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Are killed the Tula businessmen
In Belousovsky park of Tula shot the owner of firm Stromehmet 41 - summer Valery Lapushkin and the private businessman 27 - summer Alexander Gorovenko. Both have died from gunshot wounds in a head. As the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Tula area of Akop Kasumjan has told, businessmen have arrived on a meeting with the director of cafe the Sun which recently have got. They have left the cars of Ford Mustang and Mitsubishi Pajero at an input in park and have reached cafe on foot. Having stayed there about an hour, businessmen have gone to cars. On the way to them the attack has been made. Murderers have some times shot at businessmen from pistols of Makarova and have disappeared, having taken away documents and personal things of the killed. From one car field investigators have found keys nearby: probably, criminals have dropped them when escaped.
in Belousovsky park of Tula there is some cafe, and all of them on bad to the account in militia. The sun is reputed as a gangster institution. Some years ago there there was a dismantling between two Tula groupings then cafes have burnt. However, under the operative data, neither mister Lapushkin, nor mister Gorovenko are not connected with a crime and restaurant business was not their main specialisation - they were engaged basically in transactions with metal and traded in building materials.
IRINA - paramonova, Tula

Attempt at the director of beer factory
in Penza about nine o`clock in the morning has been fired Yesterday the car of the owner of beer factory Samko 60 - summer Valentine Samko. The businessman went for work. When its office Chevrolet Caprice has braked near a small flute, the shot was distributed. The bullet has punched glass, but nobody of a reserve. Cars has sharply typed a course, and other bullet which has been let out by the criminal, to it has not got. But by it has been easily wounded casual prohozhaja - the employee of the Penza instrument-making college Tatyana Samoilov.
Valentine Samko - one of the most influential Penza businessmen. It became the director of local beer factory in 1982, and in the beginning 90 - h was engaged in privatisation and together with other managers privatised factory. In 1998 against mister Samko criminal case on charge in illegal privatisation has been brought. It has spent half a year to a pre-trial detention centre and has been justified by court. Practically right after clearings, on April, 24th, 1999, mister Samko has got to accident - BMV in which it went, has taken off on a counter strip and has faced with the nine in which the family of the military man went. All passengers the nine were lost. Valentine Samko has survived, but was long treated in Russia and Germany.
artem - ENCORE, Penza

Bombardment on Baikalsk a path
in seven o`clock in the morning on Baikalsk a path has been fired Yesterday Volga the chairman of board of directors of Irkutsk ceramic factory Vasily Ignatenkova. The office car carried mister Ignatenkova to Irkutsk from a summer residence located in settlement Listvjanka. The driver has told to field investigators that the first bullets have got under a cowl. One has damaged a steering. Having added speed, the driver has tried to deduce the car from under bombardment, however through five hundred metres it has stopped - at it three wheels have been raked. Mister Ignatenkov has received a small wound in the right foot. The driver has not suffered. In the fired car field investigators have counted 12 apertures from bullets of calibre 7. 62.
Under the informal information, Ignatenkov has for a short while arrived to Irkutsk from Krasnoyarsk where its basic business is concentrated, and within last three days studied a situation at ceramic factory. Probably, it was not pleasant to someone.
YURY - YUDIN, Irkutsk

From administration of Chukotka have stolen three million roubles
From a building of administration of Chukchi autonomous region it is stolen more 3 million rbl. Police officers have already detained two suspects and have withdrawn a part of money. Now there is a search of prospective accomplices of thieves. In department of the information of the Department of Internal Affairs of Chukotka have refused to inform incident details, having referred to secrecy of the investigation. In administration of Chukotka to make comments on incident have not wanted and have expressed a regret that the information on theft has filtered into mass-media.

Is plundered the deputy
In Moscow suburbs the house of the deputy of the Moscow regional thought of Nikolay Isaenkova is plundered. In a call centre of the Department of Internal Affairs in Lukhovitsy Nikolay Isaenkova`s wife, the director of local branch of the Moscow regional fund of the general medical insurance Zynaida Isaenkova has addressed. She has told that four unknown persons who have put on handcuffs the deputy have rushed into their house in Wood street and, threatening with punishment, have stolen 35 thousand roubles, $1 thousand, gold jewels, Nissan car, a mink fur coat, a mink short fur coat and card VISA of the Savings Bank of Russia. The amount of damage, by estimation, has made about 1,5 million roubles.

the officer
To Stavropol Territory in Ipatovsky area of edge Was lost at explosion of a manual grenade was lost 24 - the summer senior lieutenant. The officer bathed in a pond located in one and a half kilometres from its military unit. Explosion has occurred in water. Bathing nearby 23 - the summer lieutenant is hospitalised in a grave condition. On an explosion place on depth of more than two metres experts have found out a crampon and splinters from offensive grenade RGN. The garrison military Office of Public Prosecutor finds out, what for officers took a grenade in water.
RIA News

the participant of an attack to Kizlyar
Employees of North Caucasian operational administration GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on Southern federal district Is detained have detained 40 - the summer inhabitant of Gudermes who was the active participant of a gang of Salmana Raduev. Surname of the arrested person do not name, however it is known that he participated in an attack on the Dagestan city of Kizlyar in 1996.

Murder of invalids
In the Chechen Republic in district Naursky three local residents, invalids of the second group are brutally killed. In the house #43 along the street Civil with koloto - rezanymi wounds find out bodies 88 - summer Maria Lunevoj, 38 - summer Irina Lukjanovoj and Elena Moskalenko. On bodies there are traces of tortures and a beating. Criminal case is brought. The head of administration of Naursky area Vladimir Nazarenko has informed yesterday that already it was possible to establish a surname obosnovanno suspected of murder .
RIA News Interfax - the South