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The declaration on intentions

Kama - a steel can go bankrupt
Creditors of Joint-Stock Company Kama - a steel (the city of Perm, the largest affiliated company of Open Society Motor-Vilihinsky factories ) Have made decision to petition about introduction at the enterprise of procedure of competitive manufacture. As the temporary managing director of Joint-Stock Company " has informed at meeting in administration of the Perm area; Kama - a steel Valery Davidov, it does not see the further prospects of development of the enterprise . Following the results of 2002 the factory has received 280 million rbl. of dead loss. The basic creditor of the enterprise is FSFO - 121 million rbl.

Russian buses can become Ukrainian
the Company Russian buses (enters into holding Ruspromavto unites four bus factories) does not exclude possibility of the organisation of assembly manufacture of buses the GROOVE at the Ukrainian enterprises. It has declared on a press - conferences in Kiev the first deputy of the general director Russian buses Nikolay Odintsov. The chairman of board of directors of corporation avtoinveststroj (The distributor Russian buses in Ukraine) Vasily Poljakov has informed that assemblage of buses the GROOVE it is ready to organise on the capacities the Kremenchug car assembly factory. A share Russian buses in the Ukrainian market of new buses (except for minibuses) in 2002 it was estimated in 43 %. The basic share of sales had on buses of a small class of mark the GROOVE . The company Russian buses in 2003 plans to realise in Ukraine 750 buses.
Interfax - Ukraine

Mazda the Japanese motor-car manufacturer of Mazda Motor will repair 174 thousand cars
Yesterday declared a response of 174 thousand cars. It is connected with defect of an antifog headlight which in one case has caused ignition of a bumper of the car. For elimination of this defect conducting repair is required. Among 78,5 thousand the cars withdrawn in Japan, and 96 thousand Abroad the considerable part is made by model of Mazda Atenza which for the year which has passed from the moment of its start-up in manufacture, has received 50 awards in 22 countries. Two other withdrawn models - Mazda MPV 1999 - 2003 of release and Mazda Roadster 1997 - 2003.

the Korean skyscraper will be the highest
the highest in the world a skyscraper will be constructed in Seoul. Company Korea Foreign Company Association declared yesterday that in 2004 will begin building 130 - a floor building in height of 580 m. In it the hotel with 560 numbers, and also offices, a conference - halls is planned to place, a cinema and clinic. The area of the ground floor of a skyscraper the Total cost of civil work which it is planned to finish in 2008 will make 39,6 thousand in sq. m., will make $1,3 billion Now the highest building of the world it is considered the World financial centre in Shanghai. Its height reaches 492 m.

Marathon Oil the American company Marathon Oil within five years will be spent in Western Siberia
intends to invest $378 million in Hunts - Mansijsky oil corporation. The investment is supposed to direct on drilling of chinks, on a lining of pipelines through Ob and the device of crafts. We will remind that on May, 13th current year Marathon Oil declared transaction end on acquisition Hunts - Mansijsky oil corporation which has stocks almost in 300 million barrels (40 million.
AK and M

agros asks the price to ekstra M
As it became known, one of the largest agroholdings of agrarian and industrial complex agros carries on negotiations with bank Oil about purchase of 75 % of actions of the Moscow macaroni factory ekstra M . To make comments on this information both potential participants of the transaction have refused. However, under data, Oil Has estimated the package of macaroni factory in the sum more than $20 million
the Turn ekstra M (the second manufacturer of macaroni in Russia) in 2002 Sales volume - 70 thousand t has made about $30 million. Now the enterprise occupies about 10 % of the Russian macaroni market which, according to Goskomstat, in 2002 was equal to 809 thousand t.

Teton Petroleum was included into the joint venture with the Tyumen oil company
the American company Teton Petroleum conducting the activity only in Russia, has signed the contract on company Anderman purchase/ Smith Overseas Inc. The joint venture of this company and the multinational corporation Nizhnevartovsk created on an equal footing, extracts oil on a Montenegro licence site in Western Siberia. A sum of transaction and its conditions will be declared at once after their detailed specifications. According to the contract, initial payment is planned for June, 2003, and final - in September, 2003.

Game rules
the Ukrainian branch Eldorado works in a usual mode
the Ukrainian branch of the Russian company Eldorado works in a usual mode, and its heads are on the workplaces. Svetlana Vergeles has informed on it yesterday the representative of the company. We will remind, the day before the assistant to the head of the State tax administration of Ukraine Victor Zhvaljuk has declared that heads of the Ukrainian branch Eldorado are put on the wanted list. As he said, they are accused of tax laws infringement. At the same time Svetlana Vergeles has noticed that now half from 32 shops of a network Eldorado in Ukraine are closed in connection with checks of tax service.

Rosbildingu Have shown a whip and spice-cake

Yesterday the head of department of economic safety (UEB) the governments of Moscow Alexander Korsak has informed that the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow has raised criminal cases concerning a number of employees of the company Rosbilding the buying up action of the Moscow enterprises for the purpose of manufacture liquidation. To employees of the company including to the general director of factory of a name of Peter Alekseeva Oleg Solnyshkinu, are incriminated item 201 UK ( Abusing powers ), item 185 ( Abusings at issue carrying out ) and item 173 ( Pseudo-business ) . To a management Rosbildinga UEB has suggested to create on the basis of the cotton-mills bought by it uniform holding. According to mister Korsaka, the government of Moscow will consider allocation possibility to such holding of the ground area on city periphery on which manufacture bought " can be deduced; Rosbildingom factories.