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the Apple has undergone to attack black PR managers
Party the Apple became the first victim of scale campaign a sneer company connected with December elections in the State Duma. It has declared yesterday on a press - conferences in Interfax the vice-president of party, the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Mitrokhin. It has reminded that recently in the capital underground there were labels with a photo of the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov and the head the Apple Grigory Javlinsky and an inscription We together and also images of an apple with a label in the form of a sickle and a hammer. Later publicity boards of the similar maintenance have been established on suburbs of Moscow. Simultaneously in 30 regional newspapers there has passed the campaign directed on discredit and shelmovanie positions the Apple of reform of housing and communal services and other natural monopolies. To name concrete customers of this campaign mister Mitrokhin did not become, however has noticed that recently the Apple is on lifting and strengthens positions and it causes anxiety in certain political forces - including, maybe, and in power . Answering a question on, whether there can be behind this action an Union of Right Forces, whose sights at reform of monopolies seriously differ from apple the deputy has declared that does not exclude such variant, however supposes that there can be the forces interested peressorit ` the Apple ` and Union of Right Forces . The vice-president of party also has informed that has addressed to the public prosecutor of Moscow and the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission with the requirement to understand an event and to promote suppression of similar actions henceforth .

an United Russia has set to itself a two-uniform problem
By pre-election platform working out United Russia interests of various layers of the Russian society will be considered. The member has declared it gensoveta parties, the deputy of the State Duma Andrey Isaev, acting yesterday at session of the advisory council of public associations at a general council an United Russia . Speaking about a pre-election platform of party developed now, Andrey Isaev has underlined that it is a question about the concrete program of actions the next four years . Thus he has noticed that for an United Russia it is very important to consider opinion of public associations on the widest spectrum of problems . Andrey Isaev has declared that for party a priority are struggles against poverty and doubling of an internal national produce which are a two-uniform problem and can be solved only simultaneously . Besides, the deputy has informed that an United Russia initiates signings the social contract Between businessmen and trade unions, and also will achieve the public consent . In turn, the vice-president of executive committee of party Evgenie Trofimov has noticed that on June, 28th in Moscow the forum of supporters " will be held; an United Russia in which will take part over 3 thousand persons. Evgenie Trofimov named supporters of party intermediaries between a society and ` an United Russia ` . As he said, at a forum, which will pass in informal conditions, orders from various social classes which then will enter into a party pre-election platform " will be developed;.
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Victor Pohmelkin will unite with Boris Fedorovym
Party Liberal Russia has agreed with a number socially - political movements about creation of a coalition for participation in elections in the State Duma and regional authorities. The deputy of the State Duma, the co-chairman of party Liberal Russia Victor Pohmelkin has informed yesterday that into a coalition will enter Republican Party (co-chairmen - were vitse - prime minister Boris Fedorov and the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Lysenko. - ) and two socially - political movements - the Union of motorists of Russia (the leader - Victor Pohmelkin. - ) and Forward, Russia! (the leader - Boris Fedorov. - ).