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Prisoners have disassembled a brick wall


Yesterday in Gatchina federal court hearings of sensational business about mass runaway from a temporary detention facility of the local Department of Internal Affairs in 2001 have ended. Now on turn business about a negligence of employees of the Department of Internal Affairs which, under the version of Office of Public Prosecutor, also has led to runaway.
runaway has occurred on the night of May, 21st, 2001. The day before in an insulator from Petersburg Crosses have brought 14 gatchintsev which have been at various times arrested by law enforcement bodies on charge in various crimes. Four prisoners should appear in some days before Gatchina court on charge in thefts and robberies, the others delivered for carrying out of investigatory actions. Prisoners have placed in the chamber on the ground floor of a building of the Department of Internal Affairs together with one and a half tens other arrested persons (that in itself is infringement of departmental instructions: not all suspects as a result become accused). Subsequently representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs explained the actions by congestion of an insulator.
as prisoners from Crosses have brought before days off and in the Department of Internal Affairs there was change only on duty, inhabitants of the overflowed chamber on the ground floor remained actually without supervision. Also began to hollow a brick wall the metal pipe which has been torn off from plank beds. Their efforts have crowned success: the building of the former police administration of 1868 of construction where the Department of Internal Affairs settles down, was very shabby; representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs repeatedly paid to this attention of public utilities. Prisoners managed to break out in a bricklaying an aperture 30 on 40 sm through which they on one have got out on street. However security guards in some minutes have found out runaway and have given the alarm. Within two weeks all run away have been detained and installed for a lattice.
yesterday the Gatchina court has pronounced a sentence to three fugitives - to Sergey Belogubu, Vladimir ShChelkunovu and Vladimir Kazarinov. Belogub has been sentenced to seven years to ten months of imprisonment, and Shchelkunov with Kazarinov have received on six and a half years of a high security. Them podelniki on runaway have been condemned by the same court even earlier, in the end of February. At punishment the court considered weight of initial charges, from - for which fugitives and have appeared in IVS.
Now on turn - business of representatives of administration IVS. As already informed, soon after runaway the operative person on duty of the Department of Internal Affairs, its assistant and the escort who was on duty that day, have been dismissed. The Office of Public Prosecutor has brought against their criminal case under item 293 p.1 UK ( the Negligence ). However, in the Department of Internal Affairs consider that judicial prospects of this business are rather foggy. Employees of an insulator consider that change on duty have made extreme, and responsibility for runaway needs to be assigned to the municipal authorities, not found time in time to repair a building.