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The theatre has turned to a boudoir

Yesterday Theatre of V.F.Komissarzhevsky have shown to journalists after repair and restoration. It will open on May, 25th. At excursion ELENA GERUSOVA has visited the correspondent. And to restoration at Theatre of Komissarzhevsky all leaving season (wrote about it) has been given repair. According to the art director of theatre Victor Novikova, it has been spent about $2 million, restoration has not been included in the program of anniversary, the city government helped with financing of works.
at restoration in a hall have restored a wall list of the beginning of the last century, have returned gilding, have opened the put windows and niches. The program was known in advance. But very few people could expect that the hall of Komissarzhevki, state enough and dark, will appear so charming, languid and even any it is touching - coquettish. A historical list - a collection of colours, along a balcony roses, chrysanthemums, lilies last. Tone it is light - olive, it is dark - pink, hushfully - lilac. On walls gilt love affairs and the arms with lyres. A parquet, doors, a handrail - oak. Very Fedorovny Komissarzhevsky`s charming ladies` theatre has returned to the Passage, actresses of the Silver age, the lady of an epoch of a modernist style. The hall began to resemble a boudoir or a precious casket. But has ceased to be neutral - now not all performances will correspond to it. However, at theatre promise that the part of old performances will not return to the poster any more.
will open Komissarzhevku on May, 25th a premiere, - performance the Waltz of enthusiasts director Sergey Kargin has put. Ahead two more new works. The contract with Alexander Morfovym is signed, it will put Don Zhuana . On a question, what Don Zhuana the art director of theatre answers that, possibly, own. Means that director Morfov loves hypertexts - will collect Don Zhuanov Don Guanov and Don Juans also will give out the. As a rule, similar experiments at it turn out. The third attempt gives to Komissarzhevka Peter Shereshevsky, this director has put here two performances: one quite good and one failure.
the scene while remained former, but its repair and technical re-equipment (light, a sound) are planned for summer. Now establish chairs and fauteuils and in the boxes which have appeared on a balcony. They, by itself, too new, olivkovo - salad. In an orchestra - with oak armrests. In boxes - on the gilt legs, and second row chairs here even on special high legs that napes from the first row did not disturb. As a result of reconstruction of a hall of spectator places became less - 600 against existing 730. If to consider that in Komissarzhevke the hall, in general - that, was filled, now on each performance will sell on 130 tickets less. However it will not prevent Komissarzhevke to begin a season with the former prices for tickets.