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In the Center six persons have not watched behind fire safety

On Saturday in Novosibirsk have suffered as a result of a burnout in popular night club the Center located in a building of medical academy. The message on a fire has arrived about eight o`clock in the evening when in club it was populous enough. Ignition has begun in kitchen, and already through a quarter of hour all premises of club has clouded a caustic smoke. There was a danger of distribution of fire on all building of Novosibirsk medical academy. Some visitors have independently left a pleasure institution, the others, escaping from fire, were closed in one of rooms. They were evacuated by the firemen who have arrived into place. Fire extinguishing watched arrived on a scene the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky (in the centre) and the chief oblguvd Alexander Soinov. A six rescued have sent in toxicological branch of one of city hospitals. Now nothing threatens their life. In an hour the fire has been localised by great strengths, and by midnight is completely extinguished. A prospective cause of the fire - infringement of fire prevention rules at operation of electrical household appliances. Now workers of night club define a damage put by fire.