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Have closed a city

In Petersburg from - for the international summit which has begun today business life actually has stopped. Promises of the authorities to block all city centre, having put on the militiaman at every turn have started to be carried out already yesterday. By the evening on all departures from a city turns were formed of cars - Petersburgers hastily left a city, hoping to sit out on summer residences. To prepare a city for the power summit have begun since March. The traffic police spent a press - conference for a press - conference on which journalists received all new and new lists of streets which will be closed in days of anniversary. On all entrances to a city the strengthened dresses of traffic police checking every third legkovushku and every second waggon worked. It led to the big stoppers, especially in the days off. To some kinds of motor transport (to gasoline tank trucks and the trucks transporting dangerous cargoes) in general have forbidden to drive to a city in holidays. Also in March the intention to stop reception of regular flights to all pereiod celebratory actions have declared an airport management Pulkovo . At last, already directly ahead of holidays, at the initiative of the city authorities of schoolboys have released on vacation a week earlier, and to working townspeople have promised the additional day off.
but on - to the present all has begun only yesterday in the morning. About 8 mornings employees of traffic police have blocked Pulkovsky highway on a site from a city to the airport. The airport also is closed for reception and release of civil aircrafts - under the Government decision, till June, 1st Pulkovo the VIP of persons under the permission of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation will accept only boards with official delegations, and also the flights, serving. To block streets have begun and in the centre. First of all employees of traffic police have blocked Palace quay of Neva where have there and then begun installation of tribunes for guests of honour. A bit later on the Neva and Moscow prospectuses there were wreckers accompanied by the strengthened dresses of traffic police. They without superfluous preventions have taken away some the foreign cars left for the night, and have exposed a chain - on the GAI officer on each 30 metres. After even half an hour employees of traffic police by means of metal zagrazheny with a logo Baltic and two huge waggons have blocked Vasilevsky island - that its part which leaves on quay of lieutenant Schmidt. On objasneniju guards, it has been made with a view of safety arriving the VIP - visitors who will take place in the steam-ships moored at opposite coast of Neva.
to evening of yesterday to go on city centre by the car it became impossible. Even if streets formally also were opened, them constantly closed for the period of journey of the next train. As a result the correspondent went 1 km under the Neva prospectus 1,5 hours. But the basic stoppers were formed on departures of a city. Townspeople have taken literally words of the chief of traffic police Sergey Bugrova that till May, 29th a holiday for townspeople, and from June, 29 till June, 1st - for the VIP - visitors also tried to leave on summer residences.
also from yesterday morning navigation, both river, and sea has completely stopped. Under the decision of the city authorities, in water area of Neva and other Petersburg rivers till 0 o`clock on June, 1st there can be only boats OMON, plavsredstva special services and court having the admission, given out FSO. That to seaport, how the assistant administrator of sea administration of port of St.-Petersburg Andrey Markelov has informed, the port, and the main sea channel conducting in port from a reception buoy (around Kronstadt) is closed not. As the closing reason that on the channel will move from Petersburg in has served I Will shoot meteors with the VIP - visitors. As mister Markelov, " has declared; All agency companies have been warned about it in March, and podgadali the schedule so that to avoid heavy losses .
the railway Is opened only. In a press - to service of the October railway to the correspondent have informed that no cancellations of trains of distant following will exist, and on some directions, for example, on Moscow, dorozhniki have started even additional trains.