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The Nizhniy Novgorod governor is not covered from spies

Yesterday in Kazan has passed a seminar with heavy, but intriguing name Realization of a state policy in the field of counteraction to foreign technical investigations and technical protection of the information in public authorities, local government, executive power, at the enterprises and the organisations . The Ministry of Communications of Tatarstan and the State technical commission at the president of the Russian Federation on Privolzhsky federal district have offered state power bodies, to the enterprises, banks and scientific research institute to develop uniform strategy of counteraction to espionage. Journalists to a seminar too have invited, but after an opening address of the first deputy of Minister of Communications RT of Oleg Natansona have asked to leave a hall - in view of the closed character of a theme. Minutes through 40 to representatives of mass-media left the main lecturer, the chief of the department of Gostekhcomissia of Russia on PriFo Alexander Martynov, and has in brief told that the commission created 2,5 years ago is engaged in coordination and inspection work on counteraction to espionage and technical protection of the confidential information. For 2 years the commission has held similar seminars in Nizhni Novgorod, Perm, Samara, and also proinspektirovala readiness of bodies of the state power, the enterprises and the organisations to counteract espionage and to protect the confidential information. For example, in management of the Gorki railway inspectors have faced that the information on movement of structures with chemically dangerous cargoes and ammunition looks the invitation to make act of terrorism : cars have the special marks warning about explosion hazard of transported cargoes that is direct advertising for terrorists . Therefore the commission tries to close in all possible ways the information on the most vulnerable objects. The head of the commission did not begin to speak about forms and methods of closing of the information, having noticed that these data make the state and international secret. According to Alexander Martynova, radio engineering investigation in region constantly conduct more than 20 satellite groupings.
in its opinion, more or less safely affairs with protection of the information on production of the defensive enterprises are. But it is a lot of problems with information protection in state power bodies. The head of the commission has informed that, for example, check of offices of the device of the governor of Nizhni Novgorod has shown that these premises are not protected absolutely not neither from acoustic, nor from radio engineering, from collateral electromagnetic radiations and navodok . Concerning information protection in Presidential Administration of Tatarstan mister Martynov of anything could not tell, having informed that checks and republic certification are planned for the next year.
the deputy minister of communication of RT Farit Fazylzjanov has told that on the checks spent by power structures of republic, about 90 % of networks existing in republic do not provide information security. Meanwhile, as he said, today there is a weight of means on the basis of high technologies which allow to make will eat information through space, satellite, cellular communication channels . Mister Fazylzjanov has informed that in connection with an aggravation of a situation of Ministry of Communications actively lobbies a question of revival of work of the republican centre on information security at Cabinet RT, carrying out of complex audit of all state institutions and the large industrial enterprises about information security, and also working out of the concept of information safety and creation of the special service, prosecuting all these subjects. In financing of measures on information protection, according to officials, the enterprises and state structures should be engaged. And the seminar should help to them to realise this necessity.