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Teheran denies charges of Washington...
yesterday the ambassador of Iran in Moscow Golamreza Shafei has resolutely denied statements of Washington that Russian - the Iranian cooperation in nuclear area breaks a non-distribution mode. statements of the high-ranking American officials that Russia helps Iran to create the nuclear weapon, sound often enough. However falsity of such charges repeatedly proved to be true conclusions of experts of IAEA - mister Shafei has declared to journalists during the trip to Vladikavkaz.
having rejected diplomatic politeness, the Iranian ambassador has accused the top management of the USA in to a categorical manner of behaviour unwillingness to reckon with opinion of other countries, and also in the politician of double standards . The USA have equipped in due time Saddam Hussein with modern kinds of arms, having provoked in the subsequent an attack of Iraq to Iran, and after ten years have attacked Iraq, unsubstantially having accused of participation in manufacture of the chemical and bacteriological weapon - has noted Golamreza Shafei. According to head of the Iranian diplomatic mission, today the USA, obviously, consider that the turn ` in Iran " has come ` to put things in order;.

... Baku and Tbilisi too
the Iranian theme staticized this week in connection with new charges of the USA to Teheran, have commented yesterday on Baku and Tbilisi. The responsible of Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Fuad Ahundov in interview Echo Moscow named the inappropriate validity the information that Azerbaijan intends to give the USA the territory for blows across Iran.
the Representative of high rank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia also has denied the information on presence of the American plans of use of the Georgian territory for blows across Iran. As the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Georgia has declared Kaha Siharulidze, the USA did not address to Georgia with the request to give the Georgian territory for carrying out of military operation in Iran. Any negotiations, mister Siharulidze has noted, on this question Washington and Tbilisi did not conduct.

Georgia will strengthen border with Russia
Yesterday the director of department for protection of state border of Georgia the general - lieutenant Valery Chheidze has commented on a situation on Russian - the Georgian border. As the high-ranking Georgian military man, now " has informed; the Georgian frontier guards the same as also their Russian colleagues, strengthen the Chechen, Ingush and Dagestan sites of border. According to mister Chheidze, In a realisation stage there is confirmed by the president of Georgia a plan of strengthening of the border, providing eshelonirovannuju defence with frontier department participation, the Minister of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and special services .
Speaking about interaction with the Russian colleagues, Valery Chheidze named its important factor of prevention of transition of border illegal formations. One of concrete forms of such cooperation, as he said, is the constant exchange of the operative information at level of frontier posts.
at the same time mister Chheidze directly has connected a situation on border with Russia with the Chechen question. Intensity on Georgian - the Russian border will exist until the conflict in the Chechen Republic " will be settled; - Valery Chheidze has noted.