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Off side

Valery Gazzayev, the head coach of Russian national team: would like to note the highest level of refereeing
- the Match was, as you saw, uneasy. After the first 15 minutes our command has come to be in a state of shock as it seems to me. Have passed at once two goals. It is hard for sustaining. Fortunately, after 20 - j minutes children began to play how we initially and planned. In the second time have added - Dmitry Sychev has certainly strengthened game. In a word, considering that we lost 0:2, and also that we had problems with structure before a match, as a whole with result it is happy. Struggle in group ahead. In my opinion, Swisses, Irish and we have equal odds.
- in what the failure reason on the first minutes? Swisses have surprised with something?
- Yes is not present. We knew that they will go at once forward. The match - that was defining for both commands. It was known to us and structure. Recently Kun does not change it. Two elementary errors in defence have simply committed.
- a penalty was?
- the Judge was closer by the time of infringement. To it, as they say, more visibly.
- Swisses say that the penalty was not...
- in a match with Albanians too it seemed To us that the judge was some times wrong... Would like to note the highest level of understanding of game from a brigade of arbitrators. To Swisses I wish to beat Irish in last match. It would be desirable all - taki that the decisive match has taken place in Moscow.

the head coach of modular Switzerland Kobi Kun: uglier refereeing I in life did not see
- Not in my rules to discuss work of arbitrators, but game against Russian - a special case. I should simply keep silent and tell that uglier refereeing I in life did not see. And all right Arturo Ibanes only on a meeting course would be noted. He after all has afforded absolutely inadmissible thing and after it. I saw, how it has shown to tribunes unambiguous gesture, having extended a middle finger. Very much it would be desirable to hope that in a following match against Albanians refereeing will not be so not qualified.
but even in spite of the fact that the arbitrator has deprived of us a victory, I am satisfied by a meeting outcome. All - taki we were resisted by very good command, and the neutral result leaves to us very good chances of hit of the European championship.

Rolan Gusev, the halfback of Russian national team: in Moscow we will not leave it any chances
- the First 15 minutes have ruined. Probably, simply have not understood that to what. But I do not doubt at all that we should not lose to this command. Also it is assured that when Swisses will arrive to us to Moscow, we will not leave it any chances.
- pressure of the press and the public did not disturb?
- Is not present, all of us understood that whoever there that spoke, in the field all depends on ourselves. And all was in our hands.
- Valery Gazzayev often through you transferred instructions to other players. To you it does not disturb?
- For five years of work with it I have got used. And to tell the truth, I hear it only when he calls up me to itself(himself).
- you were going to beat a penalty, but then have suddenly changed the mind...
- Valery Georgievich has instructed, that the penalty were beaten by me. I have approached, but Sergey Ignashevich has told at the last minute: Give I will punch . Well, if, I think, he so is assured, let beats...
- and you that, have not been assured of yourselves?
- Yes is not present, too was, but by that moment felt already strong weariness, therefore an uncertainty element was.
- why have ceased to get from the point from penalty kicks? In the end of a match you, for example, have missed.
- In - the first, it there was not my point. And it was far. Probably, it was necessary really to allow to punch to Sergey Ignashevichu on force. And in general in a season from the as you speak, points I beat only two times. The goalkeeper has once pulled out, and at times really I have missed. Only two times, I underline.