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Group IST has come on the Iceberg

Yesterday group IST declared occurrence of three representatives in Open Society board of directors TSKB both #39; the Iceberg and #39; . Thus, creation of the Baltic incorporated ship-building corporation (BOSK) which IST declared in the beginning of this year, goes according to plan. However, while the group did not manage to integrate into the corporation Northern shipyard: 18 - the percentage share holding of the largest ship builder transferred in BOSK, does not give ISTu possibility to participate in operation of business. Open Society TSKB ` the Iceberg ` - special design office on designing of ice breakers and ledokolno - transport courts under which projects it is constructed over 100 ships. Among them the first-ever nuclear ice breaker Lenin ice breakers Arctic regions and Russia under construction on Baltiysk factory the ice breaker 50 years of the Victory vessels for research of Arctic regions and Antarctic Michael Somov and Otto Schmidt depots on service of nuclear fleet.
we will remind that in January, 2003 group of companies IST declared creation of ship-building holding where five profile enterprises of St.-Petersburg will enter. The president of group Alexander Nesis has declared that an overall objective of creation of holding - reception of unconditional technological advantages before other Russian shipyards. The working name of holding - the Baltic incorporated ship-building corporation (BOSK). It is created BOSK on the basis of the ship-building enterprises in which group IST supervises considerable share holdings: Open Society the Baltic factory (IST Open Society " belongs more than 70 % of actions); Proletarian factory (about 30 %), Special design office kotlostroenija (53 %), Open Society TSKB ` the Iceberg ` (together with partners IST supervises to 45 %), Joint-Stock Company TSNII ship mechanical engineering (30 %).
One of these days group of companies IST at the general annual meeting of shareholders has spent to Open Society board of directors TSKB ` the Iceberg ` three representatives. Besides, council included three representatives of the Ministry of Property of the Russian Federation and general director TSKB the Iceberg Anatoly Makeev. The first deputy of the minister of transport of the Russian Federation, the head of Public service of marine sea fleet Vyacheslav Ruksha, its assistant - the representative of Open Society " became the chairman of new board of directors; the Baltic factory Valery Shevelkin. On plan ISTa, a combination of the builder of ice breakers of the Baltic factory with conducting proektantom icebreaking courts TSKB the Iceberg will allow it to monopolise this niche. By the way, development of building of ice breakers has been named by one of the main tasks of creation BOSK.
the Little earlier IST has already spent three representatives to Open Society board of directors Proletarian factory . And here to annual meeting of shareholders of Open Society Ship-building factory ` Northern shipyard ` (belongs to holding NPK) which will take place in June, IST has not put forward the candidates for board of directors. The group considers this meeting not legitimate. We will remind that earlier ISTu it was not possible to spend to board of directors of the enterprise of the representatives: operated group 18 - the percentage share holding of shipyard has appeared is too small.