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Bridge building through Volga will discuss in   to Moscow

the First deputy of the governor on   to work with   the government Yury Sentjurin to   a weekend will be in   to Moscow. It   intend to discuss with   the minister of transport of the Russian Federation   Sergey Frank building of the new automobile bridge through Volga on   to a basis nizkonapornoj dams. It   should defuse transport tensions with   the existing bridge in   area of Big Kozino and   to prevent « channel erosion » in   hydroknot Gorodetsky`s area.           a question about   building of the new bridge through Volga in   area of village of Big Kozino Gorodetsky of area of the Nizhniy Novgorod region rose repeatedly. So, in   October, 2002 governor of the region Gennady Khodyrev and   the minister of transport of the Russian Federation   Sergey Frank have signed the agreement about   interaction on   To maintenance safe and   a sustainable development of a transport complex of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. The agreement provided allocation by the federal ministry of additional means « for maintenance of normal conditions of navigation and   a cargo transportation in   Gorodetsky area ».
          In   February, 2003 about   necessities of building of the bridge in   hydroknot Gorodetsky`s area in   the turn was informed by the head of Central administrative board road and   a transport economy (GUDiTH) the Nizhniy Novgorod region Yury Muravev. It   also has informed about   readiness of a management of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, GUDiTH and   the European bank of reconstruction and   developments in common to finance building.
          on   recently passed on   to the Nizhniy Novgorod fair a forum « the Great rivers » The deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation, the head of service of river fleet Nikolay Smirnov has declared again about   « to extreme conditions on   to Volga » and   necessities of building of the new bridge. On   to words of the deputy minister, every year Volga in   hydroknot Gorodetsky`s area strongly meleet. In   the present moment depth on   Gorodetsky a sluice makes 1,4 m. As mister Smirnov has underlined, experts name this process « channel erosion » and   seriously declare about   possible failure of navigation in   hydroknot Gorodetsky`s area. Already today to courts with   osadkoj more than 3,5 m   to pass the most shallow site of Volga there is all more difficult. Quickly to overcome this site, the navigable companies it is conscious not   load in addition the ships. A solution of a problem, on   to Nikolay Smirnova`s words, there should be nizkonapornaja a dam combined with   the automobile bridge. Besides, the new bridge should allow « to unload » the existing road bridge through Volga. Calculated on   13   thousand units of transport, the bridge passes in   day to   30   thousand units, in   result of that in   areas there are adverse ecological conditions.
          on   to messages a press - services of administration of the governor, Yury Sentjurin on   to a meeting with   the minister of transport of the Russian Federation   Sergey Frank intend to designate arguments of scientists - hydrodens for   building of the new bridge, collected for   forum time. If the government of Russia approves the given initiative, how has assured still the deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation   Nikolay Smirnov, « the new bridge not   only will provide successful navigation on   to Volga on   the next 100 years, but   and   will improve ecological conditions in   Areas ».