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the Greatest c can create non-staff situations

Not only televiewers of all channels, but also the majority of journalists will see anniversary events with participation of the president of the Russian Federation by eyes of broadcasting company VGTRK. One of heads it is industrial - technological department VGTRK LEONID TAUBE has told to the correspondent to ANNA PUSHKARSKY as are carried out vip - translations.
- on actions which will pass in frameworks of the summits to us functions Host broadcaster are charged (on TV - slenge it means the owner - the speaker ) . We form a signal of Petersburg: the picture goes without comments, for all identical. But she cannot be considered as a radio product is an initial material. Journalists use it at own discretion, supply with the comment, add a video series.

- for similar translations there are standard technical decisions or it is each time an exclusive?

- For Russia this first event which has demanded so serious organisation. Never in my forty-year practice such quantity of heads of the states carried within two days on the most different objects. At other summits could be and more participants, but all of them gathered in a local place. We about one year developed an equipment room a press - the centre in hotel Baltic .

- How the signal gets to a press - the centre?

- In the basic points of shooting (the ship Silver Visper the Copper horseman, the Maryinsky Theater, the Palace of the Congresses in Strelne, the Ekaterina`s palace, Peterhof and quay of Neva around the Arrow of Vasilevsky island) are established PTS or folding beds (the studio equipment in transport cases). By each car (which we have driven from Moscow) - not less than 6 television cameras, on large recursors for their musical shows 12 - 15. A problem of communication about a press - the centre have solved with the help volokonno - optical lines.

- and how the signal is received by TV channels?

- From Baltic we send a signal to shop between
gorodnogo television Severo - the Western branch Rostelecom on Chapygina. It is that final point with which we are joined also they already organise a signal transmission on land channels to Moscow.

- and if journalists conduct the direct reporting from city centre independently?

- There is a satellite communication, the radio relay lines demanding direct visibility and new generation of digital radio equipment. The digital technics is very convenient for operative shootings of any state of emergency: if there is no communication, has driven off on half-metre - communication has appeared. Though digital relejki it is more interesting to use in movement.

- for example, for translation from a transit of trains?

- And what for? Now there is no such necessity as at Leonid Brezhnev to show all way of its following. When in May, 1981 in Tbilisi celebrated 60 - letie the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, we removed Leonid Ilicha`s journey from the airport to a city. It was necessary to place on road PTS, as much as possible stretching chambers every which way: one met the secretary general, another saw off.

- on what route the international signal intended for the western channels travels?

- C a simple and economic way to send a signal simultaneously in some countries - to lift it aboard the companion. In Mariinsky theatre for us works fly way (mobile satellite station), it will conduct a direct transmission simultaneously on two channels: one - for the exclusive program of Bi - Bi - Si, another - for the international version of a concert, the right on which have bought more than 20 countries.

- but after all it was initially said, what the exclusive on anniversary translations will not be at anybody?

- the Rights to translation of Gala - a concert from Mariinsky theatre belong to Bi - Bi - Si who has given them Russia (as to the technical partner) for display in territory of the CIS. But this unique exclusive action in the international TV program.

- whether truth, what FSO has demanded from you to place all technics some days before the summit?

- Here business not only in safety requirements. Show me the normal technician which will arrive for 2 hours prior to the beginning of events! All scheme gathers and tested in advance is live, very difficult organism.

- you have already faced what complexities?

- the Greatest c to us can create the non-staff situations connected with changes in the program. In the rest it is professional questions: For example, how to be with the Amber room? Will come more than forty heads of the states, at everyone - the personal operator so it will not be possible to put more than one chamber to us. And it is necessary to show beautifully, it is difficult.