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a crop Holiday in Malaysia. The holiday of Pesta Kaamatan at Malaysian nationalities kadazan, dusun and murt, occupying mountain areas of island Borneo, is devoted harvesting of fig. the holiday Purpose - to cajole spirits on which local population life depends, and first of all spirits of rice - bambarajonov. Spirits of rice are powerful, but are sensitive: they can suffer from natural cataclysms and weather, from insects - parasites and negligence of farmers. That them to cajole and humour, ritual magavau is spent that means in any ways we will restore lost . It is ritual of clarification and abundance returning in the house, him spend the Supreme priestess with the assistants and queen of a holiday in advance selected under the direction of priests. As there is an election, to foreigners never show. A priestess and the queen of a holiday conduct behind itself assistants and local residents - they search for in advance made and hidden straw dolls bambarajonov. Them will return in houses. During ritual a priestess and its subordinates enter into a deep trance, searching bambarajonov in the different worlds. From - for such conditions of participants procession reminds dance. As soon as the next doll is found, assistants to a priestess let out shrill cry of pleasure. A straw doll with honour bear in the house, and here there comes fun time: people sing and dance - becomes clear why local residents name gipsies of Borneo. Songs and dancings last some more days, and then inhabitants come back to usual severe life of farmers and fishers.