Rus News Journal


business news
the third writing-book
UES of Russia exhausts
p. 13
Russian Open Society Board of directors UES of Russia has made the list of thermal power station which can be sold before power market liberalisation

Dollar has stood for itself
p. 13
and even has beaten off at rouble of 10 copecks

the State has found where to save money on pension
p. 14
the System of investments offered PFR, hardly will keep pension savings at least from inflation

the Crystal will pay for Gzhelku
p. 17
to the former general director Rosspirtproma

MAP has got to the core of advertising the Leader
p. 17
Officials have understood that under the pretext of a cocktail the Russian officials advertise vodka

are recognised by professional unsuitable
p. 20
Results of traditional poll of Association of managers and

world practice
the second writing-book
the Shanghai six has hung out the flag of truce
p. 10
In Moscow has passed session of leaders of the countries of the Shanghai organisation of cooperation

Tony - the liberator
p. 11
Visit of the first foreign leader to the released Iraq has ended with triumph of public relations

culture, sports
the fourth writing-book
to the Riga opera there were no only eunuchs
p. 21
Altsina Handel on the New scene of the Bolshoi theatre

Performance on motives of Korean cuisine
p. 21
At Chekhovian festival have staged show Cookin `

Last thaw - the break in Paris
p. 23
has played last Russian tennis player - the participant of tournament Roland Garros

without goals
p. 24
have spent the Ending in Manchester Milan and Juventus