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Telecinema from May, 30th till June, 5th

Event of week - the Careless goer (Easy Rider, 1969) Dennisa of the Hopper, the film which has been removed for pennies, broken cash desk in the homeland, for the whole world become by the manifesto flower revolution hippie and a key to understanding of America (on June, 2nd, RTR, 2. 10 *****) . When it left on screens, names of its founders to very few people something spoke. The director and featured actor Dennis the Hopper potihonechku acted in film in roles of the second plan though played legendary the Rebel without the reason together with James Dinom. About the second main actor, Peter Fonda, all knew only that it great Henry Fonda`s son. Jack Nicholson who has played in " was the same outcast also; the Careless goer the first great role. And suddenly these three loser and the fan of a grass has blown up the bomb which has become by one of the main events of post-war culture. The careless goer - a road film . Bikers of Uajtt, it the Captain America, and Bills go from California on novoorleansky a carnival. Petrol tanks are painted by colours, the helmet is painted under the American flag, Bills the Captain - in kozhanke and a psychodelic shirt sports in a cowboy`s hat and a jacket with a fringe. Interiors of motorcycles under an outset are filled by excellent cocaine. On one of stages lawyer George (Nicholson) who has seen in them a ray of light in a dark kingdom of inert remote places joins them. They spend night at a fire, ukurivajutsja in a board, talk nonsense - in general, all are happy. But not without reason after an exit of a film of the newspaper of the whole world have begun to yell: America kills the children . The goers who have fallen asleep at a fire are attacked by local inhabitants, one-dimensional people if to use the term of philosopher Herbert Markuze. To George break a head, he dies. The carnival upon which fall upon - taki Bills with the Captain, is already a holiday with tears in the face of. Sex with maids does not deliver pleasure to a cemetery, under LSD any dirty trick of type of passions Christ`s seems. On the way back heroes resembling kill even not not seen their persons svinopodobnye big fellows from passing by the truck. The hopper in the terrible ending defiantly avoids pathos, the chamber is carried by by a motorcycle flaring on a roadside. Despite almost topornuju the idea lying in its basis, the Careless goer till now looks on one breath. Perhaps, because Dennis the Hopper removed it about itself favourite. After two years it has gone to Mexico to shoot the second film. Without receiving from it throughout several months any information, producers were disturbed and have equipped expedition. The director who has gone crazy from American Indian drugs have found in a thicket going on a meeting with an UFO. And even on the way home he tried to get out on a plane wing. Then it was long treated, played much, has removed many films, but all of them it is already far not that great the Careless goer . Brilliant successors of the Hopper - brothers of Etan and Dzhoel Cohen, authors Miller`s Pass (Miller ` s Crossing, 1990) (on June, 1st, the First channel, 1. 30 *****) . Authors were inspired by the novel of Deshiela Hemmeta the Bloody harvest about the small town captured by war of gangster clans, but behind film peripetias the memoirs about such arhetipicheskom a plot, as " are felt; the servant of two misters . The hero Miller`s Pass exists between the devil and the deep sea, but leaves safe bloody war of gangs. Brothers Cohen will stylise the visual party of criminal mythology almost in opera spirit as Serdzho Leon has stylised mythology of the Wild West: the film world patetichen, is solemn and simultaneously parodien and is ridiculous. As always at Cohens, bloody dramas are played from - for elementary human nonsense, mutual misunderstanding, desire to see sense there where it is not present and cannot be. Right at the beginning we see a corpse of the fat man in poor street, from his head the wig overhangs. The street urchin suffices a wig and escapes. In a following shot serious djadechki from among bosses of a mafia guess. Well it is fine, that have killed the fat man, it is in the order of things. But what for murderers have stolen a wig? Not otherwise wanted to throw down to our a challenge. But we will revenge, oh as we will revenge. Also has gone - has gone. To look Miller`s Pass costs at least for the sake of an attack on the house of the mafia boss rejecting pressure to killers under an opera aria and peals of uterine laughter: laughing loudly fat men - the logo of brothers Cohen. Kolobok (The Gingerbread Man, 1997) not the best film of another well-known American independent - Robert Oltmena (on May, 30th, the First channel, 1. 15 **) . Oltmen - the master of the multifigured compositions occupied by ridiculous beings, representing that army, Hollywood, high society, the fashion world. Kolobok quite traditional and not populous thriller on fashionable in 1980 - h, but podnadoevshuju a theme jappi in danger . The lawyer has precipitately overslept after a party from the casual acquaintance, and that has involved it in bad history. As the true gentleman, it has rushed in fight against its ominous father, the despot and the tyrant, and too has late understood that it have substituted. A successful example of development of the digital chamber of new generation - Vidok (Vidocq, 2000) the French director Pitofa (on May, 31st, RTR, 0. 35 *****) . Struggle of first great private detective Vidoka and the ominous alchemist, killing lightnings and cooking an elixir of youth from blood of virgins, is played in fantastic Paris stylised under painting of romanticists: All its proportions are imperceptibly deformed. And Alexander Sokurov by means of the newest digital chamber has decided to realise Alfreda Hitchcock`s dream and Miklosha Jancho - to shoot a film one one and a half hour plan. Russian ark (2002) (on May, 31st, the First channel, 23. 15 *) - walk on the Hermitage and three centuries of Russian history comical, why - that of continuously scratched marquis de Kjustina and its invisible companion, the director speaking by a voice. Russian history is occupied by not nice characters, comical, basten, but always the banal. Half of film heroes argue, what door it to open. Second half - opinions state about Hermitage exhibits (which why - at that sniff), pertinent Masjani in lips, but in any way such solid people.