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Any fool knows a smell of Russian vodka

Budanov`s business

Yesterday in Severo - the Caucasian district military court on process on charge of the former commander 160 - go a tank regiment of colonel Yury Budanov in murder 18 - summer Chechen Elzy Kungaevoj witnesses of charge have been interrogated. Members of a family of Kungaevyh told that the military men who have attacked their house, were drunk.
at first the court has interrogated the uncle of lost Adlana Kungaeva who came into the house at the moment of abduction and which Yury Budanov has expelled therefrom. He has informed that from the colonel the vodka smell was such that it was impossible to come into the house . Same elder son Kungaevyh Havazhi has confirmed. On a question, whether it can distinguish a smell of vodka from a smell of any other spirit, the guy who in March, 2000 was 14 years old, quite on - to the adult has noticed that any fool knows a smell of Russian vodka . Havazhi has told that at the moment of abduction the sister cried, tried to resist, called to the aid, and then has fainted. (Whether earlier crewmen komandirskogo BMP Artem of En of Show and Igor Grigoriev asserted that it at all has not published a sound.) Before, according to Havazhi, she asked the brother to bring its documents and to show to military men, but that was not in time - the sister have already carried away. He has once again repeated the indications on the first process that has identified among three thieves of lieutenant colonel Ivan Fedorova, the chief of a staff of a regiment. The same indications were confidently confirmed also with other children of a family of Kungaevyh. Thus one more brother lost, Hasi, could not remember other thief - Whether younger sergeant of En of the Show which presence at the house others proved to be true. However the consequence by means of numerous witnesses still has established three years ago that Ivan Fedorov simply physically could not be present that night at the house of Kungaevyh - it into smithereens was drunk since evening and slept in the car till the morning on March, 27th.
we Will remind that on the first process the court has not taken into consideration these indications of children as decided, and lawyers of the defendant have declared that the dissatisfied party, trying to draw suspicions upon Ivan Fedorova, pursues one aim - once again to drag out process.
today the court assumes to interrogate the third crewman BMP - sergeant Alexander Egorov. A number of the unattractive facts is connected with his name. In 2000 it passed on criminal case as accused of defilement of a corpse of Elzy Kungaevoj (on materials of business, Egorov has put to a body of that killed damage sapernoj a shovel with which help soldiers buried at height of 950,8 lost companions). Then he was amnestied in connection with 55 - letiem Victories, and criminal prosecution in its relation has been stopped. In August, 2002 Alexander Egors has declared that about defilement of a corpse it gave indications under the pressure of a consequence and guilty itself does not consider. And as damages on a body of Elzy have been testified by experts, there is a question who exactly and when has put them is colonel Budanov from whom charge in rape has been removed, or somebody from its soldiers.
SERGEY - KISIN, Rostov-on-Don