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The podzvezdnyj world

Friday, on May, 30th
Today in the sky only two aspects - creative Merkurija with Uranium and strained the Moon with Uranium. But that fact that today last day before a solar eclipse is much more important. Such days are always extremely adverse.
today it is impossible to begin any affairs, all of them will be doomed to failure. It is impossible to create plans and structures, to sign documents. Commercial activity will undergo to the big risk and can yield losses. Even if not now after a while the affairs begun today will bring negative results.
it is better to refuse trips, especially flights as the risk of air crashes is very great today. The troubles connected with an electricity and other technics are possible. Extremism and terrorism displays are probable.
the eclipse will be visible in St.-Petersburg and vicinities, and this city gets to a zone of the maximum pressure. In Russia it is dangerous also in Transbaikalia. Tensely now and in Scandinavia, Ireland, France, Central and the North Africa, China, the South America.
in private life also it is impossible to undertake anything. Ruptures, family conflicts, difficulties with children are probable. It is impossible to put and sow plants. Avoid serious purchases. Be moderate in the food and alcohol use, and also in sex.
only individual creative, intellectual and spiritual activity can pass normally.
for health day adverse. Cases of sharp infringements of blood circulation will become frequent. Respiratory organs are vulnerable also.
Arieses will test a maximum of complexities on trips and at carrying out of business negotiations, and also in study, at passing examinations.
to Tauruses it is the most difficult in monetary affairs, purchases, property relations. Some should think about health.
twins to the full will test on themselves action of the eclipse occurring in your sign. Protect health. Any sphere of your life will strongly change.
cancers will test nervousness and will feel a breakdown. It is necessary to lower physical and emotional loadings. Work with technics is dangerous.
lions should check up fidelity of friends and an environment, and also dostojnost your purposes. Your plans can change, as well as a circle of contacts.
maidens should not accept any decisions in career. Avoid dialogue with the heads and the authorities, do not submit and do not sign documents.
scales should not start on the journey, especially in distant travel. Conflicts to instructors and difficulties in study are possible.
scorpions should not have business with another`s money, to sign financial orders. Refuse affinity with unfamiliar partners.
Sagittariuses can feel shock in mutual relations. Sharp rupture with the partner is possible. Open enemies can prove.
Capricorns should protect health. It is not necessary to employ new workers, but it is possible to leave the old. Try to finish the left unfinished work.
Aquarius should not risk. Difficult day for games and sports employment. Avoid conflicts to children and associates.
fishes need to be careful of house, family conflicts. Breakages of house technics are probable. New devices and devices today do not get.

Saturday, on May, 31st
Early in the morning on Saturday occurs a solar eclipse. He can be observed in Petersburg and Scandinavia. However, the Sun will be closed not completely, and approximately on three quarters. But all the same it creates pressure in the nature and a society. In such day it is necessary to protect health and not to be got involved in various adventures. Emergencies are possible.
the further aspects after the eclipse termination are already harmonious. And though to start serious affairs still rather early, it is possible to have a rest easy. The moon harmoniously co-operates with Jupiter and the Neptune, therefore it is possible to leave on the nature, to be at water. The aspect of Venus with Plutonom can bring changes in your intimate life.
at late o`clock it is necessary to avoid crowd, mass actions and places with raised kriminogennostju.
Automobile and other trips are counter-indicative in the morning. And it is already possible to go in the afternoon. The Same it is possible to tell about purchases. And here it is not necessary to do landing and change of plants in general, plants during such periods are very weak.
in an organism respiratory organs are most vulnerable, be protected colds and pulmonary infections. Can be subject to hand traumas. Are probable nervously - mental infringements.
as a whole June is expected much more successful and harmonious, than the last May.
Arieses will feel changes in business contacts. Responsible day for those who studies. Probably, there will be the new plans connected with trips.
Tauruses should pay attention to monetary affairs. Probably, the new source of earnings will open. It is useful to change something.
twins can have problems with health. Since this day before you new prospects of personal development will open. Some will want to replace image.
cancers should not spend many forces. Successfully there will be a dialogue with water and mental work, study. Be careful of violence at night and do not risk money.
lions can start realisation of the new plans and interests. On this soil you can get friends.
maidens should consider realisation of the vital purposes and plans, including in career. Now suitable time for their updating.
scales will reflect on serious changes both in love, and in financial sphere. Probably, there will be a line of activity connected with abroad.
scorpions can open new sources of financing for the business. Unexpected romantic communication is possible also.
Sagittariuses will find to themselves of new partners in affairs and love. And old relations can tear, and can and remain.
Capricorns should make changes to the work, some of you should change or replace it your workers. Another should take care about health.
Aquarius can open new talents of the child. You are capable to endure high points in love, and also to reach good results in sports.
fishes can think of moving and other house changes, change of an external image and habits, especially such which to you disturb.