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Evgenie, kind my friend

the Book As Primakov became PRIMAKOV appeared recently on sale, zastavljae
  Evgenie, kind my friend

the Book As Primakov became PRIMAKOV appeared recently on sale, forces to remember an old joke. Brezhnev addresses in TSKB concerning problems with defekatsiej. The doctor examines it: Leonid Ilich so at you the anal aperture is not present! How it can be? Brezhnev makes a helpless gesture: Have licked .

the New book about Evgenii Primakov belonging to a feather of the experienced journalist - the foreign affairs specialist of NPA Boris Koroleva, generally speaking, does everything that the book and should do: leads up to boiling a pan of feelings, pulls the trigger reader`s thought. It is called As Primakov became PRIMAKOV also it is packed into a genre wrapper belletrizovannoj biographies. Style is good: Evgenie Maksimovich Primakov never ceased to be simple Evgenie, and both of them remained all the same boy Eugene from a city of Tbilisi . In practice in this packing - the ode written greedily on ascent. It is written pohleshche, than pisyvali in a XVIII century! Well there was? Ekaterina, about! Has gone to Imperial village! A wind - a sail, do not blow you to it in a snout, and blow you to it in back to that I will be very glad . Rather weakly!
what a difference quivering lines: As at climbers is vosmitysjachniki - mountains in height for eight thousand metres which they dream to subdue, and in the science world there are tops, to make an ascension on which and to leave there the pendant all present scientists dream. The doctor of sciences, the academician, the winner who has made opening, the founder of the school of thought which has turned representation about the Universe, - here they, science peaks... Evgenie Primakov by right can be called ` as the scientist - vosmitysjachnikom `. It has passed all abrupt steps of a science and became the academician .
Urfin Dzhjus, is remembered, called itself the master, which boots trample on the Universe . It seems, it is the same Universe as nobody`s representations about any other Primakov did not overturn. However, this titanic gipertrofirovannost Primakov`s all acts is imperceptible only to us, mere mortals. At transcendental heights know, who is who. At Kharms something such was: All bubbles in comparison with Pushkin, yes only in comparison with Gogol Pushkin and a bubble . With Primakov not in forces to sustain comparisons in general anybody: Michel Kamdessju from IMF at negotiations with it looks as the director of vegetable base on conversation with Michurin... Its authority and on scientific circles grows. JAjtsegolovye recognised in it the large and talented organizer of a science. It has already typed such power that became capable to supervise over academicians. Wisest of the wisest select its member of presidium AN of the USSR .
Certainly, on a course of the book Primakov appears the best in the world the orientalist, the scout, the minister, the prime minister, the football fan, the draughtsman of cocks. No, sorry, cocks were drawn by Carlson who lived on a roof. Though, pochitav the writer the Queen, I already am not assured of it, because Primakov can all. I am not going to compare the hero to Peter the Great. But that it the academician, - nobody argues. That it the hero, too is fair. I do not know, how about the carpenter, but also the title of the seafarer belongs to it lawfully... And I want to tell: ` Is not present, Eugene, you not casually became the academician. And not casually there was a prime minister - the minister. And not casually you will become... ` it would be for a long time ` number one ` if not the policy manipulated public taste, and heat of public opinion defined indications of the political thermometer .
That than manipulates, not absolutely clearly. But here syntactic loops, and intentsija are important not: there Is it, a wise man - the subjugator of the Enemy closing light, Great ours pervouchitel, the Seer of all our victories . It not Queens about Primakov in 1999 - m, and Kazin about Lenin in 1938 - the m, but after all approaches, isn`t that so?
it would be not necessary to mock over grafomanskim the text of the foreign affairs specialist who has run into marasmus, if not one simple circumstance. To publish this delirium hardly would come to to somebody mind, not be at the protagonist of so dazzling political prospects. Imagine 70 - summer Eugene it come from the childhood the boy from Tbilisi not transferring in general any criticism, in a role numbers one . What possibilities will open before masters deep zaliza! What heights will be are taken by them! And where there will be all the others...


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On a course of the book Primakov appears the best in the world the orientalist, the scout, the minister, the prime minister, the football fan...
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Hi, Borja! He is Eugene
the Correspondent the Authorities Natalia Timakova has had a talk with the author of the book As Primakov became PRIMAKOV Boris Korolevym.

- Tell please, Evgenie Maksimovich has read your book?
- Yes, I have transferred the book through our general friends, and he has read it.
- it was pleasant to it?
- Evgenie Maksimovich has called me at 12 o`clock in the morning and has told: Hi, Borja! He is Eugene. Excuse that I call late. Wanted to thank you for the book. Thanks for warm words in my address. You my friend, and you me perehvalivaesh . On what I have answered it: If you have written the book ` As Queens became KOROLEVYM `, you would overpraise me " even more;.
Understand, here me often ask: what, really Primakov does not have lacks? At it lacks are a direct continuation of its advantages. It, for example, too, in my opinion, the kind.
- what is the time it was required to you to write the book?
- 50 years and two weeks. 50 years have left on collecting a material for it, and two weeks - to write.
- why you have decided to write the book right now?
- the book has been written by request of Moscow independent ekologo - politological university, at their expense and published. To it they have opened a series Idols of present Russia . The mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov becomes its following hero - about it Vladimir Miljutenko will write were apeenovets.
For MNEPU this business new, therefore have to begin with printed 5 thousand copies. But they hope to earn, and if the book it will be good to be on sale, of circulation will print out. As I could understand according to publishers, interest to this book is.