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The question price

an observer
On the nearest the centre of the international activity will unconditionally move some days to St.-Petersburg. Here will pass at once some summits - Russia - EU, Russia - the USA, the CIS, the Shanghai organisation of cooperation. On a visit to Vladimir Putin to its native city will arrive more than forty heads of the states and the governments. The Russian northern capital for some days becomes world capital. And the president of the Russian Federation - the owner of meetings of world leaders.
poorly what other city could brag last years of similar attention from other world. Unless New York, and that in carrying out of any anniversary session of General Assembly of the United Nations. Poorly what other head of the state received such quantity of honoured guests. So Russia and its president already today, without waiting end of solemn actions, can bring to itself in an active important political result.
However, any success has the price. And it for Moscow can appear enough high.
Sankt - the Petersburg meetings, wants that Moscow or not, represent the new mechanism of discussion and the decision of the major world problems. It comes in the stead of the mechanism old what throughout more half a century was the United Nations Organization.
but in a new world order of the United Nations much more modest role is taken away. For so the unique superstate - the USA, for a long time achieving United Nations transfer of function to other, more effective structures from the American point of view and to mechanisms sees miroustrojstvo.
Americans argue approximately so. The United Nations - a past vestige. An alignment of forces in the world, and the world have radically changed. For fast decision-making new mechanisms are necessary. This process of the organisation consisting of almost two hundred states there is no need to assign, more which half has no weight in world affairs. It is better to solve all large questions in a solid circle of the interested countries: in frameworks the eights at the summits of the USA - Russia, in the NATO, in EU. Russia, tell the USA, from it only will win.
Moscow long time rejected the similar approach, anyway publicly, and insisted on supervising and directing United Nations roles in the decision of world problems and on participation in this process of all states. But the structure of participants sankt - the Petersburg forum defined the Kremlin independently. Also it has in actual fact appeared that key partners of Moscow yes inevitable neighbours are invited only.
therefore the success present sankt - the Petersburg meetings at the highest levels is not only some points in a coin box of the Russian authority. It and argument in favour of the thesis about necessity of new, more effective forms and mechanisms of the decision of world problems which should come in the stead the United Nations. And Russia is, seemingly, ready to agree with it. After all it is necessary to pay for authority on world affairs.