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Belaya Kalitva has lost wings

On Thursday at Belokalitvinsky metallurgical production association (Open Society BKMPO ) Entering into holding RUSAL has passed annual meeting of shareholders. Shareholders have decided to concentrate manufacture of all kinds of automobile disks, plates and thick sheet to this association. The name of the enterprise is changed. Now the full company name of Open Society in English looks so: Open Joint Stock Company Belaya Kalitva Metallurgical Plant in abbreviated form RUSAL Belaya Kalitva JSC . Changes are connected with intention of a management of holding to deduce production of the enterprises on the world market.
Open Society BKMPO - one of the leading versatile enterprises of Russia, specialising on release of half-finished products from aluminium and its alloys, and also consumer goods. Has a monopoly position in Russia in manufacture of lengthy rolling production: plates, sheets and profiles (especially for aircraft).

Annual industrial output - to 200 thousand tons. 35 % of production go for export. In July, 2000 the controlling interest (82 %) has been got Open Society RUSAL . 13 % belong to physical persons (3160 persons), 5 % - legal (35 firms). Is gradoobrazujushchim the enterprise for White Kalitvy - 26 % of the city budget.

as has informed director Michael Spichak, on the past on June, 5th annual meeting of shareholders of the enterprise the decision to transfer function of an individual executive office from the general director to a new management company of Open Company " is accepted; RUSAL - a management company ( RUSAL - UK ) He became operating which director. Besides, changes of its official name are made to the enterprise charter - since June, 5th, 2003 BKMPO changes the name on Open Joint Stock Company Belaya Kalitva Metallurgical Plant in abbreviated form RUSAL Belaya Kalitva JSC . From a factory emblem the swallow who was there within last 40 years has disappeared. According to mister Spichaka, it speaks aspiration of a management of the proprietor to unify the name of all enterprises and to deduce them on the foreign markets under a uniform logo.

the operating director also has declared about the intention to spend at factory modernisation of manufacture for decrease in expenses and production improvement of quality. He has noticed that the last some years the factory did not develop at all and did not invest in quality. From - for what last year losses have reached 28 million roubles and the accounts payable has grown from 1,253 million to 1,577 million roubles.

according to the chief engineer RUSAL - UK Evgenie Tchernyshov, in 2003 the proprietor under the program 1 - go a reconstruction stage belokalitvinskogo factory, invests in it of a $4 million order, from which $2 million will go on modernisation of a hot camp, the rest - on reconstruction of foundry manufacture. According to mister Tchernyshov, for production improvement of quality installation of new types of furnaces is supposed. For development of industrial base and competitiveness BKMPO RUSAL plans to direct in 2003 g investments on realisation of the project of manufacture of products new to the enterprise - aluminium sheets in the thickness 0,5 - 10 mm and plates 11 - 150 mm. Manufacture will be organised in case BK - 1 area of 37 thousand in m sq. which was in the preserved condition within 10 years. Realisation of this project will allow BKMPO to let out a full spectrum of sheets and plates on a thickness and kinds of the heat treatment, having now demand in the internal and external markets.

the plan of technical development BKMPO for 2003 includes also end of modernisation of gas melting furnace N14 and system introduction tehniko - the commercial account of the electric power in non-productive departments. Also on a total power the unique line adjusted in October, 2002 in the world on rezke aluminium plates of the Austrian manufacture should earn.

as has informed Michael Spichak, a management RUSALa has made decision to translate with the enterprises all manufacture of an assortment of tiled production and thick sheet, and also all kinds of automobile disks in White Kalitvu. As he said, within current year the factory should master more than 40 new kinds of production, including prutovyh profiles, pipes and alloys. The operating director assumes that by 2006 it will allow the enterprise to increase twice volumes of output (to 200 thousand tons of production in 2002) and to lift quality of production to the world standards.