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Chickens of new life

Yesterday participants of the Petersburg organisation Going together once again made a declaration of love to the idol - to president Vladimir Putin. On the occasion of the third anniversary of its inauguration the action " has been arranged; Our country, our city, our president during which time going were going to create a scale picturesque cloth. The pack of original drawings, the majority from which instead has turned out, according to MARIA`S OLKINOJ correspondent, hardly it is possible to show in the Kremlin. In Petersburg movement Going together totals approximately 500 persons. Basically it is students of high schools and technical schools of a city at the age from 18 till 26 years (if to enter the organisation wants 17 - summer, he should secure with the consent of parents). Movement is subdivided into three cases, each of which, in turn, shares on links.
the Plan of the yesterday`s action arranged in square on the area of Arts, near a monument to Alexander Pushkin, consisted in the following: going by means of pupils of children`s homes and teenage clubs of a city should joint efforts to draw huge - 60 square metres - a greeting card to Vladimir Putin in connection with the third anniversary of its introduction into a post. To give actions weight, organizers have sent the invitation to the plenipotentiary of the president in Severo - the Western federal district to Valentina Matvienko. But that has preferred to spend at this time inspection of the Moscow area of Northern capital.
all interested person were rozdany sheets of a Whatman paper and sets of felt-tip pens. Not numerous pupils of children`s homes have settled down on a grassy lawn and as if on command have begun to draw number 300 (probably, for them forthcoming anniversary St.-Petersburg all - taki has covered trehletie presidential work of mister Putin). But in drawings going together the presidential theme dominated. hurrah to the president! the sun with us! hurrah to Vova Putin! - the participants of movement unanimously dressed in firm vests with a portrait of the head of the state diligently deduced. From art elements there were Russian flags, flowers and the stylised self-portraits going . On one poster there were chickens, which as the girl - the author of drawing has explained, symbolise new life . The picture has appeared the most original, perhaps, on which in the foreground the cat (under the statement of a group of authors of a cloth - Cheshire), and on back - factory cases, " appeared; as it is necessary to develop the Russian industry . Which - who has ventured to represent Vladimir Putin`s portrait. And one even has appeared on it is similar. Only of an ear stuck out conductings - such with what protection the VIP - persons usually goes. But it has appeared the most courageous going by name of Ilya. Near to greetings to the president it has represented the emblem of those standard in the West who supports legalisation of drugs, - a bunch of a grass similar to hemp with an inscription legalise . The author of the image with readiness has explained that actually at all against legal sale of soft drugs. Then to it someone from active workers of movement with an appeal was threw to make a public statement of the opposite maintenance. One of soratnits on the movement, declared that personally it against drugs, because " has gained; Russia - not Holland and brains at us are arranged differently . Nevertheless the seditious emblem in drawing remained.
however, it, probably, is not too important. Because it is difficult to believe that the arts created yesterday will reach the Kremlin. Organizers of the action in general are confused in explanations concerning destiny of the drawn posters. One representatives of a management of movement have declared that drawings will collect in a folder, and then will sort: something to the Kremlin, something will settle in plenipotentiary representation, and something ostensibly even will send in the Museum of political history. But the chairman of the board Petersburg going Maria Petko assured that all drawings will be stuck necessarily together in one big card for its transfer personally to Vladimir Putin. Anyway, yesterday, when the action have curtailed, posters have collected in one pack and have brought it to a staff - apartment going together that to sort any muck .