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The selective approach

on the occasion of 300 - letija St.-Petersburg participates In celebrations over 40 heads of the states and the governments. As it was possible to find out to the correspondent, organizers of a forum approached to selection of invited visitors rather selectively. That though as - that to justify expenses on celebrating 300 - letija St.-Petersburg, owners have decided to use celebrations as an occasion to carrying out of some the international forums which should be spent: the summit Russia - EU (by tradition in the end of the first half of the year it passes in Russia), the summit of the CIS, the summit of the Shanghai organisation of cooperation (SHOS) and of some meetings of the Russian leader with the most important in the strategic relation partners, first of all with US president George Bush.
thus in certain cases it was necessary even to go on change of in advance planned legal procedure: So, summit SHOS it has been decided to spend the second consecutive time to Russia, instead of in Kazakhstan as it was planned earlier, - it is simple because so it is more convenient .
also nominees of heads of the states and the governments of foreign countries which it has been decided to invite to celebrations Accordingly stole up. So, for the first time for all history of mutual relations of Russia and the European Union leaders will take part in EU summit not only all countries consisting in EU, but also ten future members.
it was necessary to invite and all heads of member countries CIS - and for legal reasons and consequently, what to reconcile to loss of an in the lead role on the post-Soviet territory for Russia, perhaps, it would be heavier, than with loss of the status of great power.
However, some days before celebrations to one of country leaders - members of the CIS, to the president of Turkmenia Saparmuratu Niyazov, it is rather transparent have hinted that its presence at St.-Petersburg is undesirable. The head of the Duma committee of the international affairs Dmitry Rogozin has directly accused the authorities of Turkmenia of support of Talibs, participation in a transfer of drugs and support of the international terrorism and has drawn a conclusion that the such mode demands the international isolation . In Ashkhabad a signal (distributed obviously not without approval from the Kremlin) have heard - Turkmenbashi has not arrived to St.-Petersburg, unique of leaders of the CIS, short of the president of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev who has not quite recovered yet after a serious illness and has sent instead of itself prime minister Arthur Rasizade.
In certain cases organizers solved a problem of possibility of joint stay of those or other leaders in one place. So, the president of Georgia Edward Shevardnadze has made decision to arrive in St.-Petersburg only after has received official assurances of Moscow that the delegation of Abkhazia was not invited to celebrations.
And at last, to St.-Petersburg the whole cohort " has been invited; heavyweights without which in any way it is impossible to manage for strategic reasons. Besides George Bush and taking part in a meeting the Shanghai six the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao here it is possible to carry the prime minister of Japan Dzjunitiro Koidzumi and the prime minister of India Atala Bihari Vadzhpai. As a result it was typed to fifty honoured guests (thus that United Nations member countries from above 190).
Thus, judging by statements of Japanese prime minister Koidzumi on the eve of departure to Russia, he hardly expects any resolute breaks in the decision most an acute problem in mutual relations - Kuril. Anyway, in interview ITAR - TASS he basically spoke about how loves Tchaikovsky music and as it is glad to that circumstance that eks - the president of Russia Boris Yeltsin named one of the daughters Tatyana in honour of the heroine of an opera Evgenie Onegin .
When the correspondent has tried to find out, by what official principles organizers of a forum were guided, making the list invited has received rather evasive answers in official structures. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation have informed that this department did not concern at all selection of visitors and if dealt with any problems connected with the organisation of celebrations, only in purely technical plan: gave out visas, corresponded also etc.
And sources in Presidential Administration have declared that has put here at all that in Moscow concern any countries better, and to any is worse. Simply so it has turned out that celebrations have coincided on time with a number of other important international actions.
When the correspondent has asked a question, by what principle leaders of the countries which are not entering in one of the international organisations which summits pass these days in Russia (for example, India were invited or Japan), the source has noticed that special invitations in some cases were sent. This selection was how made, the source has not specified.