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Valery Serdjukova`s powers want to prolong

Yesterday the former speaker of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vitaly Klimov has begun petition for convocation of an emergency meeting of deputies. He suggests to consider on it a question on combination of the next elections of the governor of the region (they should pass in September) with December elections in the State Duma. It can sharply aggravate a political situation in the region. Mister Klimov has already prepared the bill which provides carrying over of date of elections of the governor of the region since September for December and their combination with elections in the State Duma. The regulations allow to appoint extraordinary plenary session if the corresponding reference to the speaker will sign not less than 17 of 50 deputies. eight colleagues have already supported my offer, and by Monday, I think, we will type quantity of deputies necessary for us - mister Klimov has informed the correspondent. To open names of the supporters eks - the speaker has refused, however has confirmed that session is supposed to be called exclusively for the sake of consideration of the bill of combination of elections. in the document only three points, - has informed eks - the speaker, - on prolongation of powers of the operating governor, about appointment of date of voting to the election day in the State Duma, that the law comes into force from the moment of its publication .
As mister Klimov has noted, combination of elections does not contradict the current legislation as such possibility is provided in item 82 of the federal law About the basic guarantees of suffrages and the rights to participation in a referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation . Mister Klimov also has noticed that in an operating time over the document consulted in Authorized court of St.-Petersburg. Let`s remind, Ustavnyj court considered recently inquiry about possibility of reduction of a term of appointment of governor Vladimir Jakovleva and combination of elections of the city governor with elections in the State Duma and has decided that such combination is possible (only in St.-Petersburg it is a question of reduction of powers of the town governor and carrying over of elections since May for December).
According to Vitaly Klimov, combination of elections will allow to save money of the regional budget. even if on this money it will be possible to repair pair of boiler-houses, it is good, - the deputy considers. - besides if elections not to combine, voters should vote year all almost. At first for the governor, then for deputies of the State Duma, and then and for the president. As in 2004 of Leningrad region it is necessary to choose also local governments .
Attempt to collect extraordinary plenary session more likely (presumably on June, 10th) speaks that for carrying over of elections for December deputies need to pass the corresponding law as a whole till July, 3rd. Otherwise the regional election committee will automatically appoint them to September, 21st as date of new elections should be published not less than 80 days prior to voting.
it is not quite clear yet as possible carrying over of elections will be reflected in pre-election prospects of governor Valery Serdjukova and its potential opponents. On the one hand, combination of regional elections with federal, as a rule, helps to be re-elected to heads of regions: the federal administrative resource works on authorities in power. On the other hand, carrying over of elections for December will give to competitors of mister Serdjukova additional three months on promotion. The governor, apparently, is afraid of competitors more, rather than counts on federal support. Anyway, speaking about combination of governor`s elections with Duma, mister Serdjukov has declared: For adoption of law deputies should collect three quarters of votes, and it hardly will be possible to them .
Actually recently political life of region which always differed the calmness adjoining on stagnation, has begun to seethe. In particular, the speaker of Legislative Assembly Vitaly Klimov has been sent in resignation loyal to the governor, and Cyril Poljakov, the representative of antigovernor`s opposition became the new chairman of regional parliament.
for today Valery Serdjukova has some serious potential competitors. eks - governor Vadim Gustov who already declared the desire to return to a governor`s armchair and just yesterday it again has confirmed it. Vitaly Klimov who has come to Legislative Assembly from a post vitse - the governor of regional administration, also can propose the candidature. One more applicant who already tested in a role of the candidate in governors four years ago, - the deputy of Legislative Assembly lesopromyshlennik Damir Shadaev who was the main inspirer of replacement of the speaker. However, approximately one month ago mister Shadaev it is oath has assured the correspondent that will not stand also it quite will arrange a post of the councillor of federation. Do not exclude in regional administrations and occurrences of the candidate of the Kremlin. Any Moscow Petersburger who has sat up in capital - by analogy to Valentina Matvienko which have appointed the plenipotentiary of the president in Severo - the Western federal district for preparation for elections of the town governor can become them.