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I in party do not call anybody

Yesterday to Omsk the speaker of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev has arrived. Gennady Seleznev`s visit has appeared rich on meetings, statements and promises. For one day the speaker has visited an exhibition VTTV - 2003 has communicated to the Omsk governor, heads of the defensive enterprises and representatives of creative intelligency. Gennady Seleznev has promised to understand with intrigues which trudge round plane AN - 70 to help with the edition of complete works of Feodor Dostoevsky and seriously to talk to a management of the Minister of Defence of Russia. The speaker did not hide that its visit to Omsk is connected with the beginning of the pre-election company in the State Duma.
in Omsk of arrival of Gennady Seleznev looked forward. The fifth exhibition under the account VTTV - 2003 honoured guests the occurrence do not favour. Therefore visit of the speaker of the State Duma has had as it is impossible by the way. The governor calls me five years on an exhibition of arms on end, and here I have arrived on anniversary - Gennady Seleznev has told.
at the Omsk airport of the speaker Omsk governor Leonid Polezhaev and the chairman of Legislative Assembly of area Vladimir Varnavsky met. At will of Gennady Seleznev its visit to Omsk has begun with visiting of regional library of a name of Pushkin. As the great poet had yesterday a birthday. The library was pleasant to the speaker also it has promised that will help it with the edition of complete works of Feodor Dostoevsky (now under Gennady Seleznev`s home nursing for library prepare Michael Lermontov`s complete works - ) . The image of the exiled of the writer has appeared is unexpectedly close to the speaker. On the way to Omsk military school he has asked to stop the car at a monument to Feodor Dostoevsky, some minutes they with the Omsk governor silently looked at a monument. And a bit later, has agreed to take joint obligations under the edition of complete works of the writer .
having solved publishing questions, Gennady Seleznev has gone on an exhibition of arms VTTV - 2003 where with interest considered stands of the Russian defensive enterprises, attentively listened to complaints of generals oboronki on reduction of the defensive order and hard times . Longest the speaker communicated with managers local FGUP Flight . After that conversation the speaker, as he said, has come to firm belief that round plane AN creation - 70 intrigues " trudge; (the government has not confirmed till now the order aboard the plane - ) . He has promised to address with this question to the president and if it is required, to create the special parliamentary commission .
From an exhibition Gennady Seleznev accompanied by Omsk political beau monde has gone in regional gerontologichesky the centre. I will speak not as the speaker of the State Duma, and as the leader of new political party revival of Russia - mister Seleznev has declared to pensioners. In gerontologicheskom the centre he has short stated the political program of the party (social guarantees to each citizen, free medicine and formation, care of old men and children - ) . Pensioners whom infrequently drops out to communicate with so honoured guest, attentively listened to the speaker and throughout its speech nodded in agreement.
from the centre the honoured guest and local officials have gone to the Achairsky monastery (a monastery in picturesque suburb of Omsk on the bank of Irtysh-). And here the meeting of the speaker with representatives of local creative and scientific intelligency has begun with delay for 40 minutes. As Gennady Seleznev has explained, organizers of visit have not calculated speed of movement of the steam-ship, on which we have returned from a monastery to a city . On a meeting with intelligency of journalists have not started up. One of officials has explained that in a hall it is not enough places, there only 80 persons of intelligency . As it was possible to find out, at a meeting Gennady Seleznev agitated gathered for the party. Said that with disorder of the USSR inhabitants have been unreasonably deprived social guarantees - free medicine, formations, old age maintenance. Has told that already the call " has rung out; - 39 million Russians live below the poverty line, and 9 million have stepped over this line in the last two days. The speaker of the State Duma has once again urged omichej to enter party, to representatives of intelligency have distributed booklets with the basic theses of the report of the speaker and have released on houses.
on total a press - conferences by a main objective of the visit to Omsk Gennady Seleznev named desire the eyes to see that combat material which lets out our defensive factories . On range have shown such fine fighting vehicles, it would not be desirable what therefrom even to leave - Gennady Seleznev admitted. Thus it with sharp criticism has fallen upon the government and the Minister of Defence. in the government now disorder and swaying At me will be very serious conversation and with members of the government, and with a management of the Ministry of Defence., and with Kvashnin (the chief of the Joint Staff of armed forces of Russia Anatoly Kvashnin - ) . After all he at all did not see till now your tank! And the shop in which the tank make, is closed on the lock - the speaker was indignant. He has underlined that governors and directors of defensive factories know better the Minister of Defence, what technics is necessary to army. Leonid Polezhaev has thus added that is very satisfied by carrying out results VTTV - 2003 on which has been presented not only military, but also conversion production of the enterprises. the defensive complex is live. As they say, will not wait! - the Omsk governor has declared.
the second purpose of the visit Gennady Seleznev named the decision of party questions . He has told that its party leans not against an administrative resource, and on patriots. I in party of nobody to call. People come and ask where to take statements - mister Seleznev has informed. Also has told to journalists a touching story of party joining of singer Nikolay Baskova. As it has appeared, Gennady Seleznev dissuaded the well-known tenor to enter party, was afraid of prosecutions from representatives other party which all of you know . But mister Baskov has insisted on the. He motivated this decision with that to it any more 15 years, and he can solve . Gennady Seleznev has short stated to journalists the political party program, placing emphasis on social guarantees to old men and children. According to mister Seleznev in the near future in Omsk the regional branch of party " will open; revival of Russia which while totals 100 persons.
Pavel Aksenov