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Agents of national security have prepared for flow having a rest on the south of Russia

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, in 2003 inflow having a rest on the Russian resorts will sharply raise. under our data, arrival to 13 million having a rest " is expected; - the deputy minister of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Tchekalin has declared, acting at meeting of heads of law-enforcement bodies of Southern federal district Russian Federation concerning safety during a resort season.
the increase in a stream having a rest was affected by conditions on Near and Middle East, considered favourite vacation spots. our primary goal - to provide calmness and an order in resort zones. For us it is a question not economic, but political: the law and order on resorts - a stability indicator in the country - Alexander Tchekalin has told. The deputy minister also has informed that experience of last year has shown necessity more actively to co-operate with local authorities to be ready to any emergency situations, including to natural cataclysms.

as he said, intensity in connection with actions of the Chechen bands remains. According to law-enforcement structures, attempts of gangsters to destabilise conditions on resorts of the Black Sea coast and the Caucasian Mineral Waters are possible. Some intensity on Georgian - the Abkhazian border is marked also.