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Spartak — not the champion

Approach of the championship of Russia on football, as during old kind times, vyzyvae
  Spartak - not the champion

Approach of the championship of Russia on football as during old kind times, causes a sucking itch in the pit of the stomach in the informed fans. Superiority is not simple more than ever promises to be interesting and so on - it really promises to be interesting. Monopolies Spartaka the end comes.

the Rate on blue
the Championship at us totalitarian: The champion one - Spartak . Nevertheless a sharpness of a forthcoming intrigue judge how it was possible to amplify to contenders.
in former years between seasons differed Alanija : that will collect under the striped banners of all capable veterans of a national team of the CIS (for example, such freakish cocktail: Ukrainian Getsko, Georgian Tshadadze, abhaz with the Soviet passport of Ahrik Sokratovich Tsvejba) it will be switched to those who last years existence of uniform football space went in the main hopes of the near future (Kobiashvili, Chaladze, the Seagull, Gahokidze). However all these transfer revelations have led to that Valery Gazzayev on a private experience was convinced: both the past not to return, and the future of which it was dreamt in dopostsovetskie years, does not correspond to an objective reality.
today on blazed Alaniej ways tritely Moscow the Dynamo . The general director it is white - blue Nikolay Tolstyh within three last years hardly made ends meet: the Dynamo - unique from the Moscow clubs which independently contains the stadium. And debts Mosenergo periodically makes so impressing size that if to imagine to itself single payment, mosenergovskaja the soccer team from the second league on the size of the budget will come nearer at once to to Milan .
Annually Tolstoys it is compelled to sell someone from leading players on the West - without this replenishment of cash desk it would be difficult to club to survive. And suddenly instead of the next departures (though from present the Dynamo it would be inconvenient to sell somebody) - a wave of returnings: Tolstoys has returned to Russia from Spain Vladislav Radimov, from Germany - Denis Klyuyev, from Holland - the captain of youth modular Temrjukova. From - under a nose at the European competitors the universal player of attack - perspective Moldavian Popovich, and at Russian - young Roman Kagazezhev from Velikie Luki is withdrawn.
but names will suffice - the full list is too long also the nonspecialist will impress unless mnogostrochnostju. Certainly, acquisitions the Dynamo with historical experience Alanii run counter - here players really perspective, and outlines of the future command are visible. But something prevents to name Muscovites favourites of the championship.
if to be up to the end frank any forecast is based first of all on a presentiment; it then is already brought under stated very sage base. The first rule of the forecast - to doubt that itself hangs round. Experience of the Russian championships shows: in inter-season period someone it is obligatory pogromyhivaet a purse, and never superacquisitions meant superresult. Here, besides Alanii it is possible to remember and Spartak - It did not become the champion in a year of the loudest transitions in the contemporary history when on a championship course has got Shmarova, Kulkova and Yuran. Strengthening has worked only in matches of League of champions, but what it has brought, except money?
so, a sign: who buys, that does not win. Important and another: the command updated more than half, during the first season cannot reach a limit of the capacity put in it. Differently, the Dynamo while is stronger on names, than on game. There is no place to undertake stability, to safety factor; and in the championship, long and extended tournament, without it it is impossible.
I would predict the Dynamo a victory in the Cup of Russia - how much in general it is possible for someone to predict a victory in such tournament. In - the first, this competition emotional; in - the second, its draw will end in May, that is the starting fuse should suffice. All these factors work on the Dynamo .
However, minuses can always turn back pluses. a dynamo the high competition for a place in structure is provided. The trainer of Muscovites George Jartsev in stay by the main thing in Spartake has proved to be the master of rotation of structure: at it play eleven strongest. However, in the spartakovsky a season Jartsev dealt with youth which resignedly perceived trainer`s manipulations. Now somebody from eminent, it having appeared on a bench spare, can and buchu to lift.
one more possibility the Dynamo : possessing structure from skilled and masterovityh players, a command, once having caught the necessary rhythm, can undertake mighty jerk on a superiority course. But whether it is necessary to touch all possible variants? Already their variety specifies that the Dynamo in a coming season it is almost unpredictable. And it means that is white - blue it is necessary to rank as dark horses - the one to whom it is not a pity money let puts.

the Rate on red
the Dynamo - a theme interesting, but not main. The major component of the forecast for the championship of Russia - an estimation of possibilities Spartaka . The tradition of tournament, and is improbably important component, is that that with other things being equal Spartak will by all means win. Besides - he will win even then when, under all forecasts, should lose. Throughout last seven seasons a rule ` Spartaka ` works strictly. But any dogma collapses sooner or later, it is important to guess only - when.
For the championship of Russia indisputable leadership Spartaka - illness of growth. The same command cannot always win high quality tournament, it is as though good was. Growth of level of the championship of Russia is available - for two seasons our commands left in semi-finals of the European cups three times, other examples can and to be resulted. Hence, an era Spartaka the end comes.
there are also concrete symptoms of recession. During early preparation of a trauma of different weight were found out almost at all basic players spartakovskoj defences. And let eventually it was found out that Evgenie Bushmanov has for a long time left only - Hlestov already trains, Ananko soon will begin, and Parfyonov will begin even hardly before. The Essence of the matter does not change: in predsezonke the command did not play the strongest structure. It will inevitably affect mutual understanding, equation of game in the championship - as well as that recovering football players nedobegali and nedoprygali, in general, nedozalozhili the base of a forthcoming season.
urgent acquisition Moscow the Dynamo Yury Kovtun - rather disputable solution of a problem. Difficulties with a national team compel Oleg Romantseva to shuffle structure. Meanwhile it never was the master of this process. Always in Spartake there was a bench problem, a problem of equivalent replacement of players of a basis, and never she dared adequately. The reason - in maximalism of Romantseva. In the concept of football it goes not from physical activities and not from modern tactical trends, and is faster from pure than a vision of ideal game. And the play of the team only then comes nearer to the sample, only then to it is comparable, when in the field the best. Such here the maximalism form.
if attentively to analyse structure Spartaka throughout last years, it is possible to notice that Romantsev plays the championship 13 - 14 football players. In the circumstances it should affect.
it is much said that for Spartaka combination of Romantsevym of posts of the trainer of club and a national team is unprofitable. It the too general reasoning; the question in that, how it will affect. My opinion is that: combination will do good (and all) when national team game becomes game continuation Spartaka and on the contrary - when one command, it is unimportant what, begins to develop creatively as though that another has strummed.
now it is impossible - and from - for some features spartakovskoj games, and from - for neglect of a national team. At least year will leave on adaptation, under the most modest forecasts. And this reasoning can be continued; whether but in it a problem? The main conclusion can be made: Spartak it is essentially weakened in comparison with the previous seasons. And in it is the main difference of the present championship from all former. Spartak apparently, falls. Who remains afloat?

the rate on striped
Is Spartak also is The locomotive . Only these two clubs have drawn exhaustive self-portraits all available in an arsenal of soccer teams means. These are collectives with strongly pronounced styles, stable throughout last years both in structure, and in results, and in work methods, and in a trainer`s personnel. Any other command in Russia similar to on a wall will not hang up.
Spartak and the Locomotive - our starting points, boundaries. Certainly, rather; in astronomy for an establishment of system of co-ordinates absolutely far stars are considered as the motionless. Everything changes, and only Spartak and the Locomotive remain at the - at the victories. It seems to me that with prospective crisis Spartaka time of a command of Yury Semin comes.
the locomotive there can not be the champion many years. It is considered to be that now and it is not capable at all. But why it is accepted? Who, actually, has thought up that at the Locomotive there is no victorious psychology? Two victories in a cup of the country and the exit in the ending in the third draw - unless is experience of defeats?
yes, the cup and the championship therefore are called on - to a miscellaneous that is different tournaments. But the science to win - one. Suvorov did not divide the composition with the same name into subsections: Victories in mountains Victories on plains the Special case with a hill in the middle . Romantsev, speaking about tournament psychology for a national team, speaks about a spirit on a victory in each match. Inherently it is a cup spirit. But with such Spartak wins - wins the championship.
the locomotive does not possess severe spartakovskim maximalism. But, I believe, the command is too spoilt by champagne from honourable tar to dare to remain without this for the whole year. About years, by the way - in it Semin`s armored train in the Cup of Russia has already risen on a side-track; In the past - stopped in a half step from the purpose. And that other defeat in the ending from Spartaka and the third, neligochempionskoe a place in superiority? It, whether know, temptation.
I think, the Locomotive it is seriously hungry. In a victory in the Cup of cups I do not trust: on a class in the predicted semifinal four the Locomotive last, and Latium which will get to it (accept on the red!) It will not pass never. So hunger will remain.
thus stability the Locomotive in this season anything does not threaten practically. To multilower case as the schedule of suburban trains, to the list of football players which theoretically can be let out in the field in a concrete match, Alexey Smertin - the most progressing football player of the country was added. He/she is the person - pressure. However, matter is not in it. Stability the Locomotive becomes stronger also the players of a bench raised at last - that to level of the basic structure.
positions the Locomotive are strengthened, and it will not hand over them in a coming season. It is that and does, in my opinion, the railway the favourite of the championship.
there is still, of course, CSKA. A brilliant command. I think, last year CSKA has deserved the right to be called as the champion on game. Excellent game of the Italian manner, the played structure. But - CSKA this year to start in League of champions. Such loading and such disappointment for nobody achieves result in league during the first season, will necessarily affect finish. Therefore CSKA - a command hardly more the long-term future. Trainer Oleg Dolmatov yet has not formed a team of the dream.
is and the Rotor with Alaniej . But in the Volgograd case alternation of generations is available: a command, probably, all - taki the leader of last years Oleg Veretennikov leaves. On what is capable the Rotor in a new appearance to judge difficultly; anyway the season appears transitive. The place in the five is, probably, a limit. As to Alanii too the big scepticism is caused by the biography of this command during the last years. It still has never justified hopes. The new updating, the new Brazilians, new Lithuanians and the other legionaries got by ambitious Gazzayev, impress a little. About Alanii before championship start in general it is not necessary to judge: It, undoubtedly, a capable command, rukovodimaja the skilled trainer but to check it it is necessary not on ambitions stated in a press and not on sonority of names of the basic players. Here check by business is necessary. The first match at mountaineers with Spartakom - here also we will have a look.
short line total : Spartak - the favourite always. But if he does not lose now, that, probably, in general never will lose. As to the Locomotive or now, or in the long-term future, but by all means victory. And if you love risk, put on the Dynamo ; if are hazardous - on Alaniju . The rate on the Rotor it is equivalent to a payment in world Fund. As to CSKA it is a good spare variant.

Vasily UTKIN, a football observer of NTV, specially for the Authorities

If Spartak will not lose now, that, probably, in general never will lose