrdin`s place yet have not left the Samara governor. As in a month (roughly on April, 24th) NDR congress on which, probably, fierce struggle for leadership in movement will be developed should take place.