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to Hostages the North - Osta have refused claims
Yesterday the Tver court of capital has refused satisfaction of claims to nine more former hostages and relatives of victims as a result of act of terrorism in the theatrical centre on Dubrovke in October of last year. Victims asked court to collect from the government of Moscow indemnification for put by it as a result of act of terrorism mental cruelty; its total sum made $7,5 million Performance of representatives of claimants and respondents were extremely laconic, as the parties have been assured in advance of result. The representative of the government of Moscow Andrey Rastorguev has confirmed, as before, that respondents recognise all bases of claims, that is the fact of the physical claimants physical and moral sufferings. At the same time he has noticed that the Russian legislation does not provide the bases for collecting of indemnification of moral harm from the person who is not it prichinitelem. Under exceptions which are listed in the Civil code of the Russian Federation, claims of the former hostages, for its opinion, do not fall. Thus, the Tver court has at present rejected 44 of 61 claims of victims as a result of act of terrorism in Dubrovke. Consideration of the remained claims is planned for June, 2nd and 11.

business about infringement of secret of negotiations
In Novosibirsk on the closed litigation on the case of disclosure of secret of telephone negotiations by the employee of the local company of cellular communication Is postponed the break till June, 26th is declared. The matter is that on session on Thursday in court of the Central area the most part of witnesses and victims was not, have informed in court. The previous session has been for the same reason postponed on May, 7th also.
Accused on this business passes 29 - the summer manager of one of departments of the cellular company who, under the version of the investigation, gave to one of local commercial structures under its order the data about four subscribers - heads of the large Novosibirsk enterprises and firms.
the manager informed on when and on what numbers these subscribers called from the mobile phones, how many minutes lasted conversations. This information is closed. Concerning the employee of the cellular company criminal case under item 138 ch is brought. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation ( Infringement of secret of correspondence and telephone negotiations ) .
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Have amnestied an admiral
Yesterday the Moscow garrison military court has amnestied the former chief of auxiliary fleet of the Navy of Russia kontr - admiral Yury Klichugina accused of excess of office powers. In 1994 admiral Klichugin without the permission of fleet command has sold the foreign company a vessel - Navy dock Anadyr than has caused to the state a damage for the sum over $12 million
As have informed in a press - service of the Main military Office of Public Prosecutor (GVP), an admiral is recognised by guilty of excess of office powers and a negligence. The court has sentenced it to four and a half to years of imprisonment, thus having applied to accused the certificate of amnesty and having released it from punishment departure. Representative GVP supporting the state charge, asked to apply to accused punishment in the form of eight years of imprisonment.

Judge statisticans
In Moscow City Court consideration of criminal case concerning the former heads of Goskomstat of the Russian Federation has begun. As have informed yesterday in court, at first two sessions the bill of particulars of Office of Public Prosecutor and court have been read has started a legal investigation in essence.
so-called business of statisticans has been raised in June, 1998 on the facts of illegal sale statistical given to state institutions and businessmen. During the investigation the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has brought accusation in reception of bribes to the former head of department Yury Jurkovu and its first deputy Valery Dalinu, and the former head of computer centre of Goskomstat Boris Saakjanu - with commercial payoff and forging of documents. Except them on business pass five more person, including three their subordinates.
according to the investigation, the damage caused to the state has made more than 7 million rbl., and the sum of the received bribes is estimated in 1 million rbl. From the accused it has been withdrawn $2,5 million, more DM 100 thousand (about $61 thousand) A considerable quantity of jewels.
following session of court will take place on June, 30th.

Process over military men
in military court of Makhachkala garrison has proceeded Yesterday process over military men from Buinaksk, arrested persons within the limits of criminal case about explosion in Kaspijske on May, 9th, 2002 on Victory parade. However, now them accuse not of communications with terrorists, but only in plunder and sale of ammunition. On a dock eight persons: four officers, two ensigns, the driver of a body, and also the idle inhabitant of Buinaksk. The main figurant of business - the chief of engineering service of a body #63354 lieutenant colonel Nikolay Jamkovoj. Except articles about the weapon excess of powers of office, a negligence and office forgery is incriminated to it. At yesterday`s session the state accuser has asked the judge to sentence defendants for terms from two and a half till eight years. Lawyers have asked to justify the clients, having declared that in materials of criminal case there is no proof of their guilt. And indications from military men, according to protection, beat out by means of tortures.
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