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Work of the scientist will estimate in court

As yesterday it became known the group of independent experts has finished research of the monography of the scientist - konfliktologa, of the doctor of sciences Victor Avksenteva accused by Office of Public Prosecutor of Stavropol Territory in kindling international break a set. It is expected that official results of examination will be announced at judicial hearing after May holidays, however already now it became known that experts recognised the monography of the scientist objective, containing the confirmed data and not contradicting the legislation . The court on business of mister Avksenteva has begun in November of last year. As already wrote (on November, 22nd, 2002) Former managing the chair of social philosophy and ethnology of the Stavropol state university had been brought accusation under article 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( kindling national, racial or religious hostility provides 2 - 4 years of imprisonment) in connection with the publication of scientific research of interethnic relations in region. As have informed in investigatory department of Office of Public Prosecutor, being the head of scientific research and knowing that the monography is subject to public distribution, mister Avksentev has included in it the statements forming a negative image of migrants of not slavic ethnoses both propagandising the superiority and exclusiveness of persons of one nationality over others . According to inspectors, in research the conclusions not representing the facts and not confirmed with polls, capable to destabilise international relations in edge contain.
has not stopped Office of Public Prosecutor and that the initiator of research was the administration of Stavropol Territory under which request scientists should present a real picture of interethnic relations in region and to show xenophobia and ethnocentrism cases . As has told to the correspondent by phone Victor Avksentev, having learnt about criminal case excitation, officials only promised to talk to public prosecutor`s workers about the differentiated approach to scientific researches and publicistic materials but with realities in the conflict did not interfere up to transfer of business to court.
meanwhile, mister Avksentev even prior to the beginning of judicial hearings has had time to receive 15 explanations of leading ethnosociologists of Russia and the North Caucasus, confirming that similar materials (official researches. - ) Basically cannot be regarded as legislation infringement. Besides, lawyers of the professor insisted on carrying out of an independent expert appraisal of the monography and though its carrying out in such cases is considered obligatory, the Office of Public Prosecutor has decided to request opinion of scientists only after a week after the process beginning.
under the petition of both parties experts should answer the questions put by court and to establish, whether the subject of judicial dispute - Victor Avksenteva`s monography " is; Stavropol Territory. An Ethnokonfliktologichesky portrait kindling international rozn. As it was possible to learn in Leninsk district court of Stavropol, into structure of a commission of experts have entered four experts from Moscow and one of Rostov (three from them have been recommended by Office of Public Prosecutor, two - protection accused), and research was tightened for five months.
As a result examination materials have arrived in court only in the beginning of this week and though their announcement will take place only after Victory Day celebrating, it was possible to learn results of research. According to the source, close to one of experts, experts recognised the monography of the scientist objective, containing the confirmed data and not contradicting the legislation .