Rus News Journal

The highlight of the program

to Conduct 20. 00 the Main plot - in Moscow there has passed a meeting of leaders of the countries entering into the Shanghai organisation of cooperation. A genre - the reporting. Intonation - neutral. The correspondent shows confirmed emblem SHOS. Fragments of videorecording of session are given. According to the journalist, leaders of the countries SHOS underline that this organisation it is directed not against the third countries, and against global threats . The chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao promises for a staff - apartments SHOS office accommodations on a free basis in Beijing.
time 21. 00 the Main plot - in the Kremlin has taken place summit SHOS, which, according to the leader, it urged to put end under an organizational part of building of new structure . A genre - the reporting. Intonation - official. Shots of the last session are given. Noursultan Nazarbayev presiding over him expresses opinion that SHOS Can become the capable organisation, capable to bring the essential contribution to maintenance of regional and global safety . Vladimir Putin explains priority problems SHOS - counteraction to terrorism, separatism and extremism .
the Country and the world 22. 00 the Main plot - to Petersburg there arrive guests of honour of anniversary. A genre - the reporting. Intonation - recovered. The leader informs that Pulkovo airport it is closed for trip planes and serves only warranty . According to the journalist, the holiday for the people has come to an end - in Peter presidents " gather;. Meeting ceremony as the conveyor he marks: the plane, a gangway, a meeting, flowers, hand shakes. The majority the VIP - persons of profit already and wait for the owner - Vladimir Putin . And Petersburgers expect new day cautiously: How to move on a city when in its centre leaders of half of countries of the world " move;.