Rus News Journal

Red protection and yellow press

on prazdovanie 300 - letija Northern capital began to gather Yesterday the first high-ranking foreign visitors. And ordinary Petersburgers have received the first representation that waits for them the next three days of the summits and bilaterial meetings of heads of the states. Organizers of the international part of anniversary celebrations have prepared unusual set of various accreditations for participants of actions. To security service have got red the admission on a red rope, to organising committee - green, and to a press - by itself, yellow. The staff - apartment of journalists became smartly equipped press - the centre in hotel Baltic . There have lodged all nonresident and foreign correspondents. Have forced, truth to fill the questionnaire about absence in an organism of a virus of an atypical pneumonia. But analyses did not begin to take. Every day for owners a yellow card in hotel the cultural program and a thrice free food is provided. And even examination of journalists going on actions (with prosvetkoj and guard dogs) is arranged directly in Baltic . After this procedure of a press it is considered looked through and on idea, should not be exposed to similar procedure on regime objects.
however yesterday the first group of the correspondents which have arrived to the airport Pulkovo to meet the arrived heads of the states has faced misunderstanding of the local protection, wishing once again to arrange check. we agreed, - the representative of organising committee was indignant. - call to the chief immediately! . where I will call? At me one chief - Nikolay Patrushev (the director of FSB of Russia-), - answered the security guard there Will be to you now Patrushev! - the lady from organising committee has even more become angry. As a result of difficult negotiations journalists managed to evade from repeated prosvechivanija. And soon them have started up on an airfield where for the press even the special scaffold carefully covered by a carpet has been built. The care has appeared not out of place: the first foreign visitor - the prime minister - the minister of the Greek republic Konstantinos Simitis - was late almost on an hour. Heads of other states arriving after it too did not differ punctuality. In total yesterday to Petersburg there have arrived presidents: Cyprus Thasos Papandopulos, Ukraine - Leonid Kuchma, Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev, Kirghizia Askar Akaev and the prime minister - the minister of Canada Jean Kreten. The Russian president Vladimir Putin too has arrived yesterday late at night. Meeting ceremonies were prompt: to the press of the head of the states did not approach, and at once disappeared in a building of air terminal and parted in the rezedentsii: in the Konstantinovsky Palace, or on the steam-ship moored at English quay Silver Wisper ( Silver whisper ) . There the summit of the states of heads of the CIS this morning will begin.
in connection with such abundance of the governmental trains to the airport even have adjusted just in case two armored troop-carriers, and along the leader from the highway airport militiamen in unprecedented hitherto quantity - at each street crossing a line, at each passenger stop have been placed. Guards behaved on - to a miscellaneous. One stood, as it is necessary, a back to highway on standing at attention. Also did not give in on attempts to communicate from expecting transport of townspeople. Others, obviously breaking the charter, gathered in the company on neskolku the person (the blessing the distance between militiamen did not exceed fifty metres) and even ate ice-cream.
today people in shape, probably, will appear even more - prletaet the basic part of heads of the states. After everything, only on May, 31st, there will arrive US president George Bush. And before all Petersburg will be left by the head of France Jacque Chirac as to him it is necessary to accept in two days at home about the same presidential company coming on session G8 .