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Capitals call KamAZ

Probably, past Friday annual meeting of shareholders of Open Society KamAZ last time passed in Naberezhnye Chelny. Open Society board of directors KamAZ has made changes to the society charter where has stipulated that general meeting of shareholders can be spent not only in the society location, but in Moscow and Kazan. It seems that the chairman of the council federal minister Ilya Klebanov was simply tired to answer constant attacks of dissatisfied workers of car factory and the pensioners owning of 1,2 % UK, but actively arriving on each meeting in a recreation centre of KamAZa. In the middle of 90 - h KamAZ held meetings in Moscow - that in automobile scientific research institute, and that suddenly in the Theatre building on Taganke. Car factory transition under control of official Kazan with this practice it has been finished. Since then any meeting of shareholders of Open Society KamAZ registered in a car factory recreation centre, began to remind protest meeting. Heads of the company of times in a year should hold the fort from dissatisfied workers and the pensioners who are crying out caustic questions from places. Without hiding mistrust and rage, shareholders desperately demand that salary increase payments of dividends, and sometimes simply try to argue at the slightest pretext. However, Ilya Klebanov has learnt to react to this specificity the Olympic calmness, meeting any attack by the request to observe the time limit, as by ear questions do not dare . As a rule, such requests have no effect.
for example, at extraordinary meeting of shareholders in March elderly women have made noise from - for re-registrations of the actions, begun in connection with change of passports. Old women asserted that they do not have money for fee of the registrar - and have achieved the. At annual meeting of shareholders past Friday the general director of factory Sergey Kogogin declared that on a re-registration the society has incurred expenses. But this message remained not noticed. Shareholders have responded a discontent rumble on the decision not to pay dividends. They have reasonably asked, why twelve years ago they took shares for the salary, and today on one action it is necessary only 3 copecks. Also have there and then stated managements the suspicions: you let out one issue for another, and actions became already 785 million pieces .
Expecting similar turn of events, the management has tried to soften the relation of the former workers to management KamAza. Mister Kogogin has informed that pensioners of car factory will receive material aid this year, having underlined that it should not be confused to dividends. Probably, on it managers have decided to put an end to open dialogue with the people and have taken out the offer of board of directors on change of the charter of a society on voting. Earlier it provided carrying out of meetings of shareholders only in a joint-stock company place of registration. Now owners of factory have voted for the following edition: General meeting of shareholders of a society under the decision of board of directors can be spent in the society location in Naberezhnye Chelny, and also in Moscow and Kazan .
Council also has suggested to divide the competence of board of a society and the general director on fulfilment of the transactions connected with alienation or acquisition of real estate. According to amendments, in exceptional cases it is not required to the general director of board approval on the conclusion of the transaction which are not exceeding 5 % of balance cost of actives of a society. Accordingly, it is not required also the consent of the general director to the transactions made on behalf of board and connected with acquisition or sale of property, which cost does not exceed 10 % of balance cost of actives of a society. We will remind that KamAZ within several years had legal proceedings with Eurobank to which as a deposit under $100 - the million credit all property and a car factory commodity output has departed. The enterprise proved that head KamAza Nikolay Beh of that time who have signed the mortgaging contract, had no powers for the conclusion of so scale transaction. Eventually the parties have gone on world, the Eurobank became co-owner KamAza - and together with other shareholders has approved amendments to the charter, repetitions of such situation excluding possibility. Also we will remind that the government of Tatarstan has transferred recently the share holding of KamAZa (11,47 %) in trust management to Sergey Kogoginu.