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The mayoralty has found holes in honeycombs


Yesterday a press - the service of the government of Moscow has extended among journalists a card of capital with a designation of places where cellular networks of three largest operators badly work: MTS, Bi the Line and the Megaphone . The card is made by results of work a hot line the collecting complaint to work of cellular networks. Neither a card, nor appendices to her do not inform on cellular communication in Moscow anything new. That problems are at all operators and that cellular communication is less reliable, than stationary, it is known to all. According to operators, results of work a hot line nereprezentativny also will not help with the decision of problems of subscribers.
a hot line have used hardly more 1,1 thousand subscribers. Authors of research connect an insufficient communication quality with tears in a covering of operators - across all Moscow ( the Megaphone ) Or in the closed premises (MTS). Networks Bi Line GSM have blamed on insufficient throughput of a network in various disctricts of the city and on unreliability of intranetwork roaming with the next areas. These claims have caused bewilderment in operators. problems can arise not only because of the operator of mobile communication, - tells a press - the secretary of MTS Eve Prokofiev, - there is a weight of the reasons on which the subscriber cannot phone. It can be caused failures in a network of the operator of a fixed-line telephony, defect of the device, that the user of a mobile phone is in a cellar or underground garage. And still much depends on model of the device, hindrances which create other wireless devices, for example household radio telephones. Therefore at a communication quality estimation it is not necessary to be guided by subjective indicators...
phoned on organised soon after meeting a hot line Subscribers have informed on 103 points where cellular telephones " badly work; Vympelcom 96 problem places of MTS and 68 - the Megaphone . However, as appears from the materials published yesterday by the mayoralty, claims were shown not only GSM - to operators, but also companies MSS, Korbina a Telecom the Sonnet . However, they why - that have not got to a card.
operators of cellular communication have considered poll not representative and have reminded that the user`s service of any large operator daily accepts to several tens thousand calls with claims of subscribers. it is difficult to name such research serious of - for narrow samples of the interrogated subscribers - after all person is a question all of one thousand, - the director for Open Society public relations ` tells Vympelcom ` Michael Umarov. - Besides to us its methodology is not clear. Ourselves regularly spend necessary measurements and we reveal problem points . According to Eve Prokofevoj, results of polls similar to volume that has spent the government of Moscow, it is very difficult to use at the decision of concrete problems. daily our user`s service processes about 30 thousand calls, - Prokofiev`s madam, - among them complaints to a communication quality - minority speaks. On each call our experts spend scrupulous work, establishing the reason of the arisen problems .
As the head of department on the information policy of Ministry of Communications Sergey Grigorenko has declared, the Gossvyaznadzor and the government of Moscow have developed the joint plan on cellular communication improvement in capital which should be confirmed in the near future. the plan provides, including carrying out of checks of networks. Technically we are ready to this work - mister Grigorenko speaks.