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Krasfarmu will rescue the program

Administration and deputies of Legislative Assembly (ZS) Krasnoyarsk region intend to lobby in common Open Society inclusion Krasfarma in the federal target program of development of the medical industry to keep the enterprise. This decision was accepted at session ZS which has come to the end in the end of the past week. However, vice-governor Sergey Sokol recognised, as the program is financed now extremely poorly. the Governmental decree About the Federal target program Development of the medical industry per 1998-2005 left on July, 23rd, 1998. By a program main objective it has been named Development of scientific and technical and industrial potential of the medical industry for the purpose of satisfaction not less than on 70 % of requirements of public health services and the population at the expense of domestic diagnostic and medical products, products of medical appointment and iatrotechnics of appropriate quality . For program realisation volumes of capital investments at a rate of 9664 million rbl. have been defined, including from the federal budget - 957 million rbl.
As already informed recently at factory because of economic inexpediency the basic manufacture of streptomycin and penicillin has been stopped - their cost price exceeds the world market prices approximately twice. Three years the enterprise does not pay dividends to the shareholders. After the termination of release of streptomycin and penicillin number of workers on Krasfarme will be it is optimised to 400 persons. In total under reduction 710 established posts have got. The first stage of their liberation is already finished - have stopped shop work on streptomycin manufacture where 286 persons have been occupied. According to administration, 49 persons managed to be employed: 20 - on Krasnoyarsk fibres 5 - on the Krasnoyarsk railway, the others - on kombajnovom factory, a shipyard, thermal power station-2, in service of court enforcement officers and hladokombinate. The second and third stages of reduction will pass on June, 25th and 30. These days manufacture of penicillin will stop and definitive preservation of shops will begin. As a result 464 more established posts will be reduced. From them, according to Sergey Sokola, in search of new work in a placement service 100 persons should address nearby.
the administration recognises as possible giving of judicial claims by the former workers. According to Sergey Shkatova, at mass lay-offs some norms of the Russian labour legislation have been broken. In particular, with delay the Federal department of a placement service has been notified. But mister Shkatov has assumed that for terms these reductions misses to affect cannot any more.
at session the mister the Falcon has declared that the regional power will use the best efforts to restore the enterprise while it is still possible . As it was already informed, owners of factory develop the project providing manufacture of modern generation of antibiotics, with total amount of investments of $15 million and a time of recovery of outlay 3 years. According to the factory manager, search of investors becomes complicated that the enterprise cannot involve any structures as can not sustain debt loading . The variant with the bank credit is already rejected. The main task, according to Shkatova, - to find or portfelnye investments or the strategic investor to whom the management is ready to give a part of property of factory.
After problem discussion at session ZS deputies together with executive power have decided to address to federal structures to consider inclusion possibility Krasfarmy in the federal program on development of the medical industry. For lobbying of this question, according to deputies, there will be combined efforts of all members of parliament and senators from Krasnoyarsk region.