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Saratov gets divorced from the Saratov region

Yesterday the government of the Saratov region and administration of Saratov have made the decision on the work beginning on contract preparation about time - granichenii of powers between the regional centre and region administration. Governor Dmitry Ayatskov and mayor Yury Aksyonenko are assured that the such contract becomes the first in Russia, and consider that they can solve disputed questions saved in the years with its help and once and for all to be defined, who for what answers. The meeting of the governor, the mayor and deputies gordumy has passed in a boardroom of the last. The governor have met not so respectfully: mister Aksyonenko and the secretary gordumy Igor Zaharov did not leave towards to head of area on street as it is done by other heads during high visit, and have met him in a building at the first ladder flight. But saw off already with all honours: After half-hour conversation tet - and - tet misters Ayatskov and Aksyonenko traditionally not testing to each other the big sympathies long posed before television cameras, willingly communicated with journalists and even casual passers-by.
the reason of sudden warming of relations of a steel of a word of the governor that on a meeting it has arrived not to learn and criticise and to do constructive offers. Head of area insists on that both in regional, and in municipal structures of the power of the Saratov region there were serious changes. Mister Ayatskov wants, in - the first, to refuse all official bodies, whose existence is not dictated, as he said, by market conditions. The first not entered already is: the security council of area and the main control management of area is disbanded. In the near future the same fate waits committee on the ground policy of area and committee on trade. The second main point of reform is connected by that the Saratov governor intends to count on structures of average and lowest levels of the power - municipalities, regional and poselkovye administrations, justices, having allocated with their additional powers, having concluded the corresponding contract on their differentiations.
according to the governor, the contract on differentiation of powers will allow to abolish all duplicated federal, regional and municipal structures, having reduced thus not less than 500 officials. The second plus, mister Ayatskov considers, consists that local levels of the power after contract signing become not such dependent on the regional power, including in questions of formation of budgets.
Dmitry Ayatskov has declared that intends to address in all municipal unions of the Saratov region with the offer to sign similar contracts. In spite of the fact that the federal legislation, allowing to conclude them, no, mister Ayatskov has referred on 72 - ju article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. In it it is a question of differentiation of powers between the state and its subjects, but mister Ayatskov considers that the same scheme is applicable and in smaller scale. you - clever, initiative deputies, - the governor to the Saratov legislators has told. - also could go on it, advancing federal laws .
Deputies as it seemed, from the governor did not expect such revolutionary offers. And questions set about the, about become painful: schools, roads, transport, housing and communal services. Mister Ayatskov, however, was in good mood. He has suggested to liquidate system of housing and communal services basically, sidewalks in the central streets - to truncate to one and a half metres. And at 1436 schools of area - till the end of the year to equip playgrounds. Eventually the management of the Saratov thought has decided to support idea of the governor about documentary differentiation of powers. The secretary gordumy Igor Zaharov has suggested immediately to start to create working group on work on the contract. And the mayor of Saratov heading a thought named the future document the good will contract . Thus both the governor, and municipal officials very diligently left from answers to questions that the game - kretno will represent the contract. The situation will clear up in the middle of June when in Saratov for contract discussion the tripartite commission with participation of members of the government, regional and city deputies will gather.
Andrey Kozenko