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Egor Stroev is happy with fair results the Eagle - 2003
Yesterday the Oryol governor Egor Stroev has summed up the seventh annual fair of investments which has finished the work in the Eagle on Saturday (both #132; and #147; in detail wrote about it on June, 7th). Egor Stroev has informed that the total sum of investments this year has made nearby 15 mlrd roubles, or about two annual budgets of area. During fair carrying out the Eagle - 2003 it has been signed more than three tens agreements with foreign and Russian investors. So, FGUP the Moscow railway will allocate and will help to master more than 2 mlrd roubles on transport development in the Oryol region and habitation building. Joint-Stock Company Alma grupp   - the Russian partner of German firm Holmer and the Oryol regional administration have signed the agreement on creation of the enterprise for manufacture of beet-harvesting technics. The total cost of the project makes 40 million euro. Egor Stroev has informed that is happy with results of the investment forum which has passed in the Eagle.

Shareholders Mihajlovsky GOKa have counted up dividends
As yesterday has informed a press - company service metalloinvest on June, 6th has passed annual general meeting of shareholders of Open Society Mihajlovsky GOK (Zheleznogorsk, Kursk area) which is included into structure of the operating holding company metalloinvest . At meeting enterprise works in 2002 have been summed up. Last year GOKom it has been made more than 15 million tons of commodity iron ore, manufacture growth has made 11 %. The industrial complex share in the Russian market zhelezorudnogo raw materials makes now 18,3 %. Considerable growth of manufacture at industrial complex has occurred at the expense of production export. If in 2001 for export it has been sent 1,72 million tons zhelezorudnogo raw materials in 2002 this indicator has made 2,73 million tons, or 58 % of all made volume. The gain from production realisation last year has made 9,2 mlrd roubles that on 41 % above level of 2001. In 2003 it is planned to increase production sales volume by 8,1 %. Following the results of last year the meeting of shareholders has made the decision on payment of dividends at a rate of 1,1 rbl. on one exclusive and ordinary action that on 10 % there is more than level of 2001. Besides, shareholders have re-elected Open Society board of directors into which have entered Alexander Bondarenko, Vladimir Bruev, Dmitry Gindin, Stanislav Poljakov, Taimuraz Tutarashvili, Vadim Chirkin. For the first time the structure of board of directors of joint-stock company included the president of agrarian and industrial complex the Stojlensky field the general director of Open Society Stojlensky GOK Feodor Kljuka. The chairman of board of directors selects Dmitry Gindin who is the chairman of board of directors of a management company metalloinvest . The auditor of a society confirms the auditor company promaudit - the EXPERT .

the New Voronezh atomic power station has not pursued the scheme from - for holidays
In a press - company service Rosenergoatom yesterday have informed that the New Voronezh atomic power station in May has developed 1,2 mlrd kw/ ch the electric power at operating ratio of capacity of 93,6 %. On electric power development the New Voronezh atomic power station in May has executed task FEK on 98,8 %. The reason of default of the plan   - dispatching restrictions of the Russian Open Society UES of Russia the electric capacity which are given out by power units of the atomic power station in celebratory and target May days. The plan on holiday of electric energy is executed on 99,5 %. The Operating ratio of the established capacity on the atomic power station has made 93,6 %. In total from the beginning of 2003 the New Voronezh atomic power station has developed 6,3 mlrd kw/ ch electric energy from planned on 2003 12,4 mlrd kw/ ch.

In Voronezh bread
Under the information a press - the centre of the Voronezh regional administration has risen in price, in Voronezh on 20 % price of bread has grown. Yesterday the general director of joint-stock company Voronezhhlebprom Vladimir Demchenko has told that deficiency of grain and a flour in region became the rise in price reason. 85 % of the collected food grain have been exported abroad. The rise in prices for food wheat from the beginning of this year has made 35 %. Besides, since March, 1st on 23 % and the electric power has risen in price for 21 %   - natural gas. For maintenance of food safety of the population at the initiative of the governor of the Voronezh region Vladimir Kulakova after cleaning of a new crop in area the reserve fund of grain at a rate of 50 thousand will be created Tons of wheat of the first and second grades, have informed in regional administration.
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the Voronezh deputies were threw off on bandages for Chineses
Deputies and employees of the device of a thought have listed the one-day earnings on acquisition of gauze bandages and medical gloves for inhabitants of the Chinese twin-city of Voronezh of Chungking. On it yesterday have informed in a press - service Voronezh gordumy. With the initiative to transfer money to China on struggle against an atypical pneumonia deputy Alexander Zhukov has acted. As he said, in Chungking shortage protivoepidemiologicheskih means is felt. The average one-day salary of one employee of the device and deputies Voronezh gordumy makes about 15 roubles. In total in this action have taken part about 150 employees gordumy. Thus, the Voronezh deputies have collected about 2250 roubles. In a municipal duma hope that this initiative will be supported in other organisations of Voronezh.

Have stolen two cars of the Belgorod antitubercular service
As yesterday have informed in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Belgorod region, the day before unknown persons have stolen two new cars, belonging to the Belgorod regional antitubercular service. Car thieves have got into garage of service at night and have stolen new the Field and the Zhiguli . The damage has made more than $10 thousand These cars recently have been put to Belgorod within the limits of the international program of the Red Cross on struggle against a tuberculosis. The Belgorod region among three regions of Russia has won the program grant for which struggled more than 80 regions. Cars intended for departures of doctors - experts to patients. Upon stealing criminal case is brought, investigation is made.
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